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  1. Xaene

    The Branches Of Darkmeyer

    It was definitively up there as one of the harder quest bosses, but at the same time it took me one shot with using only rocktails. Master quest is accurate. Easier then Nomad? Didn't ermmm. Stokenut die a few times using pernix/ovl? Easier then Nomad I can do him in 1 try using saradomin brews, but, I haven't done the quest nor am I going to try to do the series except if I try maxing out. Dont know how any specific other people are faring, and luck seems to play a larger part in this boss fight as compared to Nomad who was consistent in his special attack cycles - Vanstrom can do multiple blood bombs or darknesses etc and catch you in a bad way even when you are trying to get down rocktails or brews as fast as you can click. And on a slightly different note - can we agree that for his CMB lvl, Vanstrom is one of the toughest bosses/monsters in rs? He was lvl 332 in the boss fight, and for this lvl he is FAR harder than mithril drags(304), kbd(276), skeletal horror(320 - i kill this guy weekly and often dont even need food), and harder than balance elemental(454), pest queen (599) etc.
  2. Xaene

    The Branches Of Darkmeyer

    I also really liked the quest. And for what my opinions worth, boss fight was certainly interesting. He damages much faster than Nomad if you screw up, the darkness thing in particular was annoying and getting hit 400+ by it seems to be both normal and unavoidable. I rank him harder than the pest queen, easier than Nomad, and harder than the balance elemental. Based on the end fight difficulty I would grade it as a GM quest even though Jagex havent.
  3. Xaene

    Stupid Botters

    So many random events that could so easily be permanent bot-killers. But the people that can put a stop to it obviously aren't trying and don't care. The rivers of people around magic shop in Varrock, at sorceress' garden, at green drags, all of who pay membership.. Thats a huge $ bribe to Jagex to look the other way, you gotta admit. Are they as bad or worse in f2p?
  4. Xaene

    Whats On Your Dungeon Team

    I guess I cant really blame the people that like skills like Dungeoneering - the very concept of a skill that you need to group up with people to advance in is only ever bound to be a magnet for trolls and griefers and horribly rude and arrogant people compared to the average runescaper. Who the hell knows what Jagex were thinking, over a year later and I'm _still_ waiting for the punchline on a skill that seems like a bad joke gone too far. After reading this thread and so many others like it on other forums and in-game, my answer about who I would like on my teams is basically no people like any of you. I like chatting and helping random people who I've never met before regardless of what level they are, and what I'm doing in game, be it farming, slaying, doing clues, killing bosses, questing, hanging at GE or whatever - its the best part of Runescape. The idea of giving exams or english tests or typing tests to random people I meet before I talk to them or help them seems like something only insane people would do, and I cant help but feel horrified for the people who have stuff like this forced onto them when playing a game that ought to be fun. As appalling as the skill is, and with my experience with it being 30-40ish levels solo, a few attempts at larger maps with a team, then the rest thanks to Juna since by that time I couldnt stand it any more, I can honestly say that I love Dungeoneering. Why? Simple. I never need to do the skill(so it can be as awful as possible, and it still cant possibly affect me), and if it keeps lunatics and bad people away from me and the rest of Runescape then this can only be a good thing, and I am heartily in favour of it.. like a sponge that soaks up all the filth and dirt in the world and leaves everything else nice and clean. I'm glad you like it too, if only in a very different way to how I like it. Its a strangely poetic sort of justice that the sorts of people who deserve to be at the bottom of an ass-ugly hole in the ground are the very same people who like being there (and who fight over getting deeper there!), and it suits me just fine. Just another perspective!
  5. Xaene

    Herblore Habitat

    Sooo... not a single comment on the actual herblore habitat besides the level req needed for this... anyone.. anyone... Bueller?...Bueller?......Bueller? Well if I'm gonna start the ball rolling - my first thoughts were.. "ew dungeoning in minature!" which to put in context is one of the few truly awful and repulsive skills in my opinion - that is, a lot of new herbs, new bush types, new potions, LOTS of new seeds to cover all the new plant & patch varieties, new flowers, 13 new trappable things all of which have their own potions drops and can drop seeds as well, new clothing sets, tele items, weird trap types and so on. So a lot to absorb all at 1 time, and no bank spaces for what is probably 50 or 60 new items added to the game. Offputting huh, when that space could be useful for great stashes of effigies and tt rewards and weird food types you have a particular fondness for and all the other worthy uses for bank space. Most of the rewards (which are basically all the juju potion types & the clothing set) are all useful in the Habitat area in that they give you more xp for hunter/herb/farming tasks while there, better chance of catching things, bigger harvests, free teles to the area and so on. "But whats in it for me outside the game?", you ask.. And the answer to this is juju potions for farming, cooking, mining, woodcutting and fishing, the latter 4 of these 5 of which have NO use inside the actual habitat, they are purely for use outside the habitat. These are in 3 basic categories of rewards: Autobankers - mining and wc potions, an effect similar to evil tree magic in that there is a chance of autobanking either ores or logs while the dose lasts. Uberfood potions - fishing and cooking potions, that let you have modified versions of popular high healing food (sharks and tuna/corn potatoes) that heals a lot right away when eaten but also has a heal over time spec like excaliber(e) that heals additional hps. HerbHarvest - farming potion, gives chance of double herb harvests for 5 minutes, which is enough time to run and tele around 4 regular herb patches & troll stronghold patch which adds to $ and xp. All are nontradable. What are (at my initial look) overrated are the god versions of the hunter animals, they seem like a lot of bother to even lure (as you must try combinations of all habitats/bushes/fruit trees/flowers & use juju hunter potion to have a chance at hunting them) and they boost only the xp reward for the skill for a limited time while in the habitat. Which would be worth it for say hunter but herblore? And doesnt seem great at all for farming which are time-constrained naturally anyways in that it takes time for things to grow. What the KB guides dont say is that you really need lvl 80 construction to hunt the god types as well as the 'hardest' of the regular 10 types of jadinkos, the draconic ones. They drop the mining potion 2nds, which it has to be said isn't all that superpowered compared to say the farming potion for example. You also need to bag these critters to get the robe and legs equipment rewards as well as the other 9 jadinko types of the 10 basic types. Which give a bit more chance at hunter success, like the larupia/kyatt/etc robes in their respective hunter areas. Nice if you can get em. Of course, you can pay the $ for out-of-reach habitats to be built which gets expensive fast too. I havent tested crystal saws here yet to see if they boost lvls to let you build nicer habitats than your construction lvl ought allow - anyone else given this a go? TLDR - time consuming, rewards all nontradable but good for fanatical herblorists and farmers, as well as those needing the utmost godly foods for GM quests or soloing Corp beasts or whatever dangerous insanity takes your fancy.
  6. Xaene

    The Void Stares Back

    Just finished this one, the boss is far easier than Nomad and is pretty easy compared to the balance elemental as well, I'd rank it as the easiest of the GM quests thus far. I enjoyed the puzzles but running back and forth between a bank and the bottom of taverly dungeon to change equipment and fetch supplies mid-quest got a bit old even though I could use the blue drag pipe shortcuts - the worst part of an otherwise great quest and quest series. Besides the boss battles which have been memorable recently (compare all the recent quest bosses with those in quests from a few years ago, combat strategies and what to bring along based on your stats/strengths/weaknesses have been really diversified and been made a lot more interesting post summoning and dungeoning, bosses arent just meat bags anymore that stand and swing/shoot like zombies!) I also liked the moral choice component of the quest line, the only other time this was done that comes to mind was either helping or killing Hazeel in that very old cult quest. It couldnt ever have made a dramatic difference to the outcome of the quest based on how complex it would be to track all the weird and different permutions of outcomes for all the players that do it and the chain of consequences of these etc.. but nonetheless it really added some awfully anxious moments and decisions. Regarding the Queen fight itself:
  7. Xaene

    Another One Bites The Dust

    It was a pretty unique site and Charles/Queltar was a pretty unique individual when it came to recording times and loots of thousands of loot gathering or monster killing or item processing activities with all the different variations on equipment and so on, and then writing guides on the data hes collected. Seriously, its like something from a crazy accountant! I've never seen anything else quite like it on any other rs site, and if you compare it to the official RS forums for example ( 99% of the posts on this are basically garbage! ), it shows how far the community can go when it comes to having discussions that are constructive and useful. Kudos to him for leaving the info & guides up where it will still be very useful for a long time yet.
  8. Xaene

    Anyone Else Getting This Bug?

    Yeah this confused the hell out of me too, bought a bunch of engallow logs back to the smuggler so I could make Adept Deathslingers & spec scrolls and found no shards or pouches.. quite annoyed for a while which persisted after I found out about the update that did it intentionally, the details of which were hidden away in patch notes posted on Apr 28th: Patch notes archive Patch notes: Dungeoneering * Summoning in Dungeoneering no longer requires pouches or shards! * Added herb seeds to the Dungeoneering smugglers shop, so that you can buy them to grow herbs for potions. * All Dungeoneering items that are outside of the dungeons (excluding reward items, of course) have been removed from the game. * Added some safety checks to cooking fish in Daemonheim. * The description of the scroll of life reward incorrectly did not include healthy harvesting. * The Stat Spy spell now works within Daemonheim. * Items taken from chests in Daemonheim should no longer disappear when dropped. * You can no longer complete ferret trapping puzzle room in Dungeoneering without catching the ferret. Supposedly it was to encourage more people to use familiars. Its free summon xp (which for critters you make using blue charms is very decent) so that alone is good reason to make as many pouches as possible each trip, even if you are going to alch them and use just the one kind that best suits the boss & enemies you are facing on that level.
  9. Xaene

    Dark Bow Vs. Rune Cross-bow

    Dark bow is a very niche training item, only useful for must-range high armour things like black demons and kalphite guardians, and only at mid-high range lvls. For when you need the super accuracy of the dark bow to punch through heavy armour on things that are normally resistant to range. Not on metallic dragons obviously or anything else that shoots back. And when you get higher lvls that you dont need the uber accuracy and can murder black demons easy, then the rune crossbow is better and the dbow becomes pretty useless as a training weapon. Rune crossbow for.. pretty much everything else. Broadbolts are probably the best ammo in the game in terms of cost VS usefulness and accuracy and damage. Emerald(e) for special things like metallic drags where you cant kill em fast so need to have poison hits helping you out, Ruby(e) for high hp and high armour guys ( quest bosses, gwd bosses, mith drags, kbd, kq, corp beast and the like ) with Diamond(e) as a finisher once their hp is down enough to make the blood drain spec less effective. Even the bone/dorgeshaun crossbow + bone bolts ( cheapest range ammo you will find anywhere but still very good ) is a better choice combo than MSB + mithril arrows or weaker, let alone Zaniks cbow which is even more powerful and accurate, so the MSB is nearly obsolete once you can use it in my opinion. Knives/darts are good on things with lowish range defense only cause their accuracy is poor.. so not bad if you are getting bloodvelds for slayer or anything else that is a big defenseless meat bag you can stick with sharp pointy things and not miss often.
  10. Xaene


    The desert ones have a quick double 30 strike as well if you aren't paying attention and get one tunneling up underneath ya.. nasty if low on food. Best way to avoid them tunneling is to stand near a cactus it seems to me, then they dont hit worth a damn cept for the occasional range attack.
  11. Xaene

    Need Help With Blood Runs Deep

    Just finished this today and it wasn't really too bad. The Vargas trip is pretty much in 3 sections. The first & last 2 are common areas where you can see other people questing with their own Vargases staggering along after them. The lobsters and melee daggs are the main threat here, prot melee pray and neither of em can even hit you, my Vargas wasnt attacked in these areas either. Its useful to do in a group with at least 1 other person to draw attacks from you and vice versa. The middle section is a single corridor thats just you and vargas, the other players vanish and you get attacked by range & melee daggs, some of which go for Vargas. A group attacks from either end while you are in the middle, I found that by going against the wall there were a pair of melee dags that couldnt reach me, so i killed off 1 group in peace then killed the rest. Use food on vargas to heal him if hes getting low & is still being attacked. The hardest part was the Dagganoth Mother, i made the mistake of taking enough runes & ammo for all attack styles cept water spells, and sure enough, it spent most of its time in 'blue' mode leaving me to wait around until I could attack it again. So take _all_ styles, the 4 mage types, range and melee(Balmung, that you gotta start the fight with)
  12. Xaene

    Omg Whats Going On In Rs?!

    Green drags have always been profitable $ per hour and dbone prices will shoot up a lot which adds to the attraction of green drags now the new ancient curses are out. I suspect having people buying the GE empty of dbones since they wanna rapidly train their prayer lvl to use the new curses probably also means that higher lvl people will be bone-collecting a lot using the advanced methods like pak yaks & item tele, cannons, etc. So its business as usual.
  13. Xaene

    Barrows - Magic Or Melee

    Just to confuse things further and yet not contribute to any side of any argument, I'm gonna post just to say I use at least 2 brother killing methods per run and sometimes 3 -.- Magicking 4/6 brothers who wear silly bulky armour that spells go through like a water through a sieve - using the black salamander on ones in their crypt, and using magic dart if and only if i get Dharok in the tunnels and casting from a safespot area. So only 1 run in 6 I actually need magic dart for. Meleeing Karil and Ahrim, naturally. Whip/dfs works a charm and hits nice against the range and magic sets they wear and protects well against both range and magic attack. dds with specs for a fast Karil kill, sgs for general usefulness spec, excal(e) spec for healing and def boost before doing tunnels and/or Verac, all work well.
  14. Ya, count me in as another person who maxed the flail not long after finishing the quest, it was satisfying seeing how the vyrewatch got so much easier to kill as your proficiency with the flail goes up. You are guaranteed some worthy items from the 500 columbarium keys too, at least a couple of treasure trail items with snapdragon seeds, rune armour, herbs, lots of steel arrows, and the like, I also got a dragon spear Its kind of like maxing out the white knight ranking in terms of the time it takes, only it also has tangible rewards. And the Myreque and Ivandis quest series is a personal fav of mine, so I'm all enthusiastic to launch into whatever the next quest in the series will be when it comes out with a mastered flail ready to thrash any vyrewatch that get in my way.
  15. Its the southern of the 2 pyramids in Sophanem, the one with cat images on the entrance doors. By the stage you are up to in the quest you ought be able to enter the city and resume where you left off I think.

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