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  1. General Battle Rules/Guidelines I've noticed a few places where people are unclear about the specific rules of a battle. To clear things up, here are the basic rules of a battle. Unless otherwise stated in the topic, these are the rules. 1. The work must be yours, with no help given when making it. This means tutorials, PSD references, etc are NOT allowed. 2. The first person to reach 7 votes is declared winner. 3. You must give a reason when voting. "I like the render" is not a reason, you need to be specific. Something like "I really like the coloring" is acceptable. 4. To start a battle, you should make a topic. In it, include all of the rules of the battle. 5. You may also want to have a theme for the battle. This will make it so the entries are similar in some way. "Freestyle" means you can do anything. Here some suggestions of themes you might want to have: - No render, no c4d, something of that sort - Photo must be used - Abstract - Specific render must be used (such as "anime", "video game", or even a specific TV show, like "the simpsons") 6. Of course you can change these rules all you want, these are just the standard basic battle rules I have seen people use. Signature of the Week Rules Unless the host specifically states that different rules apply, these are the rules for all SotW competitions. Entries The SotW host will state the theme and due date for entries. Entries will be accepted until that date, or when the entry topic is created, whichever is second. You may make a total of ONE post in the entry topic. Your entry will be placed in this post. To change your entry, you will edit your original post and replace your original entry with the updated version. All discussion of the SotW will occur elsewhere, such as in this thread. The rules for entries are as follows: - The size must be between 300x100 and 500x200 pixels (WxH). - The signature must be made less than a week before the entry topic was made. - Remember, you may only make one post in the entry topic! - You may not use any tutorials, PSDs, or any other outside help to make your entry. - If there is a required theme or stock, it must be clearly visible on the final piece. This is up to the discretion of the host. - It is requested that when you post your entry, you include the following in a code box in your post: Your Name: [img=your signature] Voting A topic will be created by the host in which all signatures are listed and anyone may vote. These are the rules for voting: - You may vote for up to three entries. - You must make it clear which signature is your favorite, second favorite, and third favorite. - Points will be awarded for favorite signatures (3 pts), second favorite (2 pts), and third favorite (1 pt) - You must give reasons for your votes. This reason must be something to do with what the artist has done in the signature (eg: color, style, blending). Results Following voting, the host will likely create a topic with results. Alternatively, the host may choose to include the results in the voting topic's first post or in a new post, in which case the host will change the title or description of the voting topic to make it clear that results are up. This topic or post will include at least the names, signatures, and points for the top three places. If the host wishes, s/he may include results for more entrants. The winner will host the following week's SotW, unless s/he hosted the previous week OR is unable to host. If the winner does not host, then whoever got second place will host. In the event of a tie, whoever has gone longer without hosting a SotW will host. Fortnightly Large Piece Competitions Rules are: - The large piece must be between 500x500 and 1024x768 pixels. - The large piece must be made no more than two weeks before the entry topic was made. - Your Sal's username or an abbreviation of it must be on your piece. - No layer ripping, or ripping of any kind off other people's work. No collabs. - The total competition will last two weeks. 9 days for entries, and 5 days for voting. - You cannot use the same piece for two different FLPCs (here on Sal's) Voting Rules are: - You can vote for three entries. Your favorite one will get three points, your second choice will get two points, and your third choice will get one point. - Make sure to be clear about what you mean. "1 - Steve, because (reason here)" is hard to understand. Do you mean that's your favorite one, so I should get three points? Or do you mean that you want it to get one point? - You must give reasons for your votes. "I like the render" isn't a valid reason. It needs to be something to do with what the artist has done in the LP. Examples of acceptable reasons are colour, style, and blending (you will need to explain past a single word though).
  2. Steve

    Resource Sites

    I personally haven't used many of these, so I can't say if they are good sites or not. If you have any good experiences with any sites not included on these lists please post them here so they can be added. The more that we have, the better. Thanks to a large group of people, including Prashanna, Kwinten, Steve, Tim, Pyro-Tech, and Drolleke for these sites! Post your resource sites here!
  3. Steve

    Hmm, Long Time No See. Very Long Time.

    Well Steve, thats cause you and I think maybe Dissentor? was his name were being very immature about the whole scamming thing. Oh that kid was so obsessed with me he made a blog all about me and my life story You didn't get chosen to be in the Distinguished Mod group, so you changed your name to Greenfire and asked to be retired. You were demoted from Retired Moderator for being a general nuisance. You lied to someone who thought you were a friend so that you could have an item in an online game. And I'm the immature one? EDIT: Also,
  4. Steve

    Hmm, Long Time No See. Very Long Time.

    I did think I would shock a lotta people Well you were only gone for like 10,000 years. Thats true, but I also was banned because one of your friends "steve" didnt like me. Glad to see I'm still a part of these forums But you called me a fatty and it hurt my feelings!!!
  5. Steve


    Although, since we're generally more lenient about the rules in blogs, this will probably be allowed to slide by.
  6. Steve


    And you were staff before? O_O Debating the rules is allowed. I am actually fully aware of what the rules are, considering the fact that I was one of the major driving forces in the most recent rule update (which included an update to the rule on debating the rules). We make a distinction between debating the rules and complaining about the rules. Debating the rules would include giving constructive criticism to improve the rules, and is encouraged - we want the rules to be good for everyone. But simply complaining about the rules, as I would argue you are doing now, isn't allowed because it simply isn't productive.
  7. Steve


    If the blog entry itself is spam, then it should be removed too, no? I mean, it's very clear that this isn't going to be changed, so now you're just complaining about the rules, which actually is explicitly against the rules. :lol:
  8. Steve

    Problem Rules

    Which is why I am saying to discuss whether a rule should be added after this thing that isn't against the rules should happen. Doing that (and excluding the sentence we have in the rules right now) would require us to retroactively punish people for rules which are created after the fact, and I think you would agree that doing so wouldn't be appropriate for us to do. So instead we have this sentence, which, although rarely used, will allow us to punish the first time the rule is broken, and then we will almost certainly discuss whether the infraction is a serious enough issue for a new rule to be added (or a previous rule to be edited to include the infraction). If I'm not mistaken, here's an example of when the first quote was used: We have had a couple of issues over the previous years with bug abuse. Since there was no rule on bug abuse until relatively recently, one could have argued that the users couldn't have been punished for the bug abuse (the first quote was reworded with the most recent rule update to clarify moderators' power). So it was discussed, and the Bug Abuse rule was added. Had that clause existed already, we could have punished the users and THEN added the rule, but instead I believe those users got away with nothing more than a "Don't do it again." So if it isn't clear already, these rules simply aren't going to be changed. So unless you have anything more to add beyond declaring a conspiracy, there doesn't seem to be much else to say. EDIT: @below: That's hilarious!
  9. Steve

    Problem Rules

    It is simply impractical to have the rules cover every possible scenario that may arise, and the staff would be unable to punish people if such a clause wasn't included in the rules. I don't think that either clause will be used to justify punishment that isn't obviously unacceptable, so there isn't anything to worry about. And the second clause exists more for your benefit than anything else, because it gives you (the blog owner) much more control over your blog. As it says, the staff is generally much more lenient in blogs than on the forums so that you can put some content in your blog that probably wouldn't be allowed on the rest of the forums. Fruityfed also put it quite nicely.
  10. I can understand that it would be harder work, but their are signatures with 2,3,4 photo's, I know my old one has about 6 mini-pictures, I'm sure right clicking on one extra picture is not very hard. While It may be a bit of an inconvenience, the inconvenience of spending hours making signature, to find it's a few kb too big is frustrating too. I'm not sure how the system currently works, if normal members check, or if moderators go through the user list. Maybe we could find a simple way of getting round this, like those using less on avatar and more on signature putting a simple asterisk in their signature, but I'd rather we come to a solution than just leave this like it is. Having spend a few years using PhotoShop, and having had my signature removed multiple times in the past for it being oversized, I've learned that it isn't THAT difficult to get a signature to under 60kB (in PhotoShop, anyways). What I usually do is save it as PNG, and if that ends up being too big then I'll save it as JPG, usually at around 96 quality (I don't know what the 96 represents. There is no visible difference between saving a signature at 100 quality on JPG, 96 quality on JPG, or saving it as a PNG. I'd offer to downsize your signature's file size myself, but PhotoShop crashes most of the time when I try to open it so I'm not sure if I would be able to. I'm sorry if you understood me differently when I said "excuses to punish people". What I meant was the only possible excuses are so outrageous that this rule must be just overlooked by accident. It was merely an a example to say that I can not understand how this rule is in place. In other words, I would never suggest the staff are power hungry maniacs, because that would be just silly. Although, I do agree (reading back) I worded it very bad so I'll edit that, sorry for the confusion. I also agree I got a bit lost in this thread, at first I was annoyed/angry , but I've changed my position throughout the thread to one that is more constructive. And I used the words very little logic, because the rule seems to contain very little logic, if 2 people are doing the same thing, and one gets punished and the other doesn't, it's clear to see what gone wrong, but people failed to grasp that, which is why I used these words. This rule was not overlooked by accident; I'm pretty sure that this suggestion has come up in the past. And it's come up for good reason: at first glance, you have a very convincing argument. It doesn't seem logical that someone with a 5kB avatar and 70kB signature could be punished, but someone with a 20kB avatar and 60kB signature wouldn't. But then when you look deeper into the situation, there is very good logic for the rule being set up the way it is: moderators don't have an infinite amount of time to dedicate to this forum, so to make them check another image's filesize is just a waste of their time - time that could be used doing other moderation of the forums. Changing the rule from its current state would possibly let you have a slightly larger signature (which is unnecessary since you can already bring it down to under 60kB relatively easily as it is), but would create extra work for the staff. Leaving the rule as it is leaves less work for moderators, but annoys a couple of forum members. The choice seems somewhat obvious. I'm sure the extra 10-15kb can be used for bigger or higher definition pictures, if the 10-15kg doesn't make any difference then in that logic we could all have 1kb signatures and it would all be the same. Or am I missing something? Without right clicking to check the file size, can you tell which of these is 57kB and which is 70kB? I can't. (This signature was made by Arrogance.) I went back to see when this was previously discussed, and found this topic. I didn't read through it so I don't know what the outcome of the discussion was (beyond the fact that the rule never was changed).
  11. Pinky, please read the thread. The connection speed would still be within the rule, so the maximum you can use between signature and avatar can be used now within the rules, however I would like to merge the rules so that if the avatar is much bellow the max, the signature size can be increased. In theory your using the same amount of bandwith as the person who is using the 2 max signatures and avatars, so I can't see what's wrong with this. While you make a valid point regarding the total file size, there is a very simple reason that we aren't going to change the rule to a total between signature and avatar: inconvenience for the staff. It is already enough of a pain to check signatures as they are, and adding in avatars to that would just make it even more of an inconvenience. If a board mod existed that would automatically limit you to X kB combined between signature and avatar then I could see the rule being modified in the future, but until then it simply isn't going to change. And, quite frankly, to say that "This has very little logic ... and if anything, an excuse to punish people for no reason" is completely outrageous. It is incredibly obnoxious to suggest that the staff is just looking for excuses to punish people without reason. Images in a spoiler still load when the page loads (regardless of whether you can visually see the image or not), so putting a 100kB image in a spoiler will not help the issue of file size. The easiest solution is to throw it all into a code box.
  12. Steve

    Rule Revision

    Uhh . . . shouldn't it be "You may not encourage the breaking of any RuneScape rules, or ask for or give help with the breaking of RuneScape rules. Oops! It's already in the rules under Misleading Content: "On a similar note, all links must be properly labeled, and may not try to mislead the user into clicking them." Recently, there have been some issues with misleading links through TinyURL, so this is really just a reminder that you need to make sure that your links are pretty clearly labeled as to what they are. And there really isn't much need to use TinyURL on Sal's anyways, since you aren't going to hit the character limit.
  13. Steve


    All of the new versions suck, and have for a few years now. I've found that version 5.9 (©2006) is still more than adequate for my IMing needs.
  14. Steve


    That's pretty much how it's been for me, though not quite as long. I was told 1.5-2 years and it's been 2 years (I got them the end of August 2 years ago). My orthodontist has been implying that they'll be coming off soon for 6 months now.. Every time I go in, he always says he's just making small adjustments to the spaces between my teeth (I'm going to be getting 2 implants I believe, so the spaces for them need to be just right). I'm just hoping I'll be able to get them off before the end of the year. And as glad as I am that I got them, they're such a pain in the . Every time I eat anything, food gets stuck in my braces and my tongue gets sore from trying to pick all of it out. I just can't wait for the damn things to come off (hopefully soon ^_^ ).
  15. Steve


    I don't know about the particular laws where you live, but out here you can only get in trouble if you're doing at least 11 mph over the limit. It's a felony if you go 20 over on surface streets and 90 on the freeways. You can get in trouble for going 5 or 10 over the limit, but in general you won't get pulled over unless you're doing 10+ over the speed limit. That's how it is around here, and I find it very hard to believe that you can't get in trouble for going 8 or 9 over the speed limit where you live.
  16. Steve

    Funny Video

    That one is alright, but they've got many better music videos. In an Apatow World is one of my favorites.
  17. Steve

    Chevy Volt To Pull 230 Mpg In City

    Hydrogen is expensive and hard to transport. It can't be 'expensive' to the people who produce it, since they're producing it. And if more people produced it, it wouldn't be as expensive to the consumer. It's no harder to get or to transport than oil is, and we've managed that okay. 1. It is expensive to produce, whether it be through electrolyzing (which may often require pure or even deionized water) or other methods. The problem is, these methods of extracting the hydrogen that we need requires some energy input. If we're doing all of this for the environment's sake, then we need to make sure that this energy for the extraction of hydrogen is clean (ex: making a wind farm, and using that energy to extract the hydrogen). 2. More people producing hydrogen isn't what is going to bring down prices drastically, but rather the development of new methods (or improvement/optimization of current methods) will be what decreases the cost of hydrogen. 3. It is more difficult to transport than oil (or gas), as it is a gas at room temperature. This means that, unlike gas which is a liquid, the hydrogen will need to be kept under extreme pressure during transport, from the factory all the way until it is being used in your car.
  18. Steve

    Chevy Volt To Pull 230 Mpg In City

    Assuming gas remains around $3/gallon (it's $2.57 around here I think, but I'll round up just in case), and you drive 20,000 miles per year (which I think is a lot), you really aren't saving THAT much with a fuel-efficient car. Some simple math gives these figures (using $3/gal, 20,000mi/yr): 30mpg = $2,000/yr in gas 50mpg = $1,200/yr in gas (this would be around where a Prius is) 230mpg = $261/yr in gas + $250 in electricity (25kw/h for 100mi, 5c/kwh) = $511 (I might have misunderstood the numbers here, but even if it's a total of ~$250/yr for the Volt, the end result is essentially the same) You could buy a similar car to the Volt (one with a standard engine, 30mpg) for under $20,000 as opposed to the projected cost of nearly $40,000. The savings in terms of gas/electricity is a mere $1,500/yr. With a $20,000 price gap, it's going to take more than 13 years to pay off that price difference. So unless they're able to reduce the price to under $30k, I don't think that this car will end up paying for itself. I am also ignoring a number of major factors, such as the costs to keep the car up and running. The most major cost here would probably be the batteries, which are sure to get worse over time and will require replacing - that's going to be pretty expensive, I would guess. And if you're buying the car for the environmental reasons, you aren't doing that much to help the planet: where does the electricity coming from your wall outlet actually come from? According to the image Prash posted on page 1, more than half of that electricity in the US is coming from petroleum and natural gas.
  19. Steve


    ++ It's very unsafe to go slower than the rest of the cars on the highway, which is why I generally try to keep up with everyone else (which means ~65 in a 55 zone and ~70-75 in a 65 zone), and even then I'm among the slowest cars on the road. When I first got my permit and was driving on the highway for the first time, I would follow speed limits and actually go 55 in a 55 zone, and I was by far the slowest car on the road. After a long line of cars piled up behind me, my dad told me to speed up to a safer speed - around 60-65. I understand the economical reasons of people driving slower (that's why speed limits are 55 on many highways), but I think that we need to be realistic as well as practical. As long as you're in the fast lane, you can go 75 on the highway and be safe. Similarly, you can go 60 on the highway (in a 55 zone) and be safe, but only if you're in the slow lane. If you're in any other lane, then you become a hazard to other drivers and that just isn't safe. Usually driving around town I go about 5 over the speed limit, and on highways I go the same speed as everyone else (but I generally keep out of the fast lane; I'm under 18 so I'll lose my license if I'm stopped for speeding). As long as you're a competent driver and use common sense, driving at the speed I drive at (or faster, since I'm a pretty slow driver) is perfectly safe.
  20. I was born in '92 and I remember almost all of this stuff. You must have lived a deprived childhood. I was a deprived child. My parents have never shown me any Disney movies, and our only television was a 13" with bunny ears and knobs (no remote!). We finally got a 20" (still bunny ears) around 2002, and then a few years ago my parents caved and got us a flat screen (it's like 40" or something.. not very large, but still a huge upgrade) and cable. The result of all of this is I don't know most of the TV shows from that time. I only remember Pokemon, Magic School Bus, Bill Nye, and whatever else was on PBS. Not knowing Disney references has been a problem in the past. The first time I saw the Lion King was in Spanish, and the point of showing our class that movie was that we would understand what is going on based on having previously seen the movie. I hadn't.
  21. Steve

    Where Are All The Updates?

    This blog has frequent updates. 10/10
  22. Steve

    Sal's Tmz 3: Pal?

    This is very good!
  23. Steve


    Solution: Don't swear Your problem has now been solved.
  24. Steve

    I Am Back In Biz

    Your GIF? You both stole my artwork. Welcome back!

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