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  1. Zebra

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Zebstrika To triple my bank again :D Noticed I was number 16, that's kind of awesome as that is my birthdate! 16 again pl0x
  2. Zebra


    Been playing mostly every weekend, not long either. Having trouble making money with my awful gear :mad: I CAN FINALLY WIELD A WHIP YAYAYAYYAYAYAYA Anyone got any ideas what I should train over the Bonus Exp Weekend? I was thinking Agility and Runecrafting, but idk anymore >:[
  3. Zebra

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Zebstrika To triple my bank ;D
  4. Zebra

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    Artisan's Workshop, South East corner of Falador. Looks pretty cool.
  5. Zebra

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    I got 48, which is 3 times the day of the month I was born on. Imma feelin' lucky ;D
  6. Zebra

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Zebstrika Money towards BXP Weekend and Armour
  7. Level 3 ; Fear my fail cropping skills! 2 sara wizards, one ordeal when I had to get someone to duel me and 2 puzzle boxes = almost nothing.
  8. Zebra


    I'm a Southampton fan and I see a Swindon fan on here :P Swindon is a bogey team for us, we never seem to score against them D: Going to the game Saturday, looking forward to it and hopefully a Southampton win :( Southampton also went into administraion 2 years ago, -10 points and a relagation :D Good luck to Plymouth!
  9. Zebra

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    So many better quest lines they could of worked on... and they choose this. EDIT: Actually, it could be the long awaited Smithing update @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  10. Was quit during the last two weekends, but since the market has already panicked I will be training some non buyable, probably Agility or Dungeoneering
  11. Zebra

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Name here: Duckies (Zebstrika ingame) (changed to Zebra blehh) What I would use the cash for: Probably to upgrade my awful gear (rune plate and d long ftw) into something better :( and some dragon bones :D
  12. Zebra

    First Slayer Task Ever?

    Hill Giants, after staying in Edgeville Dungeon ages before membership, I went along to Vannaka and just got more to kill
  13. Zebra


    thanks :)
  14. Zebra


    Just realised how much my other two blog entries suck; I have almost no English skills then and I don't now, although I'd like to think they've improved a bit. trollin trollin trollin I hate dungeoneering.
  15. Zebra

    Free Range Penguin Hunter

    haha I did the penguins a few hours before you did by the sound of it. It's amazing how much they moved from those few hours as when I did it nearly all of them were trapped (Witchaven and Karamja both were :P)

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