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  1. What skill did you use your exp on? I chose my mediocre Ranged level and went from 58-67!! O.o It seems kind of odd that they're giving away that much exp though.
  2. Crimson

    Sal's Highscores

    Sounds cool, I'll see if I actually compare to anyone, aha. RSN: R10T (zero, not o)
  3. Crimson

    Bot Nuke 2

    Agreed. Fleshies and Chaos Druids were ruined, which was always one of the best ways for new members to make some start-up cash. Now they won't have that.
  4. Crimson

    What's your favorite skill?

    I picked Woodcutting because its been my long time favorite, but I've really been enjoying hunting lately. Swamp lizards = 1.3k ea + 152 hunter exp
  5. Crimson

    Bot Nuke 2

    I hope they can get rid of them once and for all. I remember back when the first bot nuke happened, about 2 weeks of botless Green Dragon heaven
  6. I think they should limit it, as in give f2p their spin-per-day, and p2p their 2, and maybe give an option to buy a package of, say, 10 spins for however much money but you can only buy it once per week.
  7. Top 3: Varrock - Big city ^-^ Draynor Village - Boring, but so nice looking :) Falador - Always liked the look of it, the walls, castles, and knights. Coolstuff.
  8. Crimson

    More bots? D:

    I thought all the bots were gone, but I finally renewed my membership today, went to fleshies, and found pretty much every world filled with people in rune with whips with names like "2184kapqtg120". Are a lot of places full of bots again?
  9. Crimson

    Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

    I always think yes, but often I end up liking them regardless. I do have a few girls I'm just friends with and have no attraction to, but that's generally because they're just unattractive.
  10. The U.S. government probably has quite the waiting list. Lol.
  11. Religion was never really a big thing for me. My parents used to send me to a christian camp in the summer, but mostly just because it was fun. I'm an atheist now and until the day I die.
  12. Crimson

    What's Ur Fav Form Of Contraception

    Condom, and pill too if possible, I take no chances with that stuff. "I have the belief that the two seconds it takes to put a condom on, is ALWAYS worth the ten years you've gotta pretend to like soccer" - Charlie Harper (Sheen).
  13. Crimson

    P2p Cockroach Soldiers

    I only use Soldiers for Crim Charms. If you want good training and decent money, do Flesh Crawlers, they die in like 2 secs, give 100 exp / kill, and you will get around 80-100k per inventory picking up good Herbs (3k+), Fire Runes, Noted Iron ores, and Nature Runes. Soldiers aren't good for training because they have high defense, so they take a while to kill. Fleshies have very low stats all around, (their max hit is 16lp (or 1.6 hp)) EDIT: Though if you really want to do Soldiers, I could help more if you gave your stats.
  14. Crimson


    Yeah. People need to learn that weapons like this just cause more fighting.
  15. Crimson

    Private Servers.

    They're probably against the rules but I doubt Jagex can do anything.

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