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  1. Cinariel

    Bird's And Raven's Eggs

    Miscellanie glitch caused people to get several ravens and now they updated so you can get a raven egg from it. Ravens no longer show that your a woodcutter. 99 woodcutting lost its.. idk.. thoise ivies are stupid.
  2. Cinariel

    A Void Dance

    Can some1 check if we still can alchemy sagies?
  3. Cinariel

    Rs In Reality

    Yes.. Do it! *thinks about all that runite ore*
  4. Advice people to buy chaotic longsword, so they waste tokens. HAHAHAHAHAA XD Step on trappers in w60! w00t epicly funny
  5. Cinariel

    Smithing Guide [1-99]

    1-40 - anything 40-99 - gold.
  6. Cinariel

    Dungeoneering Wolrds

    What a lie. 5:5 is +19% more exp. 1:1 is +0%. And more ppl = faster, 1 key, all gs doors, 1 tool... much faster.
  7. Cinariel

    Herbal Bag

    13 space with only clean herbs for 6000 tokens. Look at coal bag.. 27.. helpful in smithing and mining, and coal its too expensive. Herbs are.. 18 more per trip is a lot. The only clean herbs would prevent people from taking massive amounts of high lvl herbs per trip.. it would possibly lower price of lower herbs, which are too expensive. 6000 tokens.. A nice number.. Herb bag > Coal bag > Gem bag, each would be 2000 tokens more.
  8. Cinariel

    Worst Skill There Is?

    Worst? Summoning is nice, it has new stuff every lvl! Its cool. Farming is tedious, but.. its farming.. well.. not much to say. Worst? Firemaking.. or smithing - 99lvl to make 40def armor?
  9. Cinariel

    Managing Your Kingdom

    9 workers to maples (still get 8 nests) 6 workers to herbs
  10. Cinariel

    Gravestone Canyon

    Wow.. Not much to say.. lots of work you did, not many want to read. xD
  11. Lol, just play runescape classic. xD
  12. Cinariel

    Best F2p Weapon?

    The best would be Rune scimitar. The strongest would be Courrupted Dragon Scimtiar. The strongest non-retatded cost would be Gravite rapier, which it's worth it - +5 more attack bonus, +4 more stength bonus. So Rune Scim stays best!
  13. Cinariel

    Cannon And Slayer Task

    Some1 mentioned turoths.. Cannon doesnt work on them, it hits 0s.. : ( : /
  14. Cinariel

    Elite Clue Scrolls

    We can expect everything from Jagex after the 75k boot update. They will probably want to do good, and fail as usuall. Prepare either for huge crash, tousands of riots or some useless, untradeable junk like firelighters. Thats my opinion.
  15. Cinariel


    ^That 'Dont panic!' advice probably helped thousands of people.

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