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  1. geek master

    Runescape Has Ruined My Life

    before runescape i still did not have much friends. i was born with ADD and a slight case of autisim. one day in 2007 i was invited to a sleepover party from one of my friends at feleship/church. he introduced me to the game of runescape and helped me set up a account. when i went home i asked my dad if he could let me have a membership. at the time it was only $5 a month so it was cheep' then my dad pulled out his visa credit card and started putting in all the imformation then i had a member ship at lvl 14. me and my friend started playing castle wars almost every Saturday night. soon after that he started to help me do quests and lvl up. this was going on when i lived in Idaho. soon after me and my parents had moved back to my home state of calfornia. my friend did not log on anymore so i called him and he told me he had quit his acount. today i still play runescape and have interesting experiences along the way. i still am getting the grades i have always gotten the same grades about a B+ avarage. my ADD affects my grades more than runescape
  2. geek master

    Runescape Has Ruined My Life

    i had started runescape in 2007. sence then i have gotten no 99's and the biggest amount of money i have gotten was 3mil. i wonder why i am still sucking at runescape. somtimes when i see people with skill capes i think they used hacks. is it just me or do most people hack runescape to get ritch? i have been trying to find a way to be like the ritch people in runescape. i do not hack and i am scared of losing my armour while going into area's with deadly monsters. is there any way out of runescape poverty?
  3. geek master

    Will The Easter Event Be Better This Year?

    i personally would like a easter egg basket along with bunny slippers that have cute bunny ears on them like the ones you wear with your pajamas -.- and they make you jump like a bunny
  4. so everyone knows lasts years easter was a majour flop :P we only got 1 item and 1 emote. last year i did love the carrot becuase i am able to wack people who are advertizing wefightge :) and i love the emote also (around the world in eggety days) :) but what about this year? will somthing go wrong at the factory agian? or maybe the cockeritesses are up to no good. also is jagex finally out of ideas for rewards? voice your openion and anser my polls -.- need some comments becuase i fell loneley......
  5. geek master

    We Don't Get Fooled Again?

    reminds me alot more of this guy..... nintendo should sew jagex!! lol -.-
  6. geek master

    Coolest Npc

    jack frost looks like the kid from the book the cronicals of Valdmier Tod. which owns twillight :) -.-
  7. geek master

    Runescape Cards In Canada

    why wont anyone just type in their credit card number on the runescape website? its compatibal with visa and master card -.-
  8. geek master

    My First Rs Video

    if only hypercam 2 would fudging work on my coputer or maybe its time to overclock my motherboard agian?
  9. geek master

    How Laggy Is Runescape For You?

    not everyone chooses to throw the cash out there. a core duo helps,but a good P4 does well too. ive a few PC of various configs - im a geek,but by no means a master. :P yes nvidia improves a lot - i have a couple ati machines and once it was my fav - but nvidia does RS better. Asus boards are my fav too,but ive a biostar board that rocs well too - of course it has a 3ghz cpu and an nvidia card :) not a whiz bang box,but it works great on broadcom connection. yup high speed helps it flow. ASUS needs to release RAMPAGE EXTREME 3 very soon! also children dont forgot to overclock your motherboards when you get home from school -.- to make runescape more epic get these 3 things.....
  10. That would require ALOT of voice recording considering how much NPCs are in the game and how much dialogue options there are. Personally, I think Jagex would mess it up and the voices would be like, "Bring me five eggs." to "Brengh meh faife ehgs." well for are own players voices we could go into a control panel and change how are voice box sounds? and make are players talk like we talk in real life -.- That would require ALOT of voice recording considering how much NPCs are in the game and how much dialogue options there are. Personally, I think Jagex would mess it up and the voices would be like, "Bring me five eggs." to "Brengh meh faife ehgs." becuase of their british accent?
  11. geek master

    Runescape With Sound Or No Sound?

    it would be nice if jagex had the money to orcastrate there own music :) or maybe have nintendo do it for them -.-
  12. how about give are characters actual bodies and real eyes instead of tiny seed like eyes and some actual hands with fingers. also when where chating with npcs i would like to hear them actualy talking from my speakers while reading what they say. it would also be nice to give are own characters a voice and let us choose how they talk.
  13. geek master

    Runescape Economy !

    i would make wallstreet/ge republican and vote next year for emperess sara palin -.-
  14. so the max number of points you can get in novice is 4? also what are the requirements for wearing void night armour?
  15. geek master

    Potential Mass Hack On Runescape

    Confusing? I'm 11 and I didn't find it the slightest bit confusing. I don't want to start a flame war btw. :P Then how about you explain it to him. Rapidshare is a site where you can upload (and download) things. When you have a premium account at RS, you get "points" for every user who downloads each item you have uploaded. Since this person was smart, they uploaded a list of 750,000 runescape usernames and everybody who was curious enough would download it. Though, from the OP, the link was removed on the off-chance the TXT file was a virus. i love rapid share for sharing my video's on my youtube channle with other friends for them to post it on theirs -.- and surprize surpize im 13 :) but we are still of the same maturaty :) i was just wondering why people were saying good fight at the end? :P

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