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    "Life's imperfect." - Lt. Col. Gary Harrell, Black Hawk Down<br /><br />"It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." - Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins<br /><br />"All you can do in life is try to solve the problem ahead of you." - Cady Heron, Mean Girls<br /><br />"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." - Ralph Waldo Emerson<br /><br />"Be silent as to services you have rendered, but speak of favours you have received." - Seneca <br /><br />"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson<br /><br />"Welcome aboard Wasted Airlines. Should you experience a loss of buzz, a beer will fall into your hand. Please make sure to drink the beer before helping small children with their's." - Steven Hyde, That 70's Show

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  1. Dissentor

    Sals Realm Clan?

    Hey Sobend, nice to see you're still around. Thanks for the info! I'll ask for an invite on RS3.
  2. Dissentor

    Sals Realm Clan?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is the Sals clan still active? If so, how does one join? :)
  3. Dissentor

    Anyone still here?

  4. Dissentor

    2016 USA Presidential Election

  5. Dissentor

    Anyone remember me? 10yrs apparently haha

    Sup Diss! Long time no talk lol. 10 years thats crazy! I was 12 years old when this forum went from the old to the new one that means. Hope all is well bro! Cheers. Well, that explains how you could screw over Meen the way you did and make a disgrace out of yourself. Oh, and that ban was permanent. <_< Now there's a trip down memory lane.
  6. Dissentor

    Anyone remember me? 10yrs apparently haha

    Wow, 10 years. I was quite the little [email protected]$# back then. Still am, just bigger.
  7. Got my eight year email today. *frolics*
  8. Dissentor

    Wishing Everyone On Here A Merry Christmas..

    Merry Christmas all and wishes for a happy soon to be new year. -.-
  9. Dissentor

    Cyber Friendships

    It's sometimes easier to talk to an online friend about issues regarding people you know. They don't know any of the people you're talking about.
  10. Dissentor

    Msn Problems

    Aw fudge, I was hoping Trillian would solve the problem as a last ditch solution. Edit: That wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it?
  11. Dissentor

    Msn Problems

    I haven't posted in a year, a month, and a day. And what a year, month, and day it has been. But I need some help here guys. For some reason, WLM has become problematic for me. Every now and then, I won't receive messages from other people. They don't get error messages, but I for some reason don't see them. And it's pretty annoying now. Anyone else have similar issues?
  12. Dissentor

    New Mods? On My Forums?

    Congratulations to everyone but Evin. You're a Noo Yawka. I love you anyway.
  13. Dissentor

    Would You Kill?

    Or you could try to kill everyone, but fail. You could wait for someone to kill you or commit suicide. You could try to form a group. You could betray your group. You could stand on a mountain with a megaphone and try to get everyone to cooperate. There are many different alternatives.
  14. Dissentor

    Would You Kill?

    Is what a choice? Killing them? Whether or not you survive. No. If you play the game, you increase your chances of survival, but that's it.
  15. Dissentor

    Would You Kill?

    Is what a choice? Killing them?

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