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  1. Micronblast

    Hello Peasants

    Am I too late to jump on this nostalgia train?
  2. Micronblast

    Won't Let Me.

    Try uploading the image to imageshack/another image hosting site. BBCode doesn't like some URLs.
  3. Micronblast


    A friend challenged/asked me to draw this over a Skype call last night. Have never tried anything in this style before, in fact I've barely ever used colour on anything I've done with my tablet, so it was... interesting. Image (Spoilered because it's big): Progress through making it (I find this looks better than the final product ) I know the graphics section is a little slow nowadays, but is there anyone around who knows what they're doing on a tablet? Might try a few more of these, so could use some pointers.
  4. Micronblast

    Favorite Mission/level From Any Game

    :( I was going to make some witty edit along the lines of "except so-and-so", but then realised that there is no imperfect moment in that game. Well played, sirrah. Water Temple. Mindless raising and lowering of the water temple, everything's a puzzle, everything looks the same. Oh and having to equip/unequip the Iron Boots with a long menu system. I didn't mind the water temple, it's pretty linear when you figure out what's needed. Incidentally, early hover boots break the water temple, and if you RBA the boss key it just becomes lulz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYUI_kkFxqc I can see why you could dislike it, though :P
  5. Micronblast

    Favorite Mission/level From Any Game

    :( I was going to make some witty edit along the lines of "except so-and-so", but then realised that there is no imperfect moment in that game. Well played, sirrah.
  6. Micronblast

    Favorite Mission/level From Any Game

    Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time. :(
  7. Micronblast

    Age Limit For Sal's

    The censor serves a purpose beyond protecting young, innocent minds. It keeps the forums friendlier and easier to read. An age limit is unreasonable. I am sure there are twelve year olds more mature than you or I. Furthermore, how would you enforce such an age limit?
  8. Micronblast

    Shyft: Turn Based Strategy

    The error message you're getting is just plain weird. It claims it can't find a .class file which is a .jar file in the first place. Going out on a wild guess here, but you could try: "unset CLASSPATH" before "java shyft.jar". I'll have to look further into this, and possibly download Ubuntu.
  9. Micronblast

    Shyft: Turn Based Strategy

    Some of you might remember The Calling of The Seals, an RPG a friend and I produced last year. Let's just say we've learned a lot since then :( Shyft is a turn based strategy game, very similar to Advance Wars (or Fire Emblem without the RPG element). It supports LAN/Online multiplayer, which is what it's all about. It also works with the Tiled map editor (see website), so you can make custom maps, reskins, unit balances, your own tilesets, and so on. If you host a game with a custom map made with the default tileset, anyone can join your game without you having to send them the map file. There's plenty more blurb on the site, so I guess I'll just provide the links: Shyft Page Direct Download If you find/have problems, glitches, suggestions, custom maps, questions, etc.; do drop a comment on the JavaVeg forums (where we're likely to see it) or in this topic (where you're already signed in and a click away from posting). The site also has a finished version of TCotS, and an Android spaceship game demo. Enjoy! BIG EDIT: Should have mentioned this is a beta. Expect metric tons of glitches.
  10. Micronblast

    Shyft: Turn Based Strategy

    That makes it sound like you don't have Java. :D Sure you've got the latest JRE? Yup: [me]@P35-DS3 ~ $ java -version java version "1.6.0_22" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.10.2) (6b22-1.10.2-0ubuntu1~11.04.1) OpenJDK Server VM (build 20.0-b11, mixed mode) Made sure of that when i got minecraft running :( The .jar runs fine on OS X. Unfortunately, neither of us have a Linux OS at hand, but we'll try to work on compatibility ASAP.
  11. Micronblast

    Shyft: Turn Based Strategy

    That makes it sound like you don't have Java. :( Sure you've got the latest JRE?
  12. Micronblast

    Shyft: Turn Based Strategy

    :( I'm fairly sure when you click continue it says: "Please make sure you have port forwarded correctly. Please quit and restart." So yes, currently the only way to get out of that is to quit the game. We can work on an in-game return to menu button, though. Sorry about the screen size. It's sized for your standard 13' laptop screen or larger, so if you're on a netbook you might have problems.
  13. Micronblast

    Rein: Pc Gaming Has "shot By" Consoles

    Percentage of softcore gamers/young teenagers willing to do that? The console market lives on because of the majority.
  14. Micronblast

    Rein: Pc Gaming Has "shot By" Consoles

    There's a simple reason consoles are strong: price. What sort of percentage of video game purchasers earn money? What sort of percentage are kids? Now think, how much does a decent gaming rig cost you? And how much does a console cost you? I much prefer gaming on PC, but that's more because I prefer the FPS, RTS and MMO games.
  15. Micronblast

    How Do You Think Runescape Will End?

    'Scape is still going very strong, and is becoming more and more profitable for Jagex. Don't expect it to shut down any time soon. I find it highly unlikely that a single event will bring Runescape (or whatever it has become by then) to a halt, unless the servers need to be shut down due to financial/legal problems. Rather, as tastes in MMORPGs gradually shift and 'Scape no longer appeals to such a wide community, and when it has many of its competitive edges taken away (being browser based is its greatest strong point, but it's not certain that the quality of a browser based game will be able to keep up), its players will leave. As the playerbase evaporates, a lot of what made the game what it was will go with it. As old players disappear, updates will become less frequent, and soon enough the game will be forgotten.
  16. Micronblast


    Although a DDS spec has a (negligibly) higher max and twice the amount of specs, a claw spec is much more likely to hit through armour because of the way in which the damage is dealt (If the first hit or second hit is a 0, the claws still deal full spec damage). Since getting a KO involves hitting a high number when people are at semi-low HP (easily within the max hit range of both weapons), it is far more to do with reliability. Sure, with a DDS you have another chance, but since claws are far more likely to hit (and can be used twice in succession and be likely to hit), many people prefer them. Consider Korasi, although it maxes lower than claws/dds, it is still an amazing KO weapon because it hits high reliably.
  17. Micronblast

    Do I Stand A Chance Vs Nomad?

    With 99 ranged and defence? You'll be totally fine.
  18. Micronblast

    The Noob Days

    Jail guards. Hmph. :D
  19. Micronblast

    Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan

    thats japanese? how do you type foreign language? Depends on your operating system, really. On OS X there's a little dropdown bar you can add various languages to, I still have Japanese up there from when I used to study it. It works by letting you type out the hiragana/katakana phonetically in Roman characters, but I still have reservations about the accuracy of its kanji-guessing.
  20. Micronblast

    What Forum Members Do You Miss?

    @Sofee and Whisaks: Hai :D I don't think I can start naming individuals, and I'm not even sure if some that I would name have even left in the first place, since I only check by Sal's every now and again, but the whole 07-08 crew was when I felt most at home with the forumers. It's sort of a shame that we all grew up and went our separate ways.
  21. Micronblast

    New Forum Group

    I haven't read the whole 10 pages, but I'm assuming that someone somewhere pointed out today's date. I must say, the quality of the Sal's April Fools gags never ceases to amaze me :D
  22. Micronblast

    Behind The Scenes - March

    So all other rings for any sort of PvM will just become obsolete? :D
  23. Micronblast

    Some Stuffz

    Yeah I stake for the fun of it, probably won't find me staking more than 2m at a time (considering at my levels you either stake 250k-2m or 20m+). I was just taking out cash from my bank and thought: what's a nice, big, round number?
  24. Micronblast

    Some Stuffz

    I still occasionally lurk in these forums and scape... I've played a little the past few days, so how about some stuffz? These aren't PKs, but I thought they're worth the mention:
  25. Micronblast

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Micronblast. Because Irplop's sandals fail to conceal his smelly feet :D

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