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  1. Keegan

    Runescape and your real life

    Most of my friends know I played Runescape, and my close friends know the ridiculous amount of time I've spent on the game. Only my closest two friends know that I currently still play. It's not something I usually divulge with friends or acquaintances when talking about video games.
  2. Keegan

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Going with the Falcons and the Patriots to win today. Personally, Id rather see the Ravens and the Falcons win. I mean who wants another Patriots/Brady/Belichick Lovefest.
  3. Keegan

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Dei Wei 3. Micael fatia 4. Angel Hayley 5. Jna 6. Zooey 7. Lord Lookov 8. Amber Pyrilmas 9. Leo Crimson 10. O hai im KAMIL 11. Aabid 12. rubyyyy 13. Dr Skull 14.Tigerwing 15.thenewguy1 16. Smilefishy 17. Singapore218 18. Keegan
  4. Keegan

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Lord Lookov 3. Kemosabe 4. Dei Wei 5. thenewguy1 6. Zooey 7. Tigerwing0 8. Jna 9. Billions911 10. Faded Map 11. Leo Crimson 12. Keegan
  5. Keegan

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Probably due to the fact that you need level 55 to get it. I also love the m8a1. I use it exclusively on Turbine and always do well.
  6. Keegan

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I hit my first triple collateral with a sniper, but raid groundwar domination is kind of easy to do that on.
  7. Keegan

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Tigerwing0 3. thenewguy1 4. Quotes 5. Bintey 6. Kemosabe 7. R uby 8. Dei Wei 9. lonely 10. Jna 11. Peter_144 12. Sk8skull 13. Fabio 14. Saitek37 15. Click This 16. Big Tree 17. The Truth 18. Danielfwa 19. Amber Pyrilmas 20. Lord Lookov 21. Zooey 22. Minimen001 23. Something Obscure 24. Dr Skull 25. Clavius 26. Aabid 27. Seaconmorae 28. Billions911 29. Faded Map 30. Hunter 31. Keegan
  8. Keegan

    Jagex, Phishing, and Law Suits

    I've gotten messages on youtube with links to fake runescape forums that ask you to sign in. I've gone to the websites, and they actually look very legit.
  9. Keegan

    RuneScape & Sleep Paralysis? (Please Help)

    I would experiment with it. Try not playing Runescape within 1 hour of sleep, 2 hours, etc. If you find a happy medium, great. If the problem keeps coming back just because you keep playing Runescape, it certainly isn't worth it.
  10. Keegan

    Behind the Scenes: November

    Isn't dungeoneering fast enough? I mean at 80+ you can get some very nice XP rates.
  11. Keegan

    Login/Lag Issues

    Not at all. At least the problems seem to be resolved now. I only have to try to log into a world twice.
  12. Keegan


    Pretty cool to get them all at once, time to update that siggy :P
  13. Keegan

    Login/Lag Issues

    Thanks for the advice but I still can't manage to get connected to a server. edit: I've been able to sign in, still have lag obviously.
  14. Anyone else experiencing login or lag issues? I can't even get logged into a world. Hopefully JaGex decides to give us another bxp weekend to compensate for this. RSOF:
  15. Keegan

    Woodcutting Upgrade

    The Lumber Camp might make the Lumber Yard a bit more of a lively place if placed outside or even inside the Lumber Yard. About the removal of ivy, so many skills are afkable that the community would be enraged if they took out ivy because it wasn't practical enough. Tree Identification sounds interesting and could make for a serious overhaul of woodcutting.

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