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  1. Slippknot2357

    Fire Cape

    Your not a member so you can't do it.
  2. Slippknot2357

    Noobiest Thing Ever!

    Got a Full set of Rune off some guy and I told my so-called "Friend", he said he would "Trim" it for 500gp. So I gave him the money and the armor. I never got it back =(
  3. Slippknot2357


    Everything gets Nerfed, may not be a massive one where the respawn time is increased by 50% or the exp is lowered by 50%. But I ensure you it will get Nerfed, like everything else in RS. Thats why I play WoW.
  4. Slippknot2357

    Training Range

    What level are you, and THERE IS a Ranging Guide.
  5. Slippknot2357

    If You Could Have Any Item...

    AGS or Geyser Titan.
  6. Slippknot2357

    Covered Bridge...?

    Or like saying that Ranging will be a new skill because there's attackable monsters behind cages
  7. Slippknot2357

    Nearly Lvl 80 Woodcutting!

    I guess, any way what is this topic about???
  8. Slippknot2357

    Nearly Lvl 80 Woodcutting!

    No. There isn't a screenshot in that post, right? If you backseat mod, at least do it correctly. There's a Signature, that's a picture ATLEAST.
  9. Slippknot2357

    Nearly Lvl 80 Woodcutting!

    There's a topic for this, it's called Screenshots Others.
  10. Slippknot2357

    Epic Rsof Topics....

    I had poopeh all over my hands I couldn't stop laughing at this, I had to stop cous my Dad said if I didn't he will kill me, lol. Check this one out, another loser f2p having a go at Members. http://forum.runescape.com/forums.ws?129,130,237,59549462
  11. Slippknot2357

    Runescape Getting Easy

    If you think it's too easy to level up, go play a Private Server for about 10 hours then go back and play Runescape, you won't think it's fast much longer.
  12. Slippknot2357

    Billions On Runescape?

    Ever thought they were rich irl and just spent like 1+ grand on RS gp?? Duping is when you exploit a glitch enabling you to "dupe" or duplicate. Duplicate means to make another of.
  13. Slippknot2357

    Fletching Lvl

    Thanks, I hate Fletching, too boring.
  14. Slippknot2357

    Fletching Lvl

    Saw that I had 20k xp until 80 Fletch, so I just decided to lvl up. URL=http://img84.imageshack.us/i/80fletch1.png/][/url]
  15. Slippknot2357

    Runescape Is Too Bright!

    lol, maybe he also has a crappy Windows 2000 cpu and his Mum's basement has no lights because she's poor because he eats all of her food and uses all her money. Jks

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