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    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, things that aren't boring :-D<br />Runescape (obv)

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  1. Play multiplayer/competitive games.
  2. Silv3rfang10

    Back for about two minutes

    Did you get #1 by uploading a video of you fapping? That would explain why you're banned.
  3. I like video games too! Mostly 2D fighters. I hate people who play 2D fighters from socal.
  4. Silv3rfang10

    Name Some Games You Love But No One Else Does.

    SFxT It was popular for two days, and about a month before it came out. Nobody likes it now. Basically air to air vs jab. SSF4 AE 2012 Fun all around. Rose/El Fuerte don't suck in this game, so yeah! UMvC3 It's so overpowered it's fun. Plunger normals, lack of Gustaff fire, and Swagnus is ass. My three favorite characters just happen to be amazing. SC5 Only problem is lack of Kilik. Xiba is fine though. T6 I haven't actually played this at any level higher than casual with a ten year old, but it was pretty good fun considering we were both crap. MK9 Meh. Definitely one of my least favourite fighters, but Smoke makes the game that much better. Skullgirls Just picked up this game, and it looks pretty fun so far. I doubt anybody can name what all those letters in the name actually mean.
  5. Silv3rfang10


    I am a proud Oilers fan, and I believe that the Oilers will not only make it to the playoffs, but will also win the cup. LET'S GO OILERS! [/topic]
  6. What happened to Staff of Armadyl rushing? Did it get nerfed?
  7. Silv3rfang10

    Moobs problem. Trolling not appreciated.

    Losing weight? Why would you want to become less attracted to the Earth? Weight has nothing to do with moobs. It's all about mass. I suggest you lose mass, not weight. Do you want to gain muscle, or just lose weight?
  8. Silv3rfang10


    lulurwrong pfft i new dat in grate siz
  9. Silv3rfang10

    I'm Going For A Guinness Book Of World Record

    Where the hell are you going to store 1 million cans? Why the hell do this over any other records? Why would I give my cans too you? If nobody's done it before haven't you already broken the record? You're wasting your money as you're not going to finish this. Can't decide whether to write smh or facedesk here. [/pessimist]
  10. Silv3rfang10


    Aside from anything mentioned in this thread, nothing comes to mind. Except maybe a RSPS, it seems to meet most if not all of those requirements... Edit: Yes, I did see you say you quit them, but honestly, you're not giving us many options...
  11. Silv3rfang10

    Predict this year's updates!~

    Range needs a buff. I think Jagex has buffed magic enough already. Well, until some new weapon comes out that always hits max hit+75%. Then magic will get a spell that never misses, freezes for 25 seconds, is in normal spellbook, and maxes 400 without chaotic staff/stream neck. Range will then get an enhanced Dbow, where spec shoots three arrows doing a minimum of 12 each, and each have a potential to hit 55. Melee will be buffed again, with a new sword, 104 strength bonus, speed of darts, requires 20 attack and an easy quest to do. Hits as fast as darts. Then, purrs will be based around this new sword, and they will hit rapid 240s at 20cb. Magic then gets a new spellbook (will be immensely OP, with a spell that combines tb, vengeance, and ice barrage, max hit of 420) that comes with a new staff with +55% magic damage. Range then gets a crossbow sight, which can be added to chaotic crossbow, giving it speed of a shortbow and +528 ranged bonus. New bolts with +223 ranged strength. And it will eventually hit the point where we melee gets a spec with a guarenteed max hit*300, and magic and range get nothing, making the cb triangle exactly the same. They'll call it 2k13Scape.
  12. Silv3rfang10

    Spell that allows walking on water!

    Useless idea is useless. And that lake in Edgeville wild? Cast this spell, walk onto it, and you officially annihilate all those Edgeville pkers with range.
  13. Silv3rfang10

    Something For 99's In F2p

    First, I never said free skillcapes. Never once have I suggested that. Second, it is close minded because you have not a single clue what could be preventing people from buying memberships. Just because you have the money to buy one and your fantastic little town has a place to buy one, that doesn't mean that everyone else is able to as well. Third, how are none of those arguments valid? Both are completely true. F2P is most definitely harder, and some people certainly cannot buy memberships. I'm not even sure how you can argue against either one of those. Well what's stopping you from buying membership? If it's so important to get recognition for a 99, then buy membership. I'm sure you can scrape together $6. Does your religion go against paying for a game? How does "take longer"=/=harder? I could give you a million examples proving that longer doesn't make it harder, but I doubt you'd understand what I mean.
  14. There's something about this topic that is confusing me a bit, you took a screenshot of this 13M kill because in your own words 13m "is a milestone", so unless I misunderstood and judging by the topic title, the "I did actually get gano top but shat byself and tabbed after i got claws" in the OP and the post I just quoted this 13M kill is probably the best kill you've gotten recently correct? So explain me this: 'Normal' Vesta - 11M (Top+Legs) Corrupt Vesta - 8-9M (Top+Legs) If you got this excited over a 13M kill (now don't take me wrong, it's a pretty good kill I'm not saying you shouldn't be excited/happy) I'm pretty sure if you had PKed Vesta/Corrupt Vesta you would have screenied it too. So yeah obviously this doesn't prove you're lying or anything but it's weird, especially considering 'Normal' Vesta + Ahrims = 13.8M, and 13.8M is more than this kill. Full Mystic - 150k Ahrims Top+Bottom - 2.8M Full Torags - 1.1M (most likely some of the people you killed had normal Rune or some other armour cheaper than Torags but I'm going to assume all the people you killed had at least Torags just to make this simpler) Whip - 400k Other random items (Glory, Obby shield/D defender, food+pots, Runes etc) - let's say 300kish So the possible combinations are: Mystic + Torags + Whip + Other items = 1950k Ahrims + Torags + Whip + Other items = 4600k 1950k + 4600k / 2 = average of 3275k/kill. Not too bad but there's a problem. You see, you claim to have made 250M in one week hybridding but you've only killed 34 people since you joined Sal's. How do I know this? The Clan has a kill tracker. Whenever you kill someone in the Wilderness it adds 1 to the total clan kills, and you can see how many kills all the members got since they joined the clan. Setting your adventurer's log to private does nothing, because mine has always been private and my kills still show up. Not only that but I know that when I got 99 Strength you were already in the clan, and I got 99 Strength in January. Obviously this doesn't mean you joined in January - you most likely joined in 11' - but let's assume you did. 250M / 34 = 7.3Mish and 7.3M > 3.2M. If you joined in January that gives you an average of like 3.4 kills/week. If the average money you get/kill is 3.2M and you got 34ish kills since January that means you made less than 125M, so even if you got all your 34 kills in the same week 100Mish is still a lot less than 250M. Really I don't care if you botted or rwted your money, and I don't care if you get banned/nerfed or whatever JaGeX does nowadays to punish cheaters but if there's something that bothers me is people that brag about things they didn't do and levels they didn't achieve etc. If you're going to make bs up at least try to make it somewhat credible. Edit: Oh and I forgot about deaths, I'm sure you died a couple times too. Everybody dies. So really there's no bloody way you made all that money hybridding. I want to be like you when I'm 40. Bringing justice to Runescape forums everywhere! I almost fell off my chair laughing by the end of this topic.
  15. Silv3rfang10

    Something For 99's In F2p

    You're telling me they don't have any place in your town (or should I potato village?) where you can buy a rs membership? Or do you not have Internet? What the hell is pump it upping you from getting membership potato isn't pump it upping me? It's not close-minded, it's an opinion. And why would free skillcapes attract people to a game. New Jamflex add: "Come play our game! If you spend 50 hours getting 99 in a stat, you can have free recognition!" Your arguments are "f2p work harder" and "some people can't get membership". Hpotatostly, neither of those are even remotely close to valid. Supreme Overlord doesn't care about f2pers, and you're lucky there even is a f2p. You guys could pump it down playing, and Supreme Overlord wouldn't care whatsoever.

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