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  1. Originality 9/10 Style 4/10 Neatness 9/10 Overall 8/10
  2. Style: 7 Originality: 4 Neatness: 8 Overall: 7
  3. Mageboy

    Nazi Zombiers Of Sal's

    Mageboy Xbox360 RyanFlyin0
  4. Mageboy

    How Did You Die Last?

    Died by a zombie on round 29 of der riese
  5. Mageboy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Why are you getting a new xbox?
  6. Mageboy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Welcome to the world of Xbox 360! Are you enjoying it? Also, I added you. I pretty much enjoy it except I come from being a PC gamer where map packs are free and $10 for 4 maps seems a little pricey. =/
  7. Mageboy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Just got an Xbox360 elite on Friday came with Pure and Lego Batman Have Call of Duty World at War and Halo 3 Add me. Don't laugh at my gamerscore!
  8. Mageboy

    The Steam Thread

    I really hope that they do a better job on the new classes for tf2. Before the scout I was always excited for the next class update but after the scout update I have been a little scared about the next update that they might make the game more frustrating to play. (I'm looking at you Force of Nature and Sandman) Although the razorback is a little pointless the rest of the unlocks are fine for the sniper. The Dead Ringer is a LOT more useful then it sounds and my most played class is spy by the way. I still use the revolver I am for some reason TERRIBLE with the ambassador but whatever.
  9. Mageboy

    The Steam Thread

    I loved eygpt before it was released that was my favprote custom map.
  10. Mageboy

    The Steam Thread

    My steam ID is RyanFlyin0 and I play lots of team fortress 2 and pround member eGO.
  11. Mageboy

    Sal's Game Ratings!

    4 ones for MGS4 WTF?
  12. Mageboy

    James Bond Game Club

    I play on saturday nights and the server gets full usually.
  13. Mageboy

    James Bond Game Club

    Does Goldeneye: Source count?
  14. Mageboy

    Battlefield Heroes Signup!

    signed up waiting for the email
  15. It's $250 just sell it on ebay.

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