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  1. You're blind or not very observant, they are french kissing Hmm.. I just think my immaturity level isn't as high as yours. ~~Samarkov :/ Or are you too young to understand what you're seeing? lol jk TBH, monsters do things when there around you man seriously!
  2. RuneScape pro


    You know I think you can send in the money and get members, so there's no need for a credit card. Or a pre-paid card from 7-11 or Target.
  3. RuneScape pro

    Where The Hell?

    I have mine still . And if you checked where the last log in was after you logged in it would be from your computer of course.
  4. RuneScape pro

    1/2 Of Yak Trainers Macroing

    Okay take a long breath, relax and don't name people in threads. anyway you can't say half of them are macroing when you just saw 2 of the what thousands? That train on yaks.
  5. RuneScape pro

    Dog Chews Of Babys Toes.

    TBH, Idiot. It's not the dogs fault it should be re-trained, yes. (TBH if it was up to me I would put the parents and the owner down through the worst possible way) Man it makes me mad when people blame it on the dog and not the owner.
  6. RuneScape pro

    Max Hit's

    With Dragon mace it's 31, but that's with no potions and with the whip it's consistent 25s.
  7. RuneScape pro

    I Am Canadian!

    They have to go through a lot to be able to sell things in other States, but I hope they send them out to Canada!
  8. I like all the game has to offer, from mini-games and quests to adventures to making a house!
  9. RuneScape pro

    Dog Thrown Off Bridge, Survives

    IMO the people who threw that dog off the bridge and the landlord suck and I think a lot of you think the same way. I mean what jerks throwing a dog off a bridge...
  10. RuneScape pro

    Grand Exchange Memos

    Sounds like a good idea, It would help me a ton! I don't care if it's percents or numbers. It would be great for me when I'm skilling and selling a huge amount of what I'm using! It would be great!
  11. RuneScape pro

    Runescape Tab Icon

    Sometimes browser icons get mixed up if you change them too fast.
  12. RuneScape pro

    The New Upcoming Skill 2010

    I like the idea of being able to upgrade weapons and armor! Here I'll explain the concept of it. It would be a lot like Godswords, where when you change the hilt you change the sword, or more the special of the sword. You could add Gems to weapons and armor as in Onyx being the strongest and Sapphire or one of those being the weakest. What you would do is bring the armor and the Gem to a Anvil and putting the armor on the Anvil and putting the Gem into place and then getting the armor back. This would make the armor un-tradable, but you could remove the Gems and get the original armor back to normal so that they could be traded again. This process would make the stats better and maybe for weapons and some armors give it a special. But so this doesn't become a free skill make it so you have to pay to have the Gem removed so someone couldn't just get the armor and Gem back and do it again. I think this would be a great add-on and maybe could use the Smithing skill too?
  13. RuneScape pro

    This Has Gone Too Far

    Man that's annoying how they have such a insane drop price, this shouldn't be allowed...jAgEx DO SOMETHING
  14. RuneScape pro

    Ever Wanted To See A Dog Play Rs? Look No More...

    I might put it in the next contest, The reason I didn't this time was that I heard a lot of other people have entered dog-related ones this year. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  15. RuneScape pro


    It shouldn't be that hard, if he knows what he's doing I can make that much easily...
  16. RuneScape pro

    Void And Darting

    Since magic dart is a magic spell I'd think Full mage void would effect it, so yes I believe it would, but don't quote me on that because I'm not sure. Hope it helped!
  17. RuneScape pro

    Last Days Of Freedom...

    Well I'm not going back too soon, I don't think. The teachers say there going on strike! I'm suppose to go back on the 31st, but, if they go on strike it will go until... say the 10th or 12th maybe? (My School doesn't do things fast )
  18. RuneScape pro

    Ever Wanted To See A Dog Play Rs? Look No More...

    Thanks you!
  19. RuneScape pro

    Man Strips Down On Plane

    Yea I tough one of them would KO the guy, really. and rofl at 2 sets of handcuffs.
  20. RuneScape pro

    Omg Omg Sals I Got Into University :):)

    Congrats! Hope you do good and get the job you want! Anyway good luck in college!
  21. RuneScape pro

    Laptops In Schools

    Our teachers don't really mind laptops, we can use them during breaks and everything, just not during some classes.
  22. RuneScape pro

    Skill Focus - Accepted Into Runescape O.o

    Nothing wrong with it and it might help me (though I tend not to look at the xp) but for GWD I can see the point and boss monsters especially . I support!
  23. RuneScape pro

    Firemaking Skill Cape Outfits

    I always find gilded good with gold flowers but that might be a little over 1m not sure of many others though maybe just experiment and see what you like and remember you can always sell it back if you don't like it!
  24. RuneScape pro

    Good Ways To Get Ep While Skilling/training

    The barbarian heavy rod fishing work well as there is hardly anyone there looking for a fight, though there might be some other people gaining ep there so you an talk with no worry's of getting attacked although it is wildly know and some people might go hunting there you can never be sure unfortunately. Hope it helped!
  25. RuneScape pro

    Recipe For Disaster

    You can do it in any order you choose as it's just basically a bunch of mini-quests put together with a end reward like a quest or that's how I look at it. Hope it helped!

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