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  1. RuneScape pro

    Soul Wars

    I think it's fair if you're on a good team, but freeloading in a big no no in my book.
  2. RuneScape pro

    Easiest Guild To Get Into?

    Cooks or Champions guild, they seem much to easy to me
  3. RuneScape pro

    If You Found An Ags...

    I'd sell it get a santa hat full bandos armor and Bandos Godsword! :P And be awesome with Bandos, Bandos god sword and santa hat and get 99 runecrafting after! ^_^
  4. RuneScape pro

    Post-grand Exchange Falador Park

    That's the funniest fake I've seen all day! ^_^ I give it at 9/10
  5. RuneScape pro

    Dragon Warhammer

    Nice, A little sloppy but it's pretty amazing over all ( better than what I can do ) Over all I give it a 7/10! ^_^

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