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  1. RuneScape pro

    11th September

    Man I can't believe that they would do something like that! Truth | \ /
  2. RuneScape pro

    Runescape Is Too Bright!

    I though sunglasses stopped making you cool after Kindergarten.
  3. RuneScape pro

    Epic Rsof Topics....

    I can see why. I mean, human punching bags deserve a lot of respect. Glad you're doing well with yourself. Dude, if you knew me you wouldn't be saying that. And I bet if I saw you I would kick your sorry .
  4. RuneScape pro

    D Meds Skyrocketing Once Again?

    Yea I think 2lum's doing it again.
  5. RuneScape pro

    Did I Get In Early On This ?

    Nice! Your lucky! Have fun with the mills your going to make!
  6. RuneScape pro

    Just My Luck...

    There are alternatives that you can use.
  7. RuneScape pro

    Youtube Video Ideas?!

    Story lines or comedy's are always good!
  8. RuneScape pro

    Fighter Torso

    It took me like a day or 4 hours and I started with all levels at 1.
  9. RuneScape pro

    Polar Camo Top

    Your welcome!
  10. RuneScape pro

    Dragon Pickaxe

    Personally I'm leveling up for it because I like Dwarf quests. But that's just me.
  11. RuneScape pro

    Polar Camo Top

    No, not that one. Here are the directions. Go to the rune shop in Varrock and you'll see a funny looking guard Walk through there and you'll see 2 or 3 buildings and you'll see the buildings where they see they make the camo. Just check all the buildings. Hope it helped!
  12. RuneScape pro

    Right Click: Weigh.

    How can this possibly be abused? I support this, it's a simple, yet excellent idea. Makes finding weight much easier. Um... dude he was joking how could you not get that?... Now back on topic, I think this is a good idea, but I would prefer scales so the right click doesn't get cluttered.
  13. RuneScape pro


    They should understand and if you weren't macroing then you will get unbanned and get a apology letter from jAgEx(Hopefully ) They won't get you in trouble for a crime that you didn't commit.
  14. RuneScape pro


    I don't think it will ever drop or rise drastically unless a clan gets to them.
  15. RuneScape pro

    Zarfot Vid

    Come on guys it was funny and you know it!
  16. RuneScape pro

    Man Accused Of Distributing Child Porn

    Pretty bad if you ask me...
  17. RuneScape pro

    Airplane Hijacked

    I would have been freaking out if I had been on it. (Mexico twin towers ?! )
  18. RuneScape pro

    Construction Level Liars

    Morally right? This is Runescape. I get how you feel, but your making too big a deal out of this. Lying about one skill is useless, and if someone had 99 con, you wouldn't need to waste your time looking them up, just look at what cape they're wearing. :/ ~D Yeah, and I guess RuneScape isn't the first place to be complaining about right and wrong, especially when there's a skill called Thieving, you can kill men and women without fear of retribution, and you are a tool of Slayer masters who use you to commit mass specicide. That's a new way of looking at it...
  19. RuneScape pro

    Jagex Twitter Hint

    Update is tomorrow. *hopefully tomorrow, providing no last-minute problems crop up Link'd: 25-26-57-59514342 How does someones problem that no one else is having have anything to do with what is going on in this thread? :P Offtopic post by mod?! :/ That wouldn't be a update and has nothing to do with the clues on the top of this thread. Please no offtopic ( oh god I just said that to a mod... I really shouldn't have to. ) Now here we go, I think it's going to be the new Dwarf quest! :D I hope it is!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  20. RuneScape pro


    What was stated above, but it would work a lot better if you would cast High Alchemy on the bows and not try to sell them, becuase selling would take a long time. I'll sum up the process here. If you want to profit you have to either, cut the yews, pick flax and make the bowstrings, or craft the nature runes. After you have that taken care of that, Fletch all all the logs into Yew longbows and string all of them and then Cast High Alchemy on all the bows. It's good money too!
  21. RuneScape pro


    Yes, this would work well if you can, but I think the mining guild would be slightly better if you have the 60 mining. :/
  22. RuneScape pro


    I don't think it ever does. You can see my fishing level in my signature and it never gets more money than lobsters. I mean if your good you will get something like 12 or 15 swordfish and the rest are tuna. Where as lobsters it's 27 lobsters and always is 27 lobsters.
  23. RuneScape pro

    Rants Forum

    No, It's not for Feedback it's to vent your frustration, as stated by a jAgEx mod the game feedback is for helping and stuff like that.
  24. RuneScape pro

    Obama Classroom

    Obviously it's not brainwashing children if someone like you can disagree with it that easily. One speech won't make kids follow the words of the president like friggin' zombies or something. In a month they'll have forgotten about it, and the only opinions they'll remember are their parents'. I'm not saying it will I just titled it because that's what the videos hinting to. :/ Before being rude, read it a research it and stop being a child.
  25. RuneScape pro

    Epic Rsof Topics....

    I wear a RuneScape backpack use a RuneScape flash drive and use a RuneScape pencil case and people respect me.

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