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  1. GetNudeDay

    Does Jagex even care anymore?

    A change in a business model doesn't mean that the company no longer cares about the game or its players. Given the direction the rest of the gaming industry has gone, what Jagex has done is practically nothing unusual and they certainly haven't portrayed anything that would suggest that they don't care for their playerbase.
  2. GetNudeDay

    Ritual Of The Mahjarrat

    I really want to know what the new barrows brother set-effect is!
  3. The very last was a SCV in Starcraft 2. I think I could manage :D
  4. GetNudeDay

    Can Man Be Moral Without God?

    Are you trying to debate whether an Atheist has no perception of right and wrong? Christians/Jews got their moral code from Moses and further along the Bible, I think that the approved story? But what about other Religions were they don't really have a "special" texts containing moral codes and never "recieved" them from other people. (Such as the Ingenious Australians), where did they get morals/ethics from; if not from a God?
  5. GetNudeDay

    Should The Us Eliminate Assange?

    Ah censorship in the face of truth.. The world has become poor if one's enemy is truth. That's a horrible thought. You want to kill a man for merely exposing for what's there? I'm personally glad that the public finally gets the see the real side of Governments - for example my country (Australia) Kevin Rudd said to Hilary Clinton that Australia would be ready to take action against China if the need arised. Now is China declaring war with Australia and the U.S? Iran should know that it's very unpopular in the worlds eyes. I doubt it would be much surprise to them that the most of the Middle East wants them gone. It's not like Iran has tried to soften tensions. He had unprotected sex, which in sweden is classified as "rape"... He admitted he did it. It's just a bullshizzle law. I'm curious, you think Assange should be "taken out" but he is the messenger. What do you propose would happen to the accual people that leaked the information to him/the website? He couldn't have gotten classifed U.S documents by himself. He is merely a man in a spotlight while the real "criminals" as hiding in the shadows. I am a strong believer that Wikilinks has done the right thing by exposing the said documents.. The simple fact that Governments are trying so hard to hide the truth is a very, very sad thing. I don't want the Afghan Informant information, and as far as I am aware that was the only information that could be considered life-threatening. there, but overall the fact that people have been so caught up with the fact the information was leak, as opposed to the information itselfs is rather disturbing. I've heard nothing about the Guantanamo Bay information nor mostly about the U.S military murdering civilians just that information was released
  6. GetNudeDay

    Do You Support The War In Afghanistan?

    I was behind your country pretty much 100% when the mission was to destroy Al-Qaeda and to capture Bin Laden. But even with our troops, our countries can't be relied upon constantly to help a countries military. If that's one thing I hate about our military (in a general sense), we tread to thickly on others ground. It's not our problem to fix their military. If their military isn't fixed nothing, will change... As soon as the collalition left Al-Qaueda would be back where it started
  7. GetNudeDay

    Is Homosexuality A Choice Or Gene?

    The fact that homosexuality occurs in many species other than Humans makes me believe 100% that it isn't a choice.
  8. I'm sure that the US military/Other Sensitive data would be strongly encrypted..
  9. GetNudeDay

    Starcraft 2

    I suck at it when I play online.. But i have fun!
  10. Java is used everywhere at the moment in the web, You most likely don't even notice that you're running it. Windows doesn't come with Java preinstalled either, does it? I don't think it does. As far as I can remember, I've always had to manually install it. That would be correct, however it's always been available for Windows. Programming for Macs is a nightmare in of itself. It's improved from previous years, but compared to Windows Macs are annoying even with XCode tools.
  11. GetNudeDay

    How Did You Die Last?

    Starcraft 2: Last level on brutal got overrun by zerglings when the realic had 3 more seconds until nova and only about 10% more charge left.
  12. GetNudeDay

    Under What Circumstances Should A Human Fetus Be Aborted?

    Whenever the mother deems it necessary regardless of situation
  13. GetNudeDay

    Ibm, Now A High School.

    I like the idea but does it say anything about a price?
  14. GetNudeDay

    Red Sea Could Have Parted

    The Big Bang Theory was also conceived by a Christian. Also that is one of the most bullshizzle claims about evolution. It's like saying because America exists their can't be British people. We shared a common ancestor but evolved differently. You failed to address, like most creationists who don't understand Evolution, why our DNA and Ape DNA are mostly identical. Why there are accual documented cases of evolution. A single, uneducated statement about Evolution does not make wrong. It means you have no idea what you're talking about. So about next time read what evoluation is about. Are you saying that it is true that the universe is over 13 billion years old? ONTOPIC: So it's possible. That's great. Did it happen? I don't think so. Before someone comes and sais that this is inexplicable proof that Genesis, Exodus, or any other book didn't happen, I would like to bring up the fact that chariots have been found at the bottom of the Red Sea. Why would they be in there? Maybe because they drowned, just like it sais in the Holy Book. Yes because that is clearly the only logical reason for a chariot been in the sea. Maybe the garbage in the beach near me was trying to cross the ocean before God caused the parts to crash in on it causing it to sink to the bottom. What wonderous logic! And they only found a damn wheel; but apparently that means the wheel must be dated to the exact time because they is no other explanation! Why is it so unbelievable that the universe existed 13 billion years old and that life evolved since then? Based on current evidence, it's the most plausible theory about the origions of the universe. Oh yeah thats silly compared to virgin births, angels, demons and a magically jew that died to forgive us of our sin that were committed by an ancestor, condemming everyone who doesn't believe in God to a life of eternal suffering (including babies!). Also, you can't pick and choose which books are true and false. Why must this story be true, and yet the stories of God ordering the deaths of men, women and childen not true?
  15. GetNudeDay

    Pope's Uk Visit: 'the Uk Is The Third World'

    Oh boy, blaming secularism for Nazi German. I love the pope and his uneducated bullshizzle. So the church saves money yet stuggling people are forced to pay for their vist? Great tradeoff there. Because the Pope's vist only concerns a minority of people in the UK. The money for science/geography would *hopefully* be used to to further our knowledge of things which in turn would *again hopefully* benefit everyone. While I have no issues with the Pope going through the UK, I find it wrong that people, such as Richard Dawkins who are openly against the Pope, are forced to pay for his vist. You seem fond of analogies, would you pay for a steak for your next-door neighbour when you are against eating meat? That depends on weather the Health organisation in this case is only operated for Christians and yet payed for by everyone. So if you're well known you should be payed for...? If you make people happy you should be payed for...? Hell lets all get the government to fund Marijuana then by that logic. How, may I add, is preaching not shoving religion down someones throat? In the context that a man was preaching on my street the other day, telling us that without God we will be damned for eternity. How is that not forcing his view on me?

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