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  1. xemnes109

    Evil Trees

    Wat is the clan that tells about evil trees like where they are
  2. xemnes109


    Do you think their should be an auction where players can start the bidding at an amount then put it on for how many days??????
  3. Please specify the easiest skill you think to get to 99 I think it would be wc as you see so many people with it
  4. How do you make your money???? Please say? I make my Money by cutting down Teak trees and turning them into teak planks and it cost about 45k to change 100 teak logs to planks and you can sell 100teak planks on Grand Exchange for 83k so i make 30k per 100 logs this way i can make up to 300k an hour
  5. xemnes109

    Soul Wars

    Wat do you mean by doing nothing
  6. xemnes109

    Soul Wars

    Is soul wars worth the 20 mins to get 3 zeal and even the best players cant make 1 team win......... Do you think that soul wars rewards sytem is fair?????? xemnes109

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