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  1. Damn, I actually didn't realise how many people play old school, I thought it would be similar to RS3. All those clips honestly look really fun.
  2. Kesthetic

    The break up

    If you're going to be in or around Toronto while travelling/working around Canada then feel free to hit me up if you need any advice on where to go, what to do or if you need someone to show you around :).
  3. I get that too occasionally but it fixed by itself. No idea why it happened.
  4. Yeah I'll likely come.
  5. Oh wow very nice achievement. Congrats!
  6. Kesthetic

    Four left

    Grats Trey! Glad your liking dung, it's a fun skill :)
  7. Played a couple games yesterday with a friend. Taking a long break really rejuvenated my interest in the game. It's fun again :P
  8. Always been using the default, never really bothered to try anything new as I thought it looked fine as is. Might flip through a couple right now to see if I like any better :P
  9. When I got back into RS a few months ago I was over whelmed with the amount of cosmetics. Couldn't tell if they were items or cosmetics, it didn't feel like Runescape. It was pretty annoying. I'm still not a fan of them but I got used to it. As long as they don't affect game play or give advantages I'm okay with them. And I agree 100% the Drake pet is far too big and I hope this isn't one of many things they plan to introduce
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