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  1. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    You can't be sure if the guide gets put on the site, You linked to a forum topic, People from the site would need to have an account to view the guide so for now it wouldn't help. Wow, you were seconds behind beating me to it!
  2. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    A link will be added when the help guide is on the site. Otherwise, the link would be inaccessible whilst the guide is still on the forums.
  3. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Well, I have no idea why you pointed out three correct spellings. I suppose you got one, with "leveling" EDIT: Levelling was already spelled correctly, too...
  4. mole leader

    Stronghold Of Player Safety 100%

    Should be off Nice guide, I'm sure it will be accepted.
  5. mole leader

    How To Map Dungeons

    I've used this guide in the past, and it is very good! However, I must point out one little error that I spotted: Should be "editing"
  6. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Thanks, that was a rather silly mistake, eh?
  7. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Hmm, looking at the guide, it isn't that clear whether you lose points when you get out a pet; it's sort of hidden in the Summoning and Scrolls section: This could be clearer, thanks for bringing it to my attention. You don't lose points when you have a pet, wheras when you summon a familiar, you do. When you renew the familiar timer, you lose more points. I'll tweak the wording a bit to make it a little clearer.
  8. mole leader

    Quest Difficulty

    I thought it might be useful to add the quest difficulty (i.e. the different coloured bars) on the quest guide itself as well as on the Quests page. Would save having to load up the whole lists of quests after searching for a guide using the search bar to just look at the difficulty.
  9. mole leader

    God Wars Dungeon

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=204441 This guy started one. It doesn't appear to have got that far at the moment, though.
  10. mole leader

    Quest Guide Search Bar

    There is also the google search bar at the top already, I always tend to use that when looking for a quest to do.
  11. mole leader

    God Wars Dungeon!

    In my opinion, percentages are just there for show. It can be very hard to estimate how near completion a guide is!
  12. mole leader

    God Wars Dungeon!

    It may be easier to add people to Special Thanks as you go along. Makes it a lot easier, rather than having to trawl through however many pages you have at the end. Nice guide, keep it up :)
  13. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Yes, you can use attack scrolls in any multi-way combat area. I may wish to add that, thanks for asking about it :)
  14. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Thanks to everyone for their help - I know there isn't much visible change in the guide, but these tables are taking me some time. @Guthix High Druid, people offer their help if they want to help. It's not right to almost...blackmail me to make me add you to the help section...anyone that helps will be added to the help section, but that shouldn't be done by with-holding any information until you are added to the help section.
  15. I'm pretty sure the energy boost is dependent on your Agility level; the higher your level, the longer the unlimited energy lasts. Excellent guide, can't wait 'til it's finished.
  16. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Most skill guides have a link to a training guide embedded into them; I think this will definitely happen for the Summoning Guide. I think dei wei has done a good job of it so far, and look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  17. mole leader

    Catapult Construction - Completed :p

    Now, as much as I would love to see anti-fish potions in the game, I don't think they exist at this point in time! :/ EDIT: Looks like it's already been pointed out and fixed :)
  18. mole leader

    Catapult Construction - Completed :p

    I think a few more people helped out, too! If you still need a Quest Complete scroll, I'll take a shot at the quest and try and get one for you.
  19. mole leader

    Money Making Rewrite

    (Under the double Nature Running) Since there are no longer player killers in the wilderness, you will need to talk about Revenent Ghosts. Awesome guide, good luck on getting it accepted, as I'm sure it will be! :)
  20. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Thanks so much for all of your help, Roy; what with the past few weeks being perhaps the most hectic week of my life (not to mention having to completely restore my computer ) I've found it very hard to spend even enough time to somply check the forums. However, I expect in the next couple of weeks to have some more spare time, and actually make progress on the guide...been a bit disappointed with the progress I've actually made, and a little upset. It should really get done, ready to be updated when the next half is released. :)
  21. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Ugh, I do hate having to run system restores...it restores all of the default file types, too!! It was actually a full-scale restore to factory settings, my computer got attacked pretty badly... :/ And Hawk, don't worry; I was only joking, hence the wink at the end! :/
  22. mole leader

    As A First Resort Quest Guide

    One platypus, many platypodes. :D Very interesting plural forms in the English language, no...? I did the quest, went in the spa that restores energy, and ended up with unlimited energy. I've reported it, but until Jagex do anything I can run wherever the heck I want without ever getting tired.
  23. mole leader

    As A First Resort Quest Guide

    Should be "enough" and "obtained." Good guide so far, keep it up! :D I will be starting the quest now, give me a yell if you need anything, and I'll do my best to help. :o
  24. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    But they should by the time this guide is complete. :P No use adding it in there then. I do beg your pardon? I'm trying me best to get it done, you know! ^_^ I know, I know, the skill's got another update to come, but I haven't been spending nearly as much time as I should have on the guide recently...caught a really bad cold, and spend most of the day lying down feeling pathetic... Will correct all of the errors, thanks for everyone's support! :D
  25. mole leader

    Enakhra's Lament - Complete

    Thanks, I will notify Sal right away!! (What a silly mistake )

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