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  1. mole leader

    All Fired Up.

    Not having done the quest myself yet, I'm not sure if this is correct: Shouldn't it be the Inferno Axe?
  2. mole leader

    Rocking Out

    Wonderful guide as always! I'm afraid I didn't use it for the quest, however - the thought of escaping a prison was much too fun, and even though the puzzle isn't to escape, I had a huge amount of fun figuring the puzzle out! :)
  3. mole leader

    Rocking Out

  4. mole leader

    Rocking Out

    Should be mark. I managed to escape without a guide - man it was fun! :) EDIT: The servers appear to be down, so I can't finish the quest (was very close ), but an addition to the "useful items" would be money for Charter ships, although you'd have to keep getting it out what with the trips to The Rock.
  5. mole leader

    Rocking Out

    Should be "breath" Wonderful guide as always, can't wait to see it up!
  6. mole leader

    New Guides!

    Kudos to Razorlike for the Summoning Help guide - it's great! :) I think there should be a "none of these" option on the poll, though - I don't think any of them should be removed...
  7. mole leader

    Smoking Kills - Complete

    Jeez louise, the rewards are great! Great guide, although the first paragraph seems a little...iffy...I think the grammar's a little off, maybe? Anyhow, I'm going to do it now, get my Quest Cape back, and get Slaying!
  8. mole leader

    Smoking Kills

    I'm liking the look of this guide - prefer it to the others that are out, in any case! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see it done
  9. During the guide "Fyre" shades are mentioned three times. This should be "Fiyr". The first instance is in the "Shades" table. The second is under the "The Keys" section: And the last is a little further down: It may also be a good idea to change the name of the guide; changing it to something like "burning shades" would be more appropriate, and if someone searches for splitbark armour, the key tags should mean they are still directed to this guide.
  10. mole leader

    Summoning & New Poll

    Yup, Razorlike spent quite a long time on it - I'm definitely going to be using it
  11. mole leader

    Summoning & New Poll

    Again, thanks for all the thanks :) Sure but as far as I know there is no way to renew your familiars timer now . There isn't - but the warning's still pop up. EDIT: Ohh, I see what you mean now - sorry about all the fuss :P
  12. mole leader

    Cooking Skill Calculator Error

    There is a spelling mistake on one of the items: "Jubly" should be "Jubbly"
  13. mole leader

    Summoning Skill Guide

    I was just about to post the one about Charms Cxcslei has a few, hopefully these can be corrected soon
  14. mole leader

    Summoning & New Poll

    @Ckxslei, Could you post these in Website Corrections and Updates? I've spotted another myself And the messages for timers do still come up. Try it and see. As for iron fish, that was obviously a mistake when I was adding the new stuff for Batch #2 :) Glad that the guide is finally up, despite needing these corrections.
  15. mole leader

    Summoning Guide - Complete


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