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    mod mmg
  1. Tim9000123

    Amulet Of Glory

    If you haven't done heroes quest, just sell it and buy a new one charged and uncharged glories are the exact same price
  2. Tim9000123

    Questions About Range And Magic

    For magic, do Desert Treasure if you can, then get ghostly robes. Range i can't comment as I dont train it.
  3. Tim9000123


    I can help you if you like, (lvl 92 w/ 73 str) Pm me- Bicaz01
  4. Tim9000123

    Becoming A Member

    You could always start woodcutting and fishing because members have a lot more fishing and wcing places tha nons.
  5. Tim9000123

    Moss Giants

    I'm trying to get defence up and i heard that moss giants are pretty good. I was just wondering id they dropped clue scrolls? if so, what level?
  6. Tim9000123

    What Is This?

    I think it designates themed worlds. You'll notice worlds like Fist of Guthix or Duel Arena have it. At least thats my view of it.
  7. Tim9000123

    Best Place To Train With Bones.

    You could try the tav dungeon w/ Black drags or blue drags or even baby blue drags. Also, there is the chaos tunnel where you have the green drags and baby black drags in ONE of the expansive tunnels. Thats wher ei got my 49 pray mainly Gl
  8. I was just walking back from some mining at the horseshoe and glanced at the minimap and saw it =O
  9. Tim9000123

    My First 1m Xp!

    After hours of Woodcutting I got this: Next thing I want in wc? Lvl 99
  10. Tim9000123

    95 Attack

    Good job. Can't you just smell the attack cape?
  11. Tim9000123

    53 Thieving!

    I see Ancient Magicks in your future... =P Congratz
  12. Tim9000123

    Fighter Torso

    I'll join. 85 CB 71 Str 68 Atk and I know how to play Tim9000123
  13. Tim9000123

    Textbox In Trade Window

    Very brilliant idea. I think it would work if you were on world 2 somewhere like the GE viewing a b sale then instead of closing the window nyou could just have chat right there. Good idea. 100% support
  14. Tim9000123

    Crystal Bow

    The best course of action would be to use it to the best of your ability (by using all the shots and getting good exp) and then put it lowest on GE. and wait. whenever you try to sell something so expensive (like the bow), It ends to take a while.
  15. Tim9000123

    F2p Ranged Training

    Spot 1: No way. The ankou chamber has no sufficiently good spots to stand and range without getting attacked. Spot 2: Again, there aren't really any good places to stand where you won't get attacked in the cockroach area. Spot 3: You make a point saying it would be crowded, however this is the best spot on your list. Try picking the lowest lootshare non members world. Spot 4: never go into the wild to train unless you are 100% not afraid of Revenants. I have no suggestions myself that wouldn't be bad so out of the 3 you have I would go with 3. ------------------

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