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  1. Finally a thieving update. It's about time! I should get some pts to lvl up my dungeoneering, so I can do more floors!
  2. Morning Star

    Game Crashing

    Yesterday, when I was training dungeoneering, I lagged out at least 10 times. I know it was partly due to my internet connection (the signal strength had only 2-3 bars out of 5), but interestingly, I always seemed to lag out halfway through a dungeon. Possibly a combination of bad internet and server problems caused this...Idk.
  3. Well, if you're f2p and you don't have the required amount of total experience, you're not allowed to post on the rs official forums. If you're muted in game, you can't post either (there will be a message that says you're muted).
  4. Morning Star


    There are better (and faster ways) to earn money for membership. I don't know about that survey site, but a long time ago I registered on some sort of survey website but I quit after two days (way too spam emails).
  5. Xp is too slow. Also, it seems I'm unable to hit the monsters well. Even though I've maxed out cb skills, I hit a lot of zeroes . Maybe this is just me, though, or maybe it's because I don't have good enough weapons in the dungeon.
  6. Morning Star

    99 Strength

    Bandits are good xp, though they don't have good drops. I prefer to train on dust devils and bloodvelds (for charms, etc).
  7. Morning Star

    Close Please--all Good Now

    Thanks all for the comments. I've always been paranoid about accidentally breaking rules, so now I think I'll just be more paranoid. I sent in an appeal and now like less than 3 hrs later it was accepted. Phew. From now on I'll be less talkative when trading!
  8. Morning Star

    Close Please--all Good Now

    Ok thanks! I checked again and there is finally an appeal button. It said I was muted for offensive language. The evidence was basically this: "buying egg for 4 red masks and 2 blue masks" repeated several times. Anyone see how this is "offensive language"? This is ridiculous!
  9. Morning Star

    Close Please--all Good Now

    I haven't been doing much in rs lately. Today I decided to log into World 2 and trade some items. I had barely spent 3 minutes saying, "Trading [items] for [other items]", when suddenly, I am muted. My only guess is that a p mod thought I was using an auto-typer. Honestly, I wasn't. I can type up 110 words per min (which is fast), and now I get punished for that!!! In all the years I've played rs, I've never had a mute or anything, because I know NOT to break rules. I know the mute is temporary--2 days--but it is so inconvenient and unfair. I checked my account management and there is no evidence, nor is there any place for me to make an appeal. Is there any way I can contact Jagex? Or anything I can do? Or is my only choice to wait it out? Update: This is weird, an hour after the incident, it says my mute will end in 1 day 'stead of 2 days. Still, I am annoyed.
  10. Morning Star

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    However, lets keep in mind that (providing the initial nuclear disaster didn't incapacitate EVERYONE) China has the ability to put millions and millions of men on the ground to fight a normal front lines war. And I think we're all forgetting Mutually Assured Destruction. That is, We fire nukes at China, China fires back, friendly nation fire at us and vice versa. Oh and one more thing,, keep in mind most of the western world's crap comes from China :) . So if we DO plan on attacking China any time soon, lets do it when we aren't completely dependent on their labor. US doesn't rely on any foreign contractors for military technology. Hell we are a main exporter of it. And you'd be surprised on how much is actually made here we actually make quite a bit of China's military equipment. Don't say "we". You're right that the main countries of the arms industry (USA, Germany, Russia) are all against China. But he was talking about general crap - how many products that you buy have 'Made in China' somewhere on them? At this rate we'll soon have bread that was made in china, imported to the west because of it's laziness and desire for cheap labor. This is slightly irrelevant, but I doubt that the United States will ever be importing basic foods like bread - we have pretty much the most sophisticated and industrialized farms in the world, which require the fewest laborers. This is a bad thing from an employment point of view, of course, since the farming industry creates so few jobs, but the fact is that we're pretty much as suited to produce foods like that as any country could ever be. We'd have massive economic problems if we attacked China (although it would give us an excellent excuse to default on our national debt), but getting food wouldn't be one of them. This must look really easy on paper, but its not that simple. China provides us with a large portion of goods, which it turn drives the economy by giving people jobs to distribute those goods, etc etc. And yes we would still have food resources but think about us as a people. We are a capitalist society, the whole corner stone of our economic lifestyle is based off of the attainment of goods by which ever is the cheapest means of production -well, one of the main points in a capitalistic society-. So sure maybe we could keep ourselves going throughout this war, but NO ONE would be happy about not being able to no get there cheap plastic shizzle. So yes Our economy would be pretty f'd up after this, and that could lead to alot bigger problems down the road. Lets also keep in mind that no matter what anyone says, there are no winners in war. Even if we did go to war with China, why would we, and is it really worth sending off your brothers and sisters to die? Yes they do but we also have American manufacturers for everything from bicycles to LCD's. The worse that would happen is these companies would need to bring these jobs back home. But this would help our economy and hurt China's in the long run do to their dependence on us buying their shizzle. Yes, there are American manufacturers but most of the items that we(meaning, Americans) buy are made in China. Not only the cheap plastic toys or whatnot, but more expensive items like iPods and laptops and TVs. The truth is, American consumers benefit from items made in China since China has cheap labor, meaning production costs for these items are lowered, so the items themselves are cheaper. Having items made in the US will drive up costs and prices. I doubt consumers will be very happy about paying double or triple or even more for the items that they need. So overall, Americans are getting the better side of the trade. We get better prices, and plus, we get to move all the pollution-spewing factories overseas so our land stays clean while they do all the work. Back to the original topic. When these two countries nuke each other, and others join in, well, I'd say, good-bye World.
  11. Morning Star

    Age-old Questions

    Did anyone try the "why is" yet? Here it is. "Why is the world going on end on 2012"? Because aliens are gonna take over!
  12. Morning Star

    Chinese New Year!

    Same here! And it just so happened that Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day were both on the same day this year. Pretty rare. -.-
  13. What would you do, say, if you're walking down the sidewalk near your school, you look down, and you see a $20 bill on the ground? edit: or if you live elsewhere, the rough equivalent of $20 usd
  14. Morning Star

    Comments On The 'new' Numbers?

    Yeah, it's hard for me to read the "8's" and "0"s", especially in the GE.
  15. Morning Star

    Best Place To Mine Iron?

    Or the underground mine in eastern Falador.

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