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  1. Simple013

    I am a horrible person

    'ello Would have been better to have exploding cats instead of turtles.
  2. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Oi, self mutilation is not my forte. Maybe K. could do the honours, but that is something I see not happening.
  3. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Merch! Great to see you, just yesterday I saw you had been absent from the forums for a while. As for the Laphroaig, yeah, savouring it indeed, a dram at the time, maybe slightly less :P
  4. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Cheapest bottle I could find in Holland is €28,95 that is an online shop. They charge about €6,95 for transporting it to you, even if you order six bottles transport is the same (only in NL and BEL). http://www.drankgigant.nl/sterke-drank/whisky/laphroaig-10-year.html
  5. Simple013

    I like this new feature.

    Hold on, I don't think this is a recent update. Think this feature was introduced about a year ago. But it only works when logged on. Which tells google what language your preference is. That said, it is a nifty thing to have.
  6. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Why? It is a bit like this, we work pretty intense and hard, for now it wielded results. We do not squander our gains, but we live a good life. Sure, there are those who are less fortunate, and there are those who have a hard time. I decided I could afford it, and I decided to buy it. Does that make me a bad person? One thing though. You keep writing Whiskey were it would be whisky. There is a distinct difference, Whisky is a Scottish product. Whiskey an Irish one.
  7. Simple013


    What else but shopping for Tullamore Dew and Paddy?
  8. Simple013

    To Hell and Back

    Reasons for this entry has be a remark made by Jan on where he lives, my desire for a Tesla, and the road trip I friend of mine took not too long ago. I'll post a link to the last part of the video he made at the end of the post. I dearly would love to own a Tesla Model S. Preferably the P85 version or the P85+ (though I would the rims to be replaced with the standard 19" rims instead of the 21"). Were I to live in Norway I'd have one now please. Fully kitted out the price of a Tesla is about 117k in the US, that is excluding the tax break of $7.500 in the US. In Norway this is about the same. So why would I buy a Tesla in Norway? Well, because in Norway other cars are expensive, ridiculously expensive. A Porsche Panamera is taxed to the tune of 150k plus... Not really nice. Then the running costs i.e. gas, parking, and the like. The EV driver gets parking free, recharge free of charge, they can make use of bus lanes and the like. Living in Norway (and having the cash available) it makes perfect sense to buy one. Jan likened the place where he lives as Hell. Never understood that but watching the video of Bjørn I understood. ;) This is a screenshot from the video, so, "Yeah Jan, It Is Hell" Lastly the video in question.
  9. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Jan, I like Laphroaig, we took a trip do the distillery not to long ago. Then the search for that bottle. Like I said it is a tad expensive (two decimal places more). Should you be interested find it at: http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/
  10. Simple013

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    Laphroaig 40 Year Old 70cl / 42.4% Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottling The oldest distillery bottling of Laphroaig, aged for 40 years and bottled at a cask strength 42.4%. Rare and much praised by the whisky community, picking up an average rating of 90/100 from the Malt Maniacs. Right, just bought a bottle. Let's just pretend it costs thirty-seven pounds fifty... and not...
  11. Simple013

    Back to the fold?

    Whiskas! That is a blast from the past. Twelve year old, circumventing the forum rules. Let me see, that would make you either 20 or 21. If the latter, I still have a bottle of 8 year old Glen Deveron. Bottled in the 70's... :P
  12. Simple013

    Back to the fold?

    Or not... All is well with mum too, I hope. Only the 'to be expected' shenanigans played on her body. (like, 'I feel huge', 'I can't roll over to my left side' and the like).
  13. Simple013

    Back to the fold?

    Any Idea of its gender? Most fathers want a daughter. Convention dictates you better hedge your bets and answer that question with: Either will do, as long she is healthy
  14. Simple013

    'Man', the species

    And sometimes nature surprises us all. So, what is that organism to replace 'man'? I have a sneaky feeling it might be a virus... Even if a virus does bring down civilization, it doesn't doom man. Man has the ability and technology to wear out nearly all natural/man-made disasters that can be thrown at it. Also, virus as the dominant species? That's an arbitrary value judgement. Of course it arbitrary. But so is the notion nothing will replace 'man'. What is in the future is not known. That was the main reason for this topic.
  15. Simple013

    'Man', the species

    And sometimes nature surprises us all. So, what is that organism to replace 'man'? I have a sneaky feeling it might be a virus...

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