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  1. Teeders

    my watermelons!

    So I got back into farming and decided to plant watermelons, well none of them so far survived after I logged off last night. I couldn't wait as I was falling asleep anyway. Puppy goes in next Tuesday to be neutered and have his nose fixed. He is getting better slightly but he is still congested no matter what we do. His nose also goes shut when he breathes in most of the time. That can't be good, we shall see how things go and if it doesn't improve then he will just be that way and we will take care of him. The other pug is just fine, but she doesn't have such a closed bloodline, she will also be year this month so that might have something to do about it. She snores and snorts but doesn't sound like she has a cold. I've started school which I'm happy about, doing something I want for a change that's long term anyway. I can do what I want regardless. I have 30 invention now but I'm still not quite sure what to do but things keep going. I'll probably take a break and just farm or something. I want to plant the magic seeds I got.
  2. Teeders

    who knew

    So my puppy was about to go into the light this morning but I was able to bring him back. Turns out he has pneumonia and showed no real signs of it until today. I noticed he would get a runny nose when we were outside to potty but it was cold and my nose would run as well. We weren't out for more than five minutes. Of course my mom blames herself for it but he could have had the start of it when we got him; who knows. Vet also said he might need to have surgery when he's older to fix his air ways but that could go away. If he does need surgery I'm going to chalk it up to his breeding. Can't have your Sire, being your sire, grandsire and great grand sire then your mom also your sister. I only know because being curious I got his pedigree, just like my other Pug. I know linebreeding and inbreeding are things but come on, that's just asking for trouble. It was scary this morning though when I thought I had a dead puppy. Everything should be fine now. He just needs his medicine and plenty of rest.
  3. Teeders

    what a ride

    I have no real idea of where to begin. I fell off the runescape wagon hard about six years ago. Logging in only to play for a few minutes or sometimes days at a time; every 4 or 6 months. Warcraft stole part of my soul and so did a bunch of other games. Husband died October 2015 and I think I finally feel "safe" to say that things weren't the best. I think he hated that I even had a computer and that I even played games online. He was a good guy but hard to be married to. Kept a lot of things buried down deep inside. I've moved and I have a really good desktop now. Duo monitors, doing things how I want to do them. I have two Pugs now, a roommate who is also my ex but crap happens. 98% of the time I'm a forgiving person and we do get along well; it just didn't work out dating. I think that's why a part of me was scared to leave husband; plus he also made it very clear he would go to the ends of the earth to have full custody of our daughter. Months ago, or whenever it says on my adventure log; I was able to start invention. I'm finding that I don't understand it that well but I do know that all the stuff I have horded away in my bank I can use, even if it doesn't give me much. I still ping pong around doing various skills, not minding doing things the slow way or how I use to do them in 2009.
  4. Teeders

    The Little Goobers

    wow this must have been before the new clan system...oh well. this isn't a thing anymore.
  5. Teeders

    Where Do You Like It?

    I honestly do not get how this raises awareness on anything. It made me think of the obvious; not where I'm putting my purse. Which I usually throw on the table when I get home or on the floor. Completely ineffective.
  6. Teeders


    So this guy asks me for help with fremmy isles and tells me he needs Jester outfit. I am thinking he's saying "just your" outfit since I assume anything is leet and netspeak these days. So since I don't want to lend my outfit out I tell him i need it for slayer. So thank god there weren't that many people around us but I am sure those that knew what we were talking about got a good laugh. Either way I am tired from my cold and have to start an 18 hour road trip since my aunt died. So I'm not in the most coherent moods.
  7. Teeders

    Oh Boy

    Finally got off my butt and use penguin points to get 61 crafting :) So I did edgars ruse and started dream mentor because I must have the humidify spell so I can just spend all day making pies and filling buckets of water. I have not died during the fights but I have not gotten pass the first boss. No I am not ashamed to say that I have left the fight about three times. Maybe four. Anyway I think I'll get my defense up a bit and try again. Maybe I'll get better equipment as well. It's not that bad but it could be better.....though I'm not sure what I could get that could be better that would not cost millions... I'll think of something...
  8. Teeders


    It's been a long time since I've been here. Uhmmm. Not much has gone on since last entry. I believe I was around 990 overall now I am 1400+. Have my previous clan to thank for that even if it is no longer active. Crafting is still about 59 so only two levels until 61 and I can start lunar. I have done desert treasure though. It was difficult but not as much as I thought it would be. Ermmmm...current objective would have to be 80 woodcutting. 8% there....
  9. Teeders

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    Nooo I filled the order for the 1k coal. Just need to get it picked up as its bugging me.
  10. Teeders

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    so who is going to get the coal? It's bugging me as I want to use it for smithing :P
  11. Teeders

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    well the 1k. it will take about a week or so by myself. also I should probably mention that I changed my name to Teeders1
  12. Teeders

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    I have the coal. Let me know when you need it. I'll start working on the mithril order
  13. Teeders

    Looking For A Clan

    There's always New Theory. Its a bit small at the moment but we do have events and people are friendly. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=275070 http://z8.invisionfree.com/New_Theory/index.php?act=idx
  14. Teeders

    Mining Mithril

    There is also about 20 or so mith rocks in level 38? wilderness. there are hobogoblins around it though. I forget which level it is but its 30+ and so pretty far from a bank that I know of...
  15. Teeders

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    I'm working on the 1k coal. Things have finally slowed down here.

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