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  1. Mutanic Chan

    The Hawloween Event Cloak X2- Run

    *Logs on to Runescape* Tee-hee
  2. Mutanic Chan

    The Grand Exchange- Good Or Bad

    The advantages: -Easy to find someone selling an uncommon item you want (example: Saradomin stuff) -Not wasting time in banks trying to sell an item -Makes a center where people can trade The disadvantages: -Inflation, price changes, etc. -Merchant clans (can tell lies and make you lose money 50% of time) -Extreme price drops when it came out (Dragon med-helm went from 600k to 100k when it came out I think) -Trading button is almost useless -Noobs are becoming rich! -Old fashioned trading is killed So yeah, I hate the Grand Exchange so much. Especially of my last reason is why I hate it so much. The worst updates of all time...
  3. Mutanic Chan

    Funniest Name In Runescape

    The funniest (and disturbing) name I have seen is Humpastick. It was years ago... A funny name would be any insult (such as ***hole). Walk here ***hole Follow ***hole Trade ***hole Attack ***hole
  4. Ha, I saw that for the first time in 4th grade (8th grade ATM). And my friend ordered it and now that I looked back to it, it's really outdated!
  5. Mutanic Chan

    Quickly Joining Friend's Clan Chats

  6. Mutanic Chan

    We've Got A Bot Faker.

    Lol at the girl doing the facepalm.
  7. Mutanic Chan

    Best Update Of 2009

    My Top Four of this Year's Updates: 1. Resting 2. Objectives 3. Bounty Worlds +1 4. RuneTek 5 (I'm F2P, BTW, So nothing much)
  8. Introduction: Hello, I'm Mutanic Chan. I got some ideas to share and I hope you like them. If you support/disapprove an idea, post which idea and why you like/dislike an idea. Please don't just say, "SUPPORTAZ 999%!!!" Idea Number 1: Runescape Mailing System Ever had a friend offline and you couldn't do anything to contact him in-game? Or wanted to mail someone an item? Well I have the perfect idea for that, a Runescape Mailing System! Outside of every bank in Runescape, there is a mailing box. You can compose a Private Message to another player and you could attach an item to it (the trading limits still apply). When a person receives a message, they get notified in their chat screen such as when a player has something in their Grand Exchange box. Now here are some FAQ or what questions that posters might ask: Q: People will probably spam you with messages. A: It's like the PMing system, you could ignore players so they can't mail you or only friends can mail you. There are settings you can change when you go to your mailbox. Idea Number 2: Player Stats/Details Sick of checking the a player's stats on the hi-scores and some skills don't show up? Want to know what item that player's wearing without bothering him/her? Well Jagex should make an option when you right-click a character and to see what his skill levels are or what's he wearing. If you don't want people to know what you're wearing, etc., just set up your settings in the Options Menu. Idea Number 3: More Emotes! I know we have a lot of emotes to choose from and the only time we get a new emote is holiday times. And I don't want holiday emotes all the time, I want other types of emotes. Here are a list of emotes I'm suggesting to Jagex and to unlock them, these are simple tasks you can do. -Drunken Man (Unlocked by drinking a super beer.) Your character holds beer and sways as if he/she was drunk. The same movements as the guy from Vampire Slayer in the Blue and Moon Inn. -Fall in Love ( Unlocked by drinking a Love Potion [an item that I want to sell in some inns and it also decreases Attack and Defense, but increases the max Hitpoints] ) Your character will act as if it was drooling over someone and hearts appear on top. -Snapping To The Beat (Unlocked by unlocking all the F2P songs.) Your character snaps to the beat while music notes appear on top. -Saint Emote (Unlocked by blessing a gravestone.) Your character has a halo on top and your character sparkles. Idea Number 4: NPC Merchants/New Items There should be a NPC merchant appearing throughout Runescape selling stuff that are not available on the Grand Exchange or items that he can get you a great deal on. The price of the items are the lowest price in the G.E. But to prevent people from buying low from him and sell high at the G.E. there is only a low stock of items. Locations: -Adrougne (Monday) -Camelot (Tuesday) -Taverly (Wednesday) -Falador (Thursday) -Edgeville (Friday) -Port Sarim (Saturday) -Brimhaven (Sunday) Common Items Selling: -Swordfish (50) -Sharks (20) -Law Runes (50) -Blood Runes (35) -Rune Arrows (100) -Magic Bows (1) -Runite Bars (2) New Items Selling: -Enchanted Seed (Heals 30)* -Electric Cape (When resting, it heals higher than resting but lower than resting near a musician. When resting near a musician, your player's resting rate is higher.)* -Agility Ring* (The chance of succeeding in an agility obstacle is 5% higher.) -More items soon to be added, give suggestions please! * = Untradable Idea Number 5: Instruments There are musicians throughout Runescape, so how come we can't play instruments? With Crafting, you can build instruments, here are the instruments you can build: -Triangle (Lv. 9) (2 Steel Bars) -Flute (Lv. 19) (4 Steel Bars) -Lute (Lv. 29) (2 Willow Logs) -Bongos^ (Lv. 39) (2 Teak Logs) -Violen^ (Lv. 49) (3 Mahogany Logs) -Saxophone^ (Lv. 59) (7 Gold Bars) -Giant Drums^ (Lv. 69) (7 Teak Logs) -Xylophone^ (Lv. 79) (7 Mahogany Logs, Red Dye, Blue Dye, Yellow Dye) -Harp^ (Lv. 89) (14 Gold Bars, Gold Leaf) -Grand Piano^* (Lv. 99) (10 Yew Logs, Gold Leaf) ^ = Members only * = Must set it up (Like Dwarven Cannon) There should also be a Music Room in your POH and you could add instruments all over the wall. Then your visitors could play your instruments.There should also be a music store in Port Sarim and they sell scrolls to players to play different melodies. There should also be blessed instruments (that are non-tradable) and only people with prayer level 80 or higher can bless them (or the Prayer Master can bless them for an expensive fee). The point of blessed instruments is that when you play blessed instruments your run energy increases 2X faster than sitting down next to a musician. You get no experience at all by playing instruments. Support/disagree any of the ideas above!
  9. Mutanic Chan

    Possible Features In Mechscape...

    Here are possible features that could be introduced in Mechscape: -A First-Person mode? Because this is Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi means guns. I mean it would be boring if it would be like Runescape's battle system (reason I don't battle much in RS). -Could there be a "futuristic" version of a Grand Exchange? (I hope not, because I want to just old fashion trade) -There could be more planets to go on than just one or travel the Mechscape universe's moons? -Could you be/or own a robot in the game? -Are there going to be skills like in Runescape? (If you think there are going to be, list some here!) -More to come... Post your ideas/opinions too!
  10. Mutanic Chan

    Skilling Outfits

    I'm F2P, so we don't have a lot of outfits. Yes, I'm in a different language world.
  11. Mutanic Chan

    What's Your Routine?

    1. Log in. 2. Join Mod MMG's CC. 3. Train Woodcutting. (When I raise a level, I alternate between yews and willows.) EDIT: Well that's what I've been doing for the last month or so.
  12. For F2P, yes. It is terribly boring and rather skill. I wish it was more interesting like Mabinogi.
  13. Mutanic Chan

    Advrage F2p Money Making Per Hour

    Hmm... I don't really know how much per hour I make cutting yews...
  14. -That graphical mode where its not fullscreen but not small screen. -Roach dungeons -Teleports -Explorer's Ring (helps me when fishing in Karamja)
  15. Mutanic Chan

    Runescape (first Person Mode)

    Yes, I got some stuff from Combat Arms (an online FPS). Rate it please, and it is my first fake.

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