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  1. Defiance


    Looking to train my mining/smithing up to level 70. I want to level Smithing by making steel platebodies which I will eventually high alch, and I need something like 10k steel bars to smelt to get to 70. My questions are: 1. Where are good spots for mining coal and/or iron and then banking? (I'm p2p) 2. I know a good choice of anvil is the one south of the east Varrock bank, but where is a close furnace to bank? Thank you (:
  2. Defiance

    Training Attack

    Thanks very much for the suggestions everyone, I ended up going for experiments and accomplished 70 attack in no time. Wish experiments dropped things other than bones, though oh, and for the record, I'm actually a girl hahaha =)
  3. Defiance

    Training Attack

    I've started training all skills up to 70, the first being attack. It's currently 66. I'm a member, looking for mid-leveled things to kill quickly and get to 70 att quickly. Any strategies, methods of how to get to the place, and what to bring are greatly appreciated.
  4. Defiance

    Are You In Looooveeeee!

    =) I would say that I am fully and happily in love. People say that my generation [teenagers] don't experience love and don't really know what it is. However.. I am 16 now, I've been with the same boy since I was just about to turn 14. I'm just about to turn 17 now =P.
  5. Defiance

    How You Get Rid Of Acne

    I'm incredibly lucky in the fact that I've never had a bad break-out of acne. Maybe 5 or so zits in the past 6 years? While I'm still in the last stage of puberty and everything. So that's pretty good. As for what I do to prevent it, not much. I drink a TON of water, I moisturize every morning after my showers, I wash my face thoroughly in the shower.. and most importantly, if you're all sweaty and gross, make sure to wash your face. Sweating profusely can cause pimples. Also, I use Neutragena facial cleanser, makes my skin all soft. :3
  6. Defiance

    Thunder... Bolt

    I swear, my eyes popped like crazy when I saw the race. He's SO fast, it's unbelievable. And he still has a lot more time to train even more and make his record even more impressive.
  7. Defiance

    High School Starts Wednesday, And I'm A Freshmen!

    :( Grade 9 was so fun. It's always fun to be a freshman. English isn't too bad. I remember studying Romeo + Juliet, which was a bit of a pain.
  8. Defiance

    Stupid Hurricanes!

    Grr, I'm mad now. So my trip to Florida is in 2 days, but of course, at that time Hurricane Fay will ALSO be hitting Florida. Therefore our trip might be screwed. Originally we were to leave Wednesday afternoon by plane from Syracuse -> Orlando (we're driving to Syracuse) But, seeing as how our flight may be cancelled, we have booked an emergency-only flight on Thursday as well. So my trip may be up until Sunday the 31st instead of the 30th. Ugh. This is just a big mess. PLUS, hurricanes bring rain with them. Tons and tons of rain. So even if we do avoid the eye of it [which we definitely will], we will be feeling the wrath of the hurricane anyway for the rest of the trip.
  9. Defiance

    What's Your Opinion On...

    I'm a roller coaster fanatic, actually. Sometimes when I go to amusement parks, I ignore all rides except the roller coasters. Heh. There's a VERY slim chance that you will die on one - usually it's not even from improper ride maintenance, it's from things like people going on not knowing they have a heart condition. That sort of thing.
  10. Defiance

    8 Gold Medals

    Michael Phelps is amazing. Not to mention EXTREMELY studly. =) I have no doubt he'll get the eight medals, kudos to him. It's a huge accomplishment for a 23 year old. They had an interview of him, all he does is eat/sleep/swim apparently. 12,000 calorie diet.. crazy.
  11. Defiance

    Summer's Almost Over

    Don't worry, High School Musical and high school itself are two completely different things.Unless you're one of the drama kids that busts out into song frequently. =P
  12. Defiance

    Physical Fight On A Schol Bus

    I think EVERYONE in this conflict is in the wrong. The first girl shouldn't have ignored the bus driver's requests, should have stayed in her seat and stopped touching the boy in front of her. The bus driver should have been patient, NOT touched the girl, and talked it out instead of yelling. The 2nd girl should not have even ENTERED the conflict, yet alone call her mother. That just escalated things. The bus driver's daughter should not have gotten involved at all.. Just a lot of wrong in the whole thing. The fight that happened towards the end was scary. O__O And why wasn't the side door opened earlier instead of having all these kids witness the conflict?!
  13. Defiance

    Would You Eat It If You Know How Many Calories It Had?

    ew, Mcdonald's. DON'T EAT THERE. I worked there for a year and a half, including promotion, including making various things. I'd stick to the parfaits and salads if I were you. The grilled chicken too. Forget Supersize Me; all I had to do to was work there to see how gross the food is!
  14. Defiance

    Worst Olympics?

    I don't think these are the worst ever. Certainly all the fake things China is doing are bad, but there could be worse. Then again, they ARE covering up a lot of bad things too. Munich was definitely the worst Olympics, and a lot of politics led to boycotts of the Olympics by various nations too. Edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympic_Games_scandals Read. =)
  15. Defiance

    Favourite Book Character

    YES. YES YES YES. =) Team Jacob all the way, my friend. Other than that, Stargirl of the books Stargirl and the sequel. I think she's such an amazingly quirky character.. you can't help but love her.

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