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  1. thelongdavid

    Selling Steel Bars And Ores! :)

    yeah sure man ill be on if you want 2 sell
  2. thelongdavid

    Whats The Fastest Combat Xp Per Hour?

    Dagannoth (level-74/92) Location: Lighthouse basement. Monetary rating: 2/10 Average XP per hour: 40,000 XP to combat; 13,000 XP to HP. Experience rating: 10/10
  3. thelongdavid

    Where To Train Str With Dh Full

    experiments or yaks if you want close to no danger and leave your hp at ike 3 or 4 in case you get hit
  4. thelongdavid

    Best Weapon?

    now i'd recommend a dscimmy but if you're gonna use a barrows weapon and only the weapon then you could use the verac flail which i find not so bad
  5. thelongdavid


    i meant your bank account freezess because you won't be able to sell or equip you items anymore + as soon as you withraw something, you won't be able to put it back in the bank anymore.
  6. thelongdavid


    every single holiday events can be obtained again from diango except for christmas crackers, party hats, h'ween masks and santa hats
  7. thelongdavid


    sorry but no the closest to a bank is in traverley dungeon except for perfect gold helhounds but that requires a puzzle
  8. thelongdavid


    to me there is really just no point in crayfish i'd rather eat cabages
  9. thelongdavid

    Magic Shortbow Or Magic Longbow?

    shortbows are always better than longbow thanks to their speed advantage
  10. thelongdavid

    Turning 2.5m Into More?

    well if you don't mind giving it a bit of attention then g.e. merchanting is best for you if you're good with reading graphs
  11. thelongdavid

    Getting Charms

    Charm Common Drop Monster : Gold: Ice giant, Ice warrior, Ice spider, Fire giant, Rock crab, White wolf, Infernal Mages, Dagannoth, Black demon, Giant bats, Red dragon, Jogre, Ogre, Aberrant Spectre, Green dragon, Mutated bloodveld, Black knights, Jellies, Hellhound. Green Mithril Dragon(4), Red dragon, Bloodvelds, Jellies, Poison Spiders, Wild Dogs, Iron(2)/Steel(3) Dragons, Wolf, Nechryael, Hellhounds, Green Dragon, Black knights, Aberrant Spectre Crimson: Nechryael, Abyssal demon, White wolf, Dust devils, Greater demon, Metal dragons, Red dragon, Gargoyle, Bloodveld, Wolf, Shadow warriors, Waterfiend, Green Dragon, Black knights, Black demon, Aberrant Spectre, Cockroach soldier Blue All monsters that drop charms drop blue charms at varying rates, so the best monster to kill for blue charms is a monster that you can kill fast, or one that drops multiple charms. This would include: Ice warriors, Fire giants, Dust devils, Gargoyles, Aberrant Spectres. Abyssal: Monsters found in The Abyss (this does include abyssal demons). Obsidian: Tzhaar Xil, Tzhaar Ket(2) All charms: Fire Giants, Basilisks, Bloodvelds, All Dragons, Ogres, Jogres, Ice giants, Giant Rock Crabs, Hellhounds, Shadow warrior, Ice warrior, Dagannoths, King Black Dragon (4), bloodworm, Cockatrice
  12. thelongdavid

    Whats The Fastest Combat Xp Per Hour?

    Lesser demon (level-82) Location: Karamja Volcano. Monetary rating: 10/10 Average XP per hour: 28,000 XP to combat; 9,000 XP to HP. Experience rating: 8/10 Ice warrior (level-57) Location: Ice caves, south of Port Sarim; Ice plateau, north-west corner of the wilderness. Monetary rating: 9/10 Average XP per hour: 32,000 XP to combat; 9,900 XP to HP. Experience rating: 9/10 Giant spider (level-50) Location: Stronghold of Security, 3rd floor, in Barbarian Village Monetary rating: 0/10 Average XP per hour: 34,000 XP to combat; 10,500 XP to HP. Experience rating: 10/10 keep in mind these are my personnal choices and i havent tried cockroach xp yet but they are best for cash though
  13. thelongdavid

    Throne Of Miscelania

    a bit in seeds and herbs (maybe some in teak or mahogany if you plan on raising your construction later on)
  14. thelongdavid

    Which One?

    guthans cause with the money you get from it you could always change your mind unlike with 70 pray (you can't sell the bones back )
  15. thelongdavid

    Wat To Kill For Best Drops

    btw it costs about 2 mil in equip 2 go 2 aviansies my friends often dont go with me lol i still recommend you to do it cause you make about 400k/h

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