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  1. Where does the time go, I remember first looking into Rs with its tinny music and a few days later getting members and going past the members gate of Taverley and just a couple of days later making my first post here asking for help with Watchtower, which Dani answered :P Nine years later I still get frustrated with the simplest quests and got really angry at Zogres yesterday and haven't gone back to complete it since lol I may grow older, but maturity isn't my strong suit lol
  2. Only took two years :P I was a long term moderator but lost my crown after the cluster flutterer update that knocked my old computer down to 1-2 fps, got a new one and I can barely contain my excitement to being back in the fold after two years Missed the message that said to register still being around...but yay!
  3. Awesome Lilshu, now you will see why I hardly got anything done due to hunting a option for about 4 hours then promptly losing it again lol :D
  4. One 8 Hundred (8), Jakeee (8), Master Neverdead (8), Cameron (8), Dark Light A (8), Chris (8), Zimmy (8), Backstrom (8), Impy (8), Warlockdanny (8), Newperson (8), Skan (8), Rezolution_X (8), Gardner (8) AnImp3HitMe (8), TitanTyrant (8), -TiTaN2k4- (8), Huzzamaster (8), Snowzak (8), Em Jay (8), Unibrowman (8), TwiN (8), Taz (8), Aratreak (8), Cranko (8), man (8), tush (8), Gutterspeak (8) Most of them are retired mods/admins/DMs who have been here forever, so put your hands together :D By the way, happy birthday to me
  5. Definitely true, but I think one important thing to remember is that in Runescape, unlike, say, CoD, competitive play isn't necessarily what it is about. You can certainly choose to play competitively, but it's not a requirement and as such I think that pay-to-win is less problematic. Plus even with the cash you still have to spend a pretty significant time actually skilling to get anywhere. And therein lies the crux, in something like BF3 or COD as you mentioned there are hacks to shoot around corners with a headshot every time, grenades that can take out entire maps, armour that bends bullets so you never take a hit and they can all can break a game, even if you are a level one player. With this you can sell them for money and get a small boost but honestly, the 6.6M I paid yesterday for a bond is not really that much at all. You can get yourself a few resources and a suit of armour but you still need the skill and knowledge to use it and this is simply a way to funnel resources through the game rather than into the hands of the botters. In a few months I think the prices of these will be stable enough to be able to say 1$ = 1M (5M per bond) and maybe a bit more if you are lucky but why should Jagex have to cut the prices to the level of botters (they honestly do not care) and why should players have to give away many more millions to be on the same level field as them too? A player if they have enough seed cash can easily make enough money over the longer term to cover the cost of membership through the GE or with Slaying, but the occasional 6M is not going to get the gold buyers there unless they are exceptional. For a reasonably wealthy player who can afford the nice things in the game, but one who isn't worth billions maybe if they sold 1-2% of their wealth every month to players who may be struggling to get a foothold it could be good, I for one haven't got any disposable income right now to spend on gaming and if someone wants to fund it that is fine by me. The vast amount of the gold buyers told of in that video are single buyers, who do not make a habit of it and I think that due to that they will prefer to do it in a very safe manner without putting their computers at risk, if they were smart enough to even consider that. Gaming has changed over the last 30+ years, and more so particularly in the last few years than the decades previously. What was unacceptable 10 years ago is now the norm with smartphone games everywhere so Jagex needs to adapt, rather than them selling the gold and pumping their billions into the economy they are allowing the users to funnel their wealth and with the 10% tax that will also in time help somewhat to take money out of the game. The vast majority of kids that now play modern games are used to buying small bits of gold and outright banning it is simply not going to work. I think in future we will see even more things available to acquire through these, I for one always like extra bank space.
  6. Thought I would just pop in for a look and then saw this topic so went to check it out, looks like one of my regular daily trades could get me a months membership at this rate, which is great :D
  7. Take a random picture, and then add a caption to it, you know, a joke, quote, inspired rambling? :)
  8. I got bored...so decided to caption this picture of a spider :) Do you think you can beat it?
  9. I know I am a little late with this thread but well done. I do not think I know you but I do know that if you have been chosen then you must be good :)
  10. I get these all the time, even as an ex-pmod with excellent standing with Jagex and this forum community, you can tell because when you look at the links by hovering over them they look like Jagex.com .ie .ch I never respond to any email named "runescape", even from the official company due to this phishing. The only one you should ever respond to is from your official inbox when you log in :) ...And those will come with an official form that you can respond to in your actual account :D (I lost my pmod status when the bot update happened and I went to 2fps, I couldn't even log in on some days)
  11. Welcome back to Sals from one who recently returned himself :)
  12. Why? I do not see it as a bad thing to completely overhaul something, he didn't have to gamble full Bandos but he seriously needs to be locked in an asylum if that is his reaction to setting up a camera and trying to get a view or two. I hate these kinds of videos, why is he filming himself?
  13. Yes, but admittedly I was crap, I would find things after 3 hours of searching and then immediately lose them again lol
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