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  1. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    looking for a tool to make websites available offline

    Webwhacker? It's the only thing I've heard of that does this though I have no idea whether it's any good and I don't think it's free.
  2. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    What To Do About Global Warming

    In the time it will probably take to get fusion to work and be widely used, chances are that enough greenhouse gases would have been emitted to ensure that average global temperatures will continue to rise. To me, it seems that it's unlikely that we'll be able to meet the current level of demand using predominantly non-greenhouse gas producing methods anytime soon, meaning we have to somehow reduce the level of demand globally, which seems very unlikely to happen.
  3. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Weird and wacky things in runescape

    It's permanently daytime in most areas and permanently night in others.
  4. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj


    Download XAMPP which has Apache, PHP and MySQL. http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html
  5. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Checking For Updates - 98% (9)

    Have you tried using Opera?
  6. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Who Of Our Time Will Become A "legend"

    I would say Alan Turing but he's from a bit to long ago and no one ever seems to have heard of him...
  7. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Entire Apple Stores Being Faked In China

    That's like saying the solution to world problems is killing everyone. considering that all those companies they copy still let their electronics be made in China I think that is a exaggeration at best... Economies can't survive with widespread counterfeiting being the norm. They may not be feeling it now cracks will start show in time. The shop is aimed at foreigners but the Chinese and a lot of them don't understand English. Anyway, if you go to China, practically all translations into English longer than a sentence have some form of typo or improper word use. To be honest, considering China missed out on the Industrial Revolution by about 150 years, China has done pretty well to catch up with the world even if it is by copying products.
  8. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Checking For Updates - 98% (9)

    How long do you wait once it reaches this stage? It might just be a large update or brief lapse in connection.
  9. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Lumbridge City Rewrite - 100% (spelling Check Appreciated).

    Myths of the White Lands is free-to-play.
  10. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Will Rs Run On This Computer?

    I can run RS with lowest graphics settings (with a little bit of lag admittedly) on my 6 year old laptop (512MB RAM though...). If that's a desktop, you should be fine.
  11. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    Checking For Updates - 98% (9)

    What's actually the problem?
  12. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    F2p Or P2p

    Training Dungeoneering in F2P is just a constant reminder/advertisement of how much better P2P is...
  13. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    America's Downfall

    The fact is China will never outgrow the USA's economic growth if it continues as it is since it's ageing population will eventually lead to massive decline in manufacturing, something China relies on heavily for growth. Nuclear deterrence works both ways. :(
  14. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    I Hate My Friends.

    Any synonym of "disgusting" will do as a description.
  15. fvjmkfdigxtedjdyedvpezvuvj

    How Often Do You Clean Your Bank?

    I keep my bank organized, but it's probably easier since I'm F2P.

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