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  1. The best Minigame and Pk'ing clan there is! Overview Green Dawn is an Hilarius, Fun, Warm and Exiting clan that is active all the time. Most events originate into Pest Control, Castle Wars, Pk'ing, Cabbage Bombings and other minigame and runescape activity groups. Although I have posted the clan here before, at the time the clan wasn't even open. Now 70+ members have joined! Joining gives you free participation in all events, your very own place on the members page. Keep reading if you want to know a little more about our events [coming straight from the website]. The events Castle Wars events Castle Wars events are the favorable event type in Green Dawn, because they are easy to set up and fun to play. If you want more information, go here. Pest Control events People go to these for the fun of working in a team, and to fight alongside your friends. You can bring anything you want, and unlike other events you don't need to worry about a certain level to enter. For a full guide to how these work, go here. Wilderness events Who doesn't like to kill other players? Coming to these events is a risky thing, but I personally advise it for the loot you may get. Requirements is at least full steel or above for melee, or full Green Dragonhide for rangers, or full Blue Robes for Mages. Click here if you want loads more information. Other events In Green Dawn, other events are 'set-up' by our members. Usually, this includes... 1. Party Celebrations 2. Drop Parties 3. House Parties Again, you can research more about these on the website here. The Requirements Firstly, you need at least 50 combat so you don't hinder any events you join in on. And, of course, no turning on your old team or you may risk suspension. How you can join Post in this thread, or email me. The Website Hours and hours of typing went into it, and you'll do well to read it if you want to know every last drop of information about the clan, it's members and it's events. The Website The Forum Recently I added in the Green dawn forum, to alot of request from the members. If you are a member, you must join the forum. The Green Dawn clan forum -Sir UPDATE: 20th AUGUST: So it has come down to this. Now that both Eden and Micron have either stepped-down or retired, we have to find a new Admin. I'm expecting hothead will come to his senses and surrender to me though, so I'll count him as an Admin. How to become one? Okay, first of all, you have to post (pretty) well. You must make mature or funny (or the good kind of spammish garbage ) posts, although allot of other different factors do come into it. Don't try desperately to be one of the other - we're also looking for a relaxed, fun Admin who isn't there just for show, but to also help out the community. There is just one other requirement. To become the next Admin, you must upload to Youtube a video of you singing (you may have a paper-bag over your head-that is the only 2nd option) one of the following five songs: 1. Atomic Kitten- The Tide is High 2. Beyonce - Irreplacable 3. Desree - Oh Life 4. 5. Westlife - Uptown Girl This is how we judge the next Admin: 100 points to someone who submits a video. 50 points to someone who submits a video and sings/dances well. 60 points to someone who supports the clan by going to most of the events. 50 points to someone who consistently posts mature posts. 50 points to someone who consistently posts funny posts. 20 points to someone who posts allot of good ol' high-quality spam. A tie of points will result in the Admins discussing who they thought was the best singer/dancer for an extra 10 points. The person with the most points come September 9th wins. --- :P At the beginning of the song, you must say this clearly: This is for you, Abram... And at the end: Thanks for watching! This video has been made by (your name) for Sir Ajacobs and Green Dawn. --- Your voice must be audible, and you must be dancing with your hands, but still sitting on your computer chair. You must have the music in the background-but not louder then the volume at which your singing at. If you wish only I and the other Admins will watch it, and this is solely for our amusement. Cmon, what have you got to lose? Your dignity Nothing! So come on, give it a shot. Might I suggest Uptown girl? (ps: If you don't know what each song sounds like, click the name to be taken to a video on Youtube playing it. You can also download the song with frostwire or limewire to use it in a video, and buy a logitec quick cam (around $20 from a shop) to film it. ) (pps: This is the absolute only way to become the next GD Admin. Good posting may be overlooked for good singing.) (ppps: This is no joke, suckers.) The competition will be open for 3 weeks, ending 9th September 12:00am. :D -Sir :sir:
  2. Sir Ajacobs

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    ~Latest movies~ In progress. ~Past movies~ ~Comments~ lol the videos are great! they made me smile - Princess Sjd 99 cabbages was brilliant - salaman Soo cool ... no joking it was Dangly halarious! - 3bady funny, messed up, and original , 10/10 - The Dark Magician Of Chaos that was so funny lol watch that video [Turning Pixelated] it was awsome - JamieĀ© Man.....you made my night..because of those 3 awesome videos! - fusionhawk4 freakin hilarious 9/10 - eragon360 just want to say wow ,gr8 editing, perfectly timed - tate225 Lol your movies made my day - Fergen Bushelheimer do you ever sleep?? - drolleke ROFL at the Be Happy one - Co-Z Genious - Cxkslei This is the kind of thing I want to see when I search for Runescape on Youtube - L0rd Vega OMG U ROCK SIR AJACOBS! - Entrility you are really an artist - cat pker "I'm the only noobie player" -10/10 "Most original and hilarious vid up so far!" - JelzoiV I say it was Runetastic! - Lord of Dragins 99 cabbages and The 10 Rules series was awesome.Pure Runescape movie making genious - Metalhawk did that guy say that us mods have no clue? - Chris 10/10 for them all there all 5 star films! - Dragonmyth That cracked me up - hothead73 best plotline ever in the ten rules - bro2u [On fractured mind series] this is indeed the best videos you made so far.. great plot twists, music, and comedy - Ler0ll lol! dude ur hilarious oneday u will probably make money off this! - megaprime67 i love these - sirjohn50 w00t ! exellence strikes once again! great stuff man , u have ' the gift ' - bleeder9o0 ~Awards~ -From Teh Spooner -From Dannyscape -From Sly -From Entrility -From Drolleke -From Pyro LyricisL -From Hothead73 -From Pker Pupdawg -DreXon -Bubbabob303 -Cold Fury -magnarune -Co-Z --- Warning: Some movies may require some very fast reading skills. Note: Please rate on the youtube website. The more ratings and comments, the more likely the videos will come up in a search.
  3. Sir Ajacobs

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    Thanks for keeping it alive guys, as some people have noticed I haven't been logging in for ages. I'm just really really busy, and the movie takes up a big part of my time. Once the series gets underway, I imagine it'll take much shorter to release episodes, but we'll see. EDIT: I might release a teaser trailer in the next few weeks, just to keep things interesting...
  4. Sir Ajacobs

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    44. Everything has been cracked and pirated.
  5. Sir Ajacobs

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    And hows that defined as talking about /b/? Memes. 4chan. /b/ If people knew what the memes where in the first place they would already have visited 4chan. You don't need have to visit 4chan to understand a meme. So how does me displaying two 4chan memes tell unknowing teenagers anything about /b/ or how to find it? If people understand what they are they would already know about the website. You replied to my post implicating what I said was hypocritical due to my previous signature, and now that it's clear my point was totally irrelevant to the signature theres no point pretending what you implied was true in the first place.
  6. Sir Ajacobs

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    And hows that defined as talking about /b/? Memes. 4chan. /b/ If people knew what the memes where in the first place they would already have visited 4chan.
  7. Sir Ajacobs

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    And hows that defined as talking about /b/? It features two memes used on alot of sites that originated there. It's not giving them a link to the site/an explanation/anything. Talking about /b/ on a forum for kids is a really bad thing to do... Talking about /b/ on a forum for kids is Talking about /b/ on a forum Talking about /b/
  8. Sir Ajacobs

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    You wouldn't dare
  9. Sir Ajacobs

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    Not long guys
  10. Sir Ajacobs

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    Talking about /b/ on a forum for kids is a really bad thing to do... Asking them to google search it is worse...
  11. Sir Ajacobs


    I dunno, what'd kids do before computers? Hunt prehistoric animals?
  12. Sir Ajacobs

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    I never would have thought this topic would last this long, maybe thats the reason why it feels like it's taking forever. But really, when you think about it, it's pretty reasonable. For half a year I was planning one certain series but that got scrapped until I latter date and this one is nearing production And once the ball gets rolling I'll be doing heaps of different stuff. But thanks for waiting everyone!
  13. Sir Ajacobs

    New Rsmv - Underoath - In Regards To Myself

    Best music video ever 5/5 10/10 63.452321/63.452321
  14. Sir Ajacobs

    I'm More Awesome Than You Are

    Darn Codex, you've got me there.
  15. Sir Ajacobs

    Make Up A Lie About The Above Poster

    Your cool and you have friends
  16. Sir Ajacobs

    The Greatest Sals Member In History

    I thought this would be a topic about me but I was very dissapointed
  17. Sir Ajacobs

    Dyslexia? What Is That?

    Maybe you should check yourself in for an appointment
  18. Sir Ajacobs

    Dyslexia? What Is That?

    It's when you diss (tease) lex's (from superman) ear.
  19. Sir Ajacobs


    You mean he was just like every other member here. Yep.
  20. Sir Ajacobs

    Open Letter To Jagex

    I think they just didn't read the second sentence properly
  21. Sir Ajacobs


    What exactly did he change? added profanity warning
  22. Sir Ajacobs

    Indiana Jones

  23. Sir Ajacobs


    What kinda question is that? Really?
  24. Sir Ajacobs

    Soulja Boy

    I wish that there weren't so many Soulja boy haters out there. He's just a guy who put his music out there, and you all give him so much crap.
  25. Sir Ajacobs

    Worst Way To Die

    Everyone post what they consider to be the worst way to die. Remember, this is not necessarily the most painful way to die. Just the worst. For me, it'll have to be drowning. Extra horrible death points for being trapped underwater and knowing your going to die. Even more points for being out in the ocean, and treading water while looking down and seeing sharks and killer whales circling you. Even more points for having a laptop with world of warcraft playing there with you. Everyone start posting!

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