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  1. Newperson


    Looks right - you could always check your second one by using the error function.
  2. Newperson

    Today ___ Years Ago _______ Was Born

    Ah thanks I'm now old like dirt.
  3. Newperson

    Math Problem

    For your answer to be right, our answers have to be wrong. If your answer is right then where are our mistakes?
  4. Newperson


    Perhaps if you were to clarify your notation (ie: m(angle)P and m(arc)WZY), we could give you a hand...
  5. Newperson

    Math Problem

    Aren't you implicitly using pythagorus by using that ratio? Hmmm Either way I like your method - simple is good =)
  6. Newperson

    Math Problem

    Seeing as this is an arbitrary problem with a solution, imagine that your triangle was right angled. Given a base length of 18 and an arbitrary height 'h', the area of your triangle is 1/2*18*h If the trapezoid formed in the bottom is 1/3 of the area then a triangle on top of the trapezoid must have 2/3 of the area of the original triangle. So our new triangle with base x (which we want to find) has an area of 2/3*1/2*18*h Because they are similar triangles, the height of our new triangle must be h/18*x The area of our new triangle can then be expressed as 1/2*x*(h/18*x), but we already know the area - it is given by 2/3*1/2*18*h Equating these expressions we get 2/3*1/2*18*h= 1/2*x*h/18*x This gives us x^2=216, or x = sqrt(216) You can extend this to a general triangle but that is a lot of work...I leave you to do that if you want
  7. Newperson


    BEEP. Sorry thats wrong. 1^∞ is generally e, although it can be made to be any number you feel like ie: lim (n->∞) (1 + 1/n)^n = e but lim (n->∞) (1 + x/n)^n = e^x So 1^∞ is undefined without more information. Same with 0^∞, you need to be given the limit to evaluate it. Tell your teacher that both are undefined unless you are given the actual limit, unless he happens to have an infinity button on his calculator
  8. Newperson

    Transgender Man Pregnant

    Ya I really don't understand what the big deal is...
  9. Newperson

    Physics Help

    Although some of the kinetic energy of the car will go into providing a moment for the earth, you have to go down a scale to see where most of it goes. Ever seen the front end of a car after a collision? Much of the energy of the collision goes into the buckling of the car's "crumple zones". The steel and aluminum at the front is designed to absorb the energy by translating it into destroying the material that the car is made out of. You have to note that conservation of momentum, while a law of nature, is just a model and will break down when you use something that the model cannot handle, ie: an immovable object. Everything moves.
  10. Newperson

    Gravitational Time Dilation

    Start off with using the universal law of gravitational attraction. This gives you a varying acceleration which you can then relate to velocity. Once you have related it to velocity, you should be able to do some reading and see how the velocity at which you are moving changes things.
  11. Newperson

    The Forum Food Thread

    My favorite food is tex-mex but a good steak can turn my world upside down. Preferably a rib-eye. I find that those are always tender and can be cooked to a perfect medium-rare in the same amount of time as I can sit in the hot-tub. This morning for breakfast I made a skillet consisting of potatoes (baked potatoes that I had from last night that I cut into cubes and fried), sausage (again left over from my bbq last night that I sliced into disks and fried with the potatoes), green onions and scrambled eggs. Mmmmm Not the healthiest of breakfast so I made sure to consume close to a pot of coffee just in case
  12. Newperson

    Acids, Bases And Salts

    Start with what relates them (ions) and go from there branching outward. ie: H20 relates to hydronium ions and hydroxide etc...
  13. Newperson


    Looks like this one has already been answered - even the way I would have done it! =P
  14. Newperson

    Analysis Of Functions

    You could always switch it into a series and use the integral test for convergence of a series: Given f(x) positive, decreasing, continuous, with the series an=f(n), then either both (sum from N to infinity) of an and the integral from N to infinity of f(x)dx converge or both diverge. I would give that a shot, otherwise you can probably express it as the ratio of 2 series and use the ratio test to test for convergence and solve for c. Hope that helps.
  15. Newperson

    Geometry Help

    Break it down into a bunch of unit shapes (ie: for the pentagons a unit shape would be a 2D pentagon) Then count the number of vertices that the unit shape has and divide that by the number of unit shapes that touch it. ie: For the pentagon one each pentagon has 5 vertices, shared by 3 pentagons each. Multiply this number by 12 pentagons to get 5/3*12=20 vertices. You can use the same trick for the lines.

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