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  1. i want trout


    buy stuff from off the streets and sell them for 5-10gp higher in G.E. If you have 500k air runes worth 30 gp, sell it for 40 and get 2mil instead of 1.5mil
  2. i want trout


    Just reset the floor marker and do them again. It gets you twice the xp in twice the time.
  3. This thread is to give the history of unions from the first union to the most recent. It will tell of major wars and other major events that effected unions even today. At this point Lady Foul found out about the trouble BR7 and Rebel had, and decided to post a new threat on the EFC thread stating she would destroy any clan or union affiliated with BR7. However, BR7 was very welcomed by the community by now and LF's threat was ignored. Due to her post, she was verbally attacked by many in EFC, including KA. The post is found here: Lady Foul 07 Jul 2005 15:56 Ok I have sat back long enough and watched the same insanity from the same people. It seems everytime someone tries to start something good certain people make it a point to either try and manipulate it or destroy it. I should have ended this back in March when Blu started the RSU. Strider you and I both know I let you guys off the hook, since you have either forgotten or chosen to ignore it we're going to go back in time and do this right. If you harbor and/or support Bluraven in ANY form I am going to burn down RSU and ANY affiliated Clan that does not PUBLICLY seperate from his fate. Bluraven is done, I don't care if I have to burn down half of the RSB to end his games, this insanity ends. -------------------------- With LF dealing with the return flame by the community, EFC and RSU continued to grow. This part is now in Mid-July 2005. RSU had reached a total of 30 clans, the power of the 2nd era of the UFC. EFC had chosen to change their name to The Imperial Alliance (TIA). They also were very close to the power of RSU. RSU had a planned war against The Russian Mafia in level 50/51 wild. TIA's spy (mentioned earlier in the thread) was Strider 000 whom was the co-leader of RSU. Strider told Alexian of the war, which was then told to LF. LF arranged BD to crash RSU and kill their force of 75 people. BR7 created a thread stating of the crash and BD/RSU went into an open flame war.
  4. i want trout

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    employee name:boy tarzan4 cooking lvl:56 fishing lvl:63 mining lvl:52 smithing lvl:40 woodcuttin lvl:77 runecrafting lvl:34 crafting lvl:42 time zone:Central
  5. i want trout

    Lord Maxxusii

    Blood of Zamorak Melee Level Requirement- Level 80-138 Item Requirement- Level 80-138 full armour, for weapons either rune scimitar, battleaxe, member weapon, or two hander Magic Level Requirement- Level 80-138 combat with atleast 50 magic to be in the main clan Item Requirement- All are required to have any staff. Needs atleast 200 runes for spells Range Level Requirement- Level 80-138 combat needs atleast 50 range to be in the main clan Item Requirement- All requires best bow available and best armour. With atleast 1k iron arrows To become a member of the main clan you must: be 80 plus, and must join the site at http://bloodofzam.webs.com Join the clan today!
  6. i want trout

    Danetello's 99 Smithing Extravaganza

    Gratz on 98. Gl on 99. I cant make it because im f2p :) :)
  7. i want trout

    Level 91 Runecrafting

    Gratz. Good luck on 99
  8. i want trout

    Merchanting Clans?

    Merchanting clans are ran by merchers. Most of the merching clans are not ran by scammers, but merching clans like merchbank are. Merching clans are told a certain thing to buy. For example I am a member of godsofge. Their last item was cooking apples. You buy the cooking apple for a price of 300 gp (example) then when it rises to 800 gp (example) you sell it. :) :)
  9. i want trout


    Join godsofge All us people at godsofge encourage you to join and make millions with us. Some of runescapes richest people are in this clan and make millions with us. Right know we are merchanting cooking apples. Hundreds of runescapes poorest people ( including me ) have gotten rich and enjoyed every minute of it. Add godsofge or legendsofge to your friends list and when they get on join either clan. If you want rank just advertise in world 1 or 3 for 6 hours. I hope you think about joining.
  10. i want trout

    Mining For Money

    Sals members, To all of the sals realm members, my player boy tarzan4 will mine any kind of ore from copper to gold. copper - 100 coins an inventory tin - 100 coins an inventory clay - 150 coins an inventory iron - 250 coins an inventory silver - 275 coins an inventory coal - 300 coins an inventory gold - 400 coins an inventory You can contact me on runescape at any time. I want trout
  11. i want trout

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    employee name:boy tarzan4 cooking lvl:49 fishing lvl:58 mining lvl:49 smithing lvl:35 woodcuttin lvl:74 runecrafting lvl:31 crafting lvl:40 time zone:GMT-6h (CDT)
  12. i want trout

    The Varrock Army Now Recruiting

    I am a freeplayer that is level 5. I am probly better at magic or strength then anything else
  13. i want trout

    Buying All Fishing Bait

    ill give 1k of bait for 4k take it or leave it
  14. i want trout


    A new clan made my me. This is a clan wars clan. You also can do other things while we r out of the portal. the only requirements are; You got to be f2p You have to be respectful to others and you need to be above level 3 If you want to join just add me as uranubnub and join clan join now
  15. i want trout

    Need Job

    I need a job to make money bcause my main=boy tarzan4 was hacked ill work and do anything thats a f2p skill i only have: fishing=24 cooking=5 smithing=8 mining=14 crafting=3 P.S. my ingame name is uranubnub -.-

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