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  1. Matthew4181

    Burning Maple Logs

    Right now I've been burning Maple Logs to raise my firemaking level, and I would like to know the max exp an hour you can earn from doing this. Right now I'm earning about 117k exp an hour. I want a cheap way to train firemaking, but I'm F2P as well. Is there any tips I can use to maximize my xp gain? Thanks, Matt
  2. I've been looking for an easy 99 to get to trim my Woodcutting Cape with. Like Cooking or Firemaking. Can anyone share with me an easy 99 to get without spending any money? Time is not an issue to me, just low cost. (I rather SUCK at making money) Can anyone help??? -Matthew4181
  3. Matthew4181

    > Matthew4181's Awesome Noob Log! >

    I still can't beleive I got this on a school night. Wish me luck on the last stretch lol -Matthew4181
  4. 97 Woodcutting, only from a pro! =D 98 Woodcut, coming right up! -Matthew4181
  5. Matthew4181

    > Matthew4181's Awesome Noob Log! >

    Thanks Perfect! I'm finally going to bed after alot of hard work, and especially, THIS. =D
  6. Matthew4181

    > Matthew4181's Awesome Noob Log! >

    Well, I just took a break from ivy and went to stealing creation for a day. But I came back with one of my favorite outfits yet! I think it ll look so good when I get my 99 woodcutting skillcape. Here it is: And I only just noticed that I JUST got 10 million exp!!!!!!
  7. Matthew4181

    Selling Seeds!

    Now, I have for sale, 1 Yew Seed and 2 Willow Seeds for sale on the Grand Exchange for the lowest price possible. I REALLY need these seeds sold soon, before the abyssal whip raises again before I get 99 Woodcutting. So If anyone is a rich noob and could buy my seeds for farming pl0x? =P -Matthew4181
  8. Matthew4181

    Cannon At Greens?

    I think you would make just the same, maybe 100k higher, then a person WITHOUT a cannon. I do not recommend using a cannon, because if a revenant comes out and kills you, you might have to risk losing your cannon forever, since it stays set up in the wilderness, and does not stay with you. Also, from experience, I HATE all of the people with cannons, because the cannon kills everything around it, and kills the other player's share of loot. You will only make more enemies. But if you do want to use it, get your ranged level up to 60. Because there is when you start popping the higher hits. -Matthew4181
  9. Matthew4181

    Fist Of Guthix

    Hopefully train your stats higher a bit more, and you will win for sure. I win all the time on my level 23, so how bout you? As for the mages, I personally use green dragonhide or studded armor, since ranger armor is least affected by magic spells. One more thing, look out for pures, they are a pain, and will always kill you. Try to make your stay in the arena as long as possible, and don't go use all of your bandages on a hit like an 11. -Matthew4181
  10. Matthew4181

    Is Runescape Getting Dirty?

    I think that this is just a game, it it no supposed to interfere in any way, shape, or form with your personal life. So I think people who choose to use foul language can go jump off an airplane. -.- -Matthew4181
  11. Matthew4181

    Mechscape 'canceled', Jagex Starts Over

    I'm glad they quit making it. This game seems so stupid anyway. I barely have enough time to train on my RUNESCAPE account, let alone this thing.
  12. Matthew4181

    In Need Of Money...

    You can't really make money "Fast" on runescape. Each and every method requires work and some time on your part. All in all, there is no "Easy or fast" way to make money. Here are my suggestions: -Try cleaning out your bank. You must have something in your bank that you can sell for some cash that you don't really need. -If you are a combat type of person, try killing chaos druids. They are level 13 and drop very profitable grimy herbs for herblore. -If you don't want to raise your combat level, you can buy black wizard's robes and dye the blue with blue dye. There is a 400 coin profit from doing this, and that might not seem like alot, but it is in the long run. Or, you could: -Fish Lobbies (Lvl 40 Fishing) -Chop wood/ivy for birds nests (Woodcutting level varies) -Alch profitable items such as adamant helms (Lvl 55 Mage) *For more info on profitable alching items, look here: Look In Here =] -Make bow strings out of flax (15 Crafting) Hope I helped, -Matthew4181
  13. Matthew4181

    Very Small Suggestion

    I don't really know about that. I'm sort of neutral. You see, the color for most special attacks on runescape are colored red when the weapon is in motion. Look at this: Also, the red color COULD mean power or speed in the special attack. Like the bone crossbow: Then we have the rune throwing axe. Since the motion color is blue, this COULD mean that the special attack is not as powerful as the bond crossbow's "Snipe". Another theory is the total power of the weapon determine's the special attack's aura color. Look at the ancient mace: It turns yellow, as you see. This could mean that the ancient mace was actually one of the most powerful weapons of runescape at one point. Or, this could only mean that the special attack varies with the color of the weapon. Since most dragon weapons have special attacks, they are all colored red, which is the base color of the metal. All in all, I think that a special attack color change would be nice, but it might interfere with the other color's of special attacks. [Pictures are credit of the Runescape Wiki.]

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