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    Tennis, badminton, dodgeball, soccer, runescape, gears of war (X360), call of duty 4

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  1. darkagent

    Grand Exchange Investments

    lol, thanks for your input.
  2. darkagent

    F2p Clanwarring Clan?

    I might make an 80+ clanwarring clan. We'd always be online on world 1/2/3/4 or something like that. I am not incredibly active on runescape though, and would need a high leveled person to use their name for clan chat. PM me if you're interested.
  3. darkagent

    F2p Clanwarring Clan?

    Is there a f2p clan on sal's that does nothing except for clanwarring? It would be cool if there was always a clan online in a particular world.
  4. darkagent

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey my name's sputnik 006 on xbox live. I don't have gold membership at the moment though. I think I have 4'800 gamerscore right now
  5. darkagent

    Firestint's F2p Log! ~inactive Now~

    I am a fellow (awesome) nonmember and i'm a major fan! Add legolas_2305 and we'll chat!
  6. darkagent

    Post Your Bank Pictures Here!

    Here is my bank! I'll gladly trade it for a halloween mask of any color
  7. darkagent

    God Vs. Atheism

    Amen to you "lethal" I mean seriously....can't you just trust the scientists instead of believing that some "god" person created everything?
  8. darkagent

    Me Hit You Gooooooood!

    Hey congratz! I'm a nonmember and i also have 80+ attack (methinks 83) Keep working at your goals and your'll be awesome! -Heros get remembered, but legends never die.
  9. darkagent

    New Forum World

    yay for world 42....now that we know that its the new world we can close the topic. right?...RIGHT!??!?!? :P
  10. I show coolguy my signature -he gasps and drops the p-hat. I happily pick it up!
  11. darkagent

    Backup World?

    Having that world come in second automatically assigned it to be the backup world. Case closed if i had any say in it!
  12. darkagent

    Horses In Runescape

    We have had too many pet ideas. Can you imagine if the next epic skill Jagex releases is called "horse-raising"??!??!?! O yeah, that will get them tons of members (*sswell persons*) Sorry, I don't approve of this idea. Good effort tho!

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