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  1. darkagent

    Grand Exchange Investments

    lol, thanks for your input.
  2. darkagent

    F2p Clanwarring Clan?

    Is there a f2p clan on sal's that does nothing except for clanwarring? It would be cool if there was always a clan online in a particular world.
  3. darkagent

    F2p Clanwarring Clan?

    I might make an 80+ clanwarring clan. We'd always be online on world 1/2/3/4 or something like that. I am not incredibly active on runescape though, and would need a high leveled person to use their name for clan chat. PM me if you're interested.
  4. darkagent

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey my name's sputnik 006 on xbox live. I don't have gold membership at the moment though. I think I have 4'800 gamerscore right now
  5. darkagent

    Firestint's F2p Log! ~inactive Now~

    I am a fellow (awesome) nonmember and i'm a major fan! Add legolas_2305 and we'll chat!
  6. darkagent

    Post Your Bank Pictures Here!

    Here is my bank! I'll gladly trade it for a halloween mask of any color
  7. darkagent

    God Vs. Atheism

    Amen to you "lethal" I mean seriously....can't you just trust the scientists instead of believing that some "god" person created everything?
  8. darkagent

    Me Hit You Gooooooood!

    Hey congratz! I'm a nonmember and i also have 80+ attack (methinks 83) Keep working at your goals and your'll be awesome! -Heros get remembered, but legends never die.
  9. darkagent

    New Forum World

    yay for world 42....now that we know that its the new world we can close the topic. right?...RIGHT!??!?!? :P
  10. I show coolguy my signature -he gasps and drops the p-hat. I happily pick it up!
  11. darkagent

    Backup World?

    Having that world come in second automatically assigned it to be the backup world. Case closed if i had any say in it!
  12. darkagent

    Horses In Runescape

    We have had too many pet ideas. Can you imagine if the next epic skill Jagex releases is called "horse-raising"??!??!?! O yeah, that will get them tons of members (*sswell persons*) Sorry, I don't approve of this idea. Good effort tho!
  13. darkagent

    A Work

    Hi Sirez! Your picture makes me dizzy. I already lost 10 pounds on the vomit diet.
  14. darkagent

    Your Formal Wear

    Yep thats me. Pretty extreme! (check out my inventory, armor, and location!)
  15. darkagent

    Pk'ing Finesse

    There is already a Pk'ing Finesse guide. Mods Please close.
  16. darkagent

    Last One To Post Wins

    I will share my full zammy + 5 mil if nobody posts ^_^
  17. darkagent

    Sals World Is Missing! =o

    Jagex didn't deliberately do this to screw us up. They obviously know we could have a re-vote and have results in a week. I believe that they are just doing updates.
  18. darkagent

    2,000 People On Sals At The Same Time!?!

    That is completely wrong..960 guests at once....yeah right!
  19. darkagent

    New Skiller Account

    I hate it when people have more than 1 accounts! Do you know how many accounts zezima or novalyfe has??? ONLY 1!!! But i support you on your quest. It might be pretty hard. I've played runescape for 3 years and i don't have all my f2p skills to 50 yet....O well just check out my 9 lvl 70+s
  20. darkagent

    Andrews B Day Bash!

    I might come, but I might be going on a trip for the march break :D
  21. darkagent

    I Hate The (need 30 Posts)

    You are complaining about 30 posts......that takes half an hour to get that much....chill dude!
  22. darkagent

    To Many Polls

    I like it! add me to the supporter's list!

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