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  1. arham 4

    Fight Caves strategy

    Why are you ranging the fight caves at such a low range level? Melee > Range.
  2. arham 4

    Need some help with Herblore!

    Make enough Super Antifires and Restores too..
  3. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    You see the problem here is that the OP asked for an opinion, I gave him mine you gave him yours. Instead of getting into an arm-wrestling match over who's right how about letting the OP make up his own mind? You keep quoting me with bs about your 'proof' when I already said I don't care about it and explained why so what the hell else do you want me to say? You prefer efficiency, that's cool I respect that but I prefer doing something I find fun like BA, getting a Torso - a good piece of equipment no matter what you say - is basically just a bonus. I don't know about you it's a matter of preference I guess but I prefer playing a fun minigame to grinding to make money. Since I'm getting tired of repeating myself I'm just going to quote my previous post: Then you should have not even questioned the legitimacy of the quotes I provided...
  4. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    How about you ask the OP if he even finds the darn BA fun instead of telling me the "I don't care" story?
  5. arham 4

    Prayer switching

    I would rather move my mouse a few centimeters than a few inches. It is much easier to prayer SWITCH with the Prayer Book open.
  6. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    You didn't post any proof, only random quotes of random people agreeing with you. It was Jake who actually explained why he feels Torso isn't worth getting in his opinion, and while I can understand his point not all the people hate playing BA. Personally I love BA: I'm level 5 all roles, I have a full set of Penance and two Torsos (had three but I alched one accidentally ). I don't regret the time I 'wasted' getting my Fighter torsos because imo BA is fun. Do you want me to do some calculations for you to prove my point? Because I can back up everything I have said.
  7. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    I honestly don't see what providing counterarguments against the proof will do. It is simple: Torso is not worth getting. He can make the $ much faster than getting the points for torso.
  8. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    Hating BA isn't a good enough reason not to get a Torso, heck I got Void even though I'm not a fan of PC (it's only fun if you play with friends) because it's useful and definitely worth getting. What, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. It's a fact that Tassets + Torso > BCP + V skirt, opinion has nothing to do with it. It's not worth getting because you can't sell it? That doesn't even make sense. It's an useful and 'free' piece of equipment, just like Void robes and the D def and it's extremely easy to get. And no getting Bandos isn't a 'much wiser choice', he only has 30M to spend and the first thing he should get is a fury - worth 11Mish I believe? He can't buy both Tassets and BCP with only 19M, and since Tassets + Torso > BCP + V skirt he should buy Tassets first. It's simple. You don't understand the technicalities it seems. Here is a post that will make everything clear. If you choose to still go with what you say is right, so be it. My job is to just inform. Maxing strength bonus is a priority, but you have to remember that most equipment upgrades in that regard are very small, marginal changes. The reason they're worth it is the low opportunity cost--if you're not upgrading your gear, you're sitting around with a big pile of money in your bank that isn't doing anything, so you might as well spend it on something. Untradable gear doesn't work that way, since you can't just trade your extra cash for it, you have to actually go out and DIY one. So you have to actually give some thought to whether it's worth the time it takes to obtain it. In the case of the Fighter Torso, the short answer is no, it isn't worth the time it takes to obtain it. That's the other problem with it--unlike MA rings or defenders or Void or various quest gear, it's not actually the best gear for its slot. So when you eventually get the better gear, it ends up becoming obsolete, and then it just sits in your bank being useless.
  9. arham 4

    combat gear suggestions? cmbt lev 103

    If he isn't bothered to get it, suggest it is stupid. Besides, opinion doesn't make it better to get (@ Torso). It takes over 100 hrs of cb to make it worth getting. You can't even sell it to make the $ back, so it's not worth getting. Using the $ for Bandos is a much wiser choice. However, I would make more $ and get buyables first. Go ahead and buy Bandos, but sell it once you make $ to get Extremes.
  10. arham 4

    Slaying Bloodvelds

    Make that started to the point where you first access them. :(
  11. arham 4

    Dungeoneering For Awhile

    What you are missing is that we never said Primal B Axe was better than Primal 2h. We are saying Prom 2h is WORSE than Primal B Axe.
  12. arham 4


    Excalibur isn't worth the space tbh. Only it's upgrades are.
  13. arham 4


    That is a great set-up. Use the Renewals at Waves 53-62.
  14. arham 4

    Could I kill Jad? Posted My Stats!

    This is totally unnecessary. He can Melee Fight Caves and he does not need OVLs or Turm. Heck, I did Jad at 90 Melees, no Turm/OVLs/Extremes and beat him.
  15. arham 4


    Sorry for double post.

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