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  1. Massecure360


    My favorite is the 10 hrs of nyan cat
  2. Massecure360

    Cats With Thumbs!

    omg they so cute
  3. Massecure360

    Its Valentines Day

    You really got my hopes up =\
  4. Massecure360

    Rl Advice Please? :p

    Swimming! My favorite sport. :)
  5. Massecure360

    Egypt: Photo Which Caught My Attention

    If the whole world had respect for one an others religious beliefs, much of the fighting and violence we see wouldn't be happening. IOW: this picture is ftw :)
  6. Massecure360

    Can You Do Nothing?

    Got it down to about 10 seconds when I accidentally bumped my wireless mouse. Much rage ensued.
  7. Massecure360

    Windows To The Soul.

    Brown eyes ftw <3
  8. Massecure360

    Beardy Heritage

    I have a feeling that the heritage thingy doesn't work all too well o_O
  9. Massecure360

    Make An Mistake

    like a boss
  10. Massecure360

    Happy New Year!

    ^Easy on the drinks now. ;)
  11. Massecure360

    Blast Furnace

    I agree, it is completely underused. A little slower than some methods, but great xp. :)
  12. Massecure360

    Canting Away Winter Solstice Festival 2010 Pt 2

    Was quite the fun time :)
  13. Massecure360

    Free Elite Clue Scroll!

    Not the best, but those elites are definately worth doing! Just imagine getting third age druidic!!!
  14. Massecure360

    99 Herblore

    w000t gj Rachy :)
  15. Massecure360

    Looking Back To December 2007

    I just don't think many people realize the how many bots and RWTers this will bring back. Jagex said they have improved their systems for detecting this sort of stuff, but so have the botters and RWTers. Botting is a prominent part of RS now, but just think of how bad it was back in the old days. Now people mostly bot on their mains, but just imagine how bad it will be when they have hundreds of alt accounts cutting yews and gathering other resources to transfer. Its just frustrating when I put thousands of hours into skills that other people just bot/buy money to train quickly. Its unfair to me and I think many others feel the same. I'm not even going to get started on this 'voting' system. <_<

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