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  1. Krazy Karl 5

    How I lost my bank

    To whoever reads this, this blog will be my story of how I lost my bank, and what actions I'm taking to re-build that bank. This is more for my personal reference, but some of you may like the idea behind it. It all started when I received a message from a stranger, asking me how much my Santa Hat is currently worth. Usually I ignore these messages, but I thought, hey why not be nice and let him know, so I did. We then got into conversation about how I made my money, how long I've had the Santa, and just general small talk. He then spoke about his money making, firstly bosses (which I'm not too interested in high level PVM) and how he makes money from "Tree People", before directing me to a video of how this works. The idea behind such is simple. You sit in the GE of a busy world, before someone contacts you, asking if you'd like to make a bit of money. You accept, and follow a few steps which I will cover later. The end goal of such, is the lurer gives you some money, and some telegrab runes, which you use to grab a pile of cash from behind a tree, where you will ultimately meet your demise - but before you telegrab, you hop over the Wilderness wall and return to safety, 200M richer. This is the point where, I make an uncharacteristically stupid move. I think, "Hey, why not, seems easy enough". The guy I was talking too had been hopping around a few worlds, and messages me to let me know he's found someone. I take a point and watch. Everything goes smoothly, and he's made 200M+ Now, at this point I owe my brother 160M for some Ascension bows that I lost a while back, so see an opportunity to make some easy money, so I set about waiting. I finally get a message from someone, and I hop and meet him in a different world. We run through the steps at a dummy level, hop over the wilderness wall, establish a safe buffer, and he asks me to cast a telegrab spell to make my character turn and face him. Everything works fine and dandy, and we return to the bank. So, I withdraw my Santa, Nox Bow and Nox Staff as asked. We pay a quick visit to Mr Ex to give myself a skull as asked, and drain my prayers. His alternate account trades me some 10 Cursed Energy (which works as a teleblock) and hop over the wilderness wall. At this point, again, I am asked to cast telegrab on him, so I do. I then find myself being propelled towards the group of people sat behind that tree, and get killed before I have a chance to kiss my beloved Santa goodbye. I've now lost just under 900M within a matter of seconds. I walk away and have dinner, contemplating what to do next. I consider buying bonds to make everything back, (which, at 21p per mill, would cost me £189), but decide against it. I look through my bank, sure enough, there's some dusty melee equipment that I don't ever use, and some misc items, 120 Firemaking logs, Clue loots and so on. I've got enough to buy back my bow, so I do so. I complete whatever clues I've got stored away in the hope of a quick dye to make it all back, but no luck. After much debating, I've decided that the first thing I need to do, is get the Golden Gold Accumulator, and set about camping at Godwars Bosses. Getting the titles is something I've always wanted to do, so why not make the best of a bad situation and go for this. The only downside is, this cost 1,500,000 tokens. At this point, I was only on about 600,000. So I spend a day doing large floors, and claw my way up to 1,000,000, in between Farming runs to steadily build the cash balance up. I also seize the opportunity to attempt money making methods that I've never tried before, and will detail these in my next blog. As for now, and for a constant reminder to myself and anyone else, if anyone ever approaches you with a "Get Rich Quick" plan that involves Dangerous areas, your Valuable items, or anything else, no matter how safe it can seem, it probably isn't...
  2. Krazy Karl 5

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    Hey Holl, good luck with the goals, if you fancy making a bit extra money I wouldn't mind doing some bosses with you? Up to you just an idea as I need to make a bit more myself :)
  3. Krazy Karl 5

    ~Krazy Karl 5~ Road to Max & Comp Capes!

    It was a bit :P effigys helped so much though, and I don't mind the release of the new skills to be honest it's more to do so will keep me busy :) Update on progress; Got 94 Construction, 91 Farming and 92 Farming :) tidied the log up a bit more too
  4. Krazy Karl 5

    ~Krazy Karl 5~ Road to Max & Comp Capes!

    Updated, managed to get 88 and 89 Hunter, 93 Construction, finished the Hunting for Thalassus Completionist requirement, and this :)
  5. Krazy Karl 5's Road to Max and Comp Capes! About this log: I think it's about time that I start making progress towards finishing 2 of my biggest goals ever in Runescape! Those being the Max and Completionist capes. Starting from 1st July 2013 I have recorded all level ups and every bit of content that I complete to start a record of my progress towards both of those capes. I'll keep this log updated with my progress. Current Stats: Most Recent Level! Side goal: Levels! Completionist Requirements! PVM Drops!
  6. Krazy Karl 5

    U T C and my road to Untrimmed Constitution!

    Compiled a list of quests that I'd like to do that give a good chunk of HP xp :)
  7. Krazy Karl 5

    U T C and my road to Untrimmed Constitution!

    It's a nightmare on the bosses really, they're all in the 20s and I'm in the 40s now but I just can't hit consistently enough to kill it before I die between 10 and 20 times
  8. Krazy Karl 5

    U T C and my road to Untrimmed Constitution!

    Thanks for the hint :) I've never had to train on EOC really and it's annoying how hard Dungeoneering is now :P
  9. Krazy Karl 5

    U T C and my road to Untrimmed Constitution!

    Just more likely to hit it this way is all :)
  10. Krazy Karl 5

    U T C and my road to Untrimmed Constitution!

    Use whatever lamps I can and get as many quests done too :P apart from that I'll probably do quite a bit of slayer and other bits and bobs :)
  11. U T C and my Road to Untrimmed Constitution! Hello everyone! Welcome to my journey to an untrimmed Constitution cape! Lets start with a bit of history about me, I've been playing Runescape since about 2006/06 and have had many different accounts over the years. My current account "Krazy Karl 5" is my biggest achievement on the game. Recently however, I've been finding it dull playing on there, just trying to max out all of the skills that I don't really want to do, so I thought I would set myself another challenge for the mean time while I have a rest period from my main, and that is to get an untrimmed Constitution cape! The username "U T C" stands for Un Trimmed Constitution, just as a little side note ;) This marks the day that it all started... Here's a list of Quests that I want to get done that give a good chunk of Constitution EXP And to keep a track of my current progress, here is my Highscores bar! I will post anything big that changes or happens throughout this journey, and any milestones that I hit along my way! :)
  12. Krazy Karl 5

    Armadyl Godwars!

    Me and two clan-mates of mine have set ourselves a challenge. We are aiming to get 3 whole complete sets of Armadyl armour each. The way we are going to do this is Free For All Armadyl Godwars, until each of us have the whole set. The person who gets the drop keeps it, unless they already have that piece of armour, then it is passed on to someone else. If we each have the item, it is then sold at the end of the trip and we split the profits accordingly. I am going to keep a log of all of the boss-specific items that we get as a drop on this post, and update it with each and every trip that we go on, including screenshots of all of the drops and who gets what as the drop. It will be interesting to see how many of each item we get before we all have a full set. I won't show the Godsword Shard drops as they are of less value and importance, however we are all going to make a whole Godsword ourselves to go with the armour sets. If we were to only have 1 of each item, we are looking at a basic profit of 37.4M coins, but no doubt we will get some duplicate drops and then the smaller drops on top of all of this should dramatically increase the price. ITEM COUNTER! Any support would be appreciated, and wish us the best of luck! :)
  13. Krazy Karl 5

    99 Farm :) First Skillcape :d

    YUNOPM! >:( but grats :D <3
  14. Krazy Karl 5

    Slayer: Level 89 Is Pwnt

    Catching up to me now Merch :o
  15. Krazy Karl 5

    Corp Beast Question?

    Most teams look for at least 80/80/80 or 90 Range with Overloads at least, Turmoil may be dependent on the teams personal preferences and most teams now require a BGS.

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