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    mostly sports and hagin out with friends.-then there's of course Runescape =Þ

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    all are awesome!!
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  1. hyxadron

    Jagex Presents... RuneFest 2010!

    although think about it 1/4 of 10million active users is still 2,250,000 people just sayin... Yah I wish I could go to but yah I 'm in Canada and I'm only 15 so it would never happen. Jagex should also make this an annual event... hyxadron
  2. hyxadron

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    nevermid I firgured it out it should be like 2:30pm on the same day for me- thats great timing for me, hopefully I'll be able to attend. nevermid I firgured it out it should be like 2:30pm on the same day for me- thats great timing for me, hopefully I'll be able to attend. I think....... if not plz tell me cauze I really want 2 go 2 this..!!
  3. hyxadron

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    name: Hyxadron combat:92 one more lvl up in any cb catagory & it will be 93 Experience: none, but I have read lots of guides and have been there once with no items on 2 see what it's like. Time and date???--if it could be put into pacific time that would be much appreciated B/c I'm not very good at that kind of math. Thnx
  4. hyxadron

    Gwd Cc

    does any1 know a gwd cc or gwd server adress b/c I'd like 2 join a clan that goes to the god wars dungeon. But I don't know of any myself.
  5. hyxadron

    Voice Chat

    hey ever1 I was wonderin how to get downlaod and use voice chat? any tips or how-to giudes or even links would be very appreciated thnx Hyxadron
  6. hyxadron


    Just testing new signiture-- hope it works =Þ and if it does comment if it doesn't well disregard this post
  7. hyxadron

    Clan Chat Problems

    thnx I just don't use the clan chat stuff very much. so thnx
  8. hyxadron

    Official Site Poll - Please Vote!

    I'd say that the site content is great!!-But the design might be getting a bit old. So a redisigning of the overal site would be awesome. Good luck and have fun making a great new design Salmoneus. Hyxadron
  9. hyxadron

    Clan Chat Problems

    Hey ever1 just wanted to say that my I can't get my clan chat to work--(I'm trying to make my own)-- Got any tips??? plz reply Hyxadron
  10. hyxadron

    Chaos Dwarf Battlefield

    hey every1 I singed up for the forum last night.--woot!!-- And the first thing I wanted to ask was: How do u get 2 the chaos dwarf battlefield? plz reply thnx Hyxadron

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