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  1. Immortal

    Your Formal Wear

    Santa's here early big boy
  2. Immortal

    Tubby Disappoints

    Good for him, having a life while still playing a video game. Kudos
  3. Immortal

    Edited: Bandos Boots :)

    owned tbh :D
  4. Immortal

    Your Formal Wear

    I alternate the whip + dfs with a SS. Also alternate between mining cape/blue whip and defence cape/white whip.
  5. Immortal

    How Much Is Ur Bank Worth....

    Only around 120m atm.
  6. Immortal

    Your Formal Wear

    Very kind chap lent me the phat earlier for free 4 hours First time I've ever worn/had a phat. Don't see generosity like this very often Besides that, usually just slayer helm/d boots in place of phat/inf boots. Also usually have a fury.
  7. Immortal

    Yews Or Mages

    I made about 6m from 80-99 cutting ivy from birds nests. Viable option if you just want 99 quickly.
  8. Immortal

    The Most Underground Stuff You Listen To?

    Yeah um.. green day, lady gaga, katy perry, eminem.. just a few underground artists I listen to. Jokes aside, I don't really consider any of my music underground, but have plenty of non-mainstream ones.
  9. Immortal

    Extremely Disappointing

    Just attack what they've shot. Makes it easier for you and makes them angry I sympathise with you, but can't really blame them for wanting to make a lot of money quickly, especially the lower levels. Still, just keep trying to attack whatever their cannons have shot and you might get the kill. Don't even bother going to chaos tunnels, they're full of 50+ bots each world. Yes they are botting, I know this for a fact. North west of edge (near the black knight's castle? can't remember, haven't been there in years) usually has the least populated greens as far as I've encountered.
  10. Immortal

    First Member Item

    Desert boots.. man I craved those things.
  11. Well I just lost my torso, so nothing to do but go get another.
  12. Immortal

    Another Girl

    W/o text is great. Feels a little void of effects.
  13. Immortal

    99 Woodcutting

    I'm considering fishing. I made almost nothing with WC (because I did Ivy's from 80) bar a couple mill of the birds nests. I think fishing will get me some serious dough which can be used in the long run ^^ I'm finding that at 99, magics and even yews are slow money and not worth it, so maybe Ill just get fishing
  14. Immortal

    A Moron Rant On Forums

    It's actually a little sad

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