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  1. Easl

    9 years

    How is everyone, it's sure been a while?
  2. Is it worth getting involved in this? An advert came up on Reddit and everyone seems pretty keen! And hey :)
  3. Easl

    Faking in RuneScape 2007

    Nostalgia overload, I'm trying to keep this relevant :D Fake wars were awesome, as far as coming back for 2007 I'm going to have to say no, but wish everyone the best of luck. I had some great times on this place back in it's hayday
  4. Easl

    Screenshot Fake Cyoa 3

    No posts in a month, what happened guys!
  5. Easl

    League Of Legends

    Afternoon gents, anyone fancy a game? EUW ali original :)
  6. 98% of bots is a pretty bold claim for jagex to make. I'll be impressed if they even manage half that, I might even start playing again. Can I urge everyone to actually check what the posts on bot websites say before proclaiming victory, it took less than a month for the largest to completely rewrite the rsbot code into Runescript 4 or 5, whichever the latest is on
  7. The 2 most popular and largest botting sites don't use reflection, surely they know this?
  8. Easl

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    How is this still going, well done lads!
  9. Easl

    League Of Legends

    Hey guys just popping in briefly :( What does everyone think of Graves, my 2 cents before I shoot off for another 3 months is he's a strong early game, possibly better than Cait's in some lanes but falls off slightly harder than her into an almost bruiser state Chow
  10. Easl


    Anything interesting happened in the last 3 months?
  11. Easl

    Frost Dragon Update

    I have no idea when this was put in place, but I just went and did my research, it's already been patched on some scripts to combat this. They'd be far better going after one of the sources, the script writers, the gameplay, the rwt or the actual code. anyway back to annominity, it was nice to have a browse, hope everyone is cool :(
  12. Easl

    League Of Legends

    Looks pretty awesome, I think I'll buy him on release
  13. Easl

    Whiping My Laptop

    I should have it somewhere... How does it read the disk/usb if there's no operating system?
  14. I've backed up everything on this laptop and I want to try and return it to as close to factory condition as I can before heading off to uni so I can clean some of the crap off it. However I haven't got a CD drive on this so how would I go about either restoring windows and the like or not removing windows and browsers in the first place. Cheers
  15. Easl

    League Of Legends

    Karthus is part of Pentakill o.O I still love taking Kennen mid, the utter amount of shut down you can lay on pretty much any AP carry is ridiculous, the only one I'm currently still not being 100% effective is a good brand :(

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