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  1. Army of One

    Tip.it Forums and More!

    I might have missed the forum glory days (I lurked for 4 years starting 2009) but I still feel so lucky to have even experienced what I did of the forums from 2013-2015, and it was enough to make miss them dearly once 2016 came around and a lot of the friends I’d made here started falling off one by one. I’m thankful we still have a discord, the cc and a bunch of familiar names still around from then, especially how you say all the other fansites have died completely, and is why I don’t think I’ll ever leave for another clan
  2. Army of One

    Level 120 Farming

    Big grats Matt! It's been dope seeing you over the course of the year
  3. Army of One

    #21 Farming+99 Warbands

    Grats Leo, always nice to see the homies winning
  4. Army of One

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  5. Army of One

    The last person to post here wins

    Leo posting this thread in 2013: haha lol this thread in 2021: the lifeblood of sals forum
  6. Army of One

    The last person to post here wins

    Post count booster!! actually I dont think that increases here nvm I updated my sig everybody look
  7. Some of you guys may remember that Regicidal was one of my biggest inspirations when I was hanging out here a lot, like 8 years ago. Today, I've come full circle as he and I plus another friend of mine made a rap song talking about RuneScape. Pretty crazy, huh.
  8. Wow, I randomly decided to check the forums, only to see I got mentioned in a roundup thread. Cheers, guys. I miss this place one hell of a lot, I really should stop by more, it's only a browser click away. I was locked out of the forums cause I lost a google authenticator for about 2 years, but when Lilshu came back to RS for Archaeology I spammed him until he got it removed. I'm sure a lot of you guys feel the same way, but I really did grow up here. I was younger than pretty much everyone when I stopped lurking in early 2013, and so I got to have some real role models in you guys as I finished my teenage years, and somehow managed to become somewhat of a pillar of the ingame community (skill competition banners, clan avatar, my giant max party and subsequent Vorago mass in 2015). So many memories of the better days, man. Nowadays all I have time for is work and some afk RS3 when I get home and eat dinner, really. But if anybody wants to chat life hit me here or ingame!
  9. Army of One

    Past Skill Competition Winners

    These skill comps were some of the best times I ever had playing RuneScape - and making underbanners on my cracked version of photoshop was great too lol. At the end however I was kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get ideas of images to use. I miss these

    1. Shooter585


      Me too thanks lilshu!

    2. Sobend


      Who are you guys again?

    3. Nitua


      Thats it I'm outta here 

  11. Army of One


    Welcome back, hope you find RS enjoyable enough to stick around for a bit. Congrats on all the stuff, that's a big post - what are your goals now? also y u change ur name to not leafius ):
  12. Army of One

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Even Dobrev is a UMP noob. Well. Good luck on Armadyl title, I could lend you my Armadyl Pet Good luck on Sparky before 200m Ranged, I could lend you my Ranged pet Grats on HP pet too
  13. Army of One

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Hales you back wat up. Gl with staying back also. What are the current goals?
  14. Army of One

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    I finally had the decency to post again hi Hales sorry im so late. Those are some good levels mate, and your Divination XP is starting to scare me.
  15. Thanks for getting the forums back up Sal, patchy forums are better than no forums. Hopefully everything evens out smoothly before long.

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