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  1. Yoyoma

    The Countdown Ends.

    Holy cow this is the coolest thread I've ever seen on Sals. I love the commitment to finding awesome landscapes to get 99s in! Congrats!
  2. Yoyoma

    99 Dungeoneering

    First 99 :D
  3. TYVM for phr33 profit Jagex About 5 minutes per 1k hides.
  4. It's really hard to find dungeoneering teams at my level (56). Is anyone interested in doing furnished floors on large? I'm US Central Time. Thanks, Yoyoma
  5. Yoyoma

    Herb Run questions

    http://runescape.wik...r:Farming/Herbs See the calculator ^^
  6. Yoyoma

    Help with POH Teleports

    Thanks to the Free EXP Beach, I just went from 7-50 construction in about two hours. I wanted 50 because it seemed like most useful things ended there. After that is just higher levels, if you know what I'm saying. Question is, should I even build a portal room? It doesn't seem very useful with the Lodestone network. I plan to mount an amulet of Glory and have a lectern set up for moneymaking. Should I also build an altar? I guess that could be useful. Maybe what I'm really asking is: What does your house layout look like? Thanks, Yoyoma
  7. Yoyoma


  8. Yoyoma


    Lol kids in full rune chainbody
  9. Yoyoma

    I Done Won Some Stuff

    2 Days to fish them. 30 minutes to waste 300 of them. But on the plus side I cooked exactly 69% correctly! [/immature] 15 prayer now. Oops UPDATE: Let's go pk some nubs Edit 2: Double Loot Kill Let's go pk some more nubs Edit 3: Love it when you destroy some1 on the first 2h.
  10. Yoyoma


  11. Yoyoma

    Who is the King of the U.S.A.?

    That's a statement you'll definitely need to back up, because I'm not sure I believe you. The top 25% of wage earners contribute 80% of all income tax revenue.
  12. Yoyoma

    Ted Cruz

    This is generally true. Of the Fox people he's not the worst.
  13. Yoyoma

    Your Thoughts on Pascal's Wager

    Funnily enough, I learned about Pascal's wager on Sal's Forum. Like 5 years ago.
  14. Yoyoma

    Who is the King of the U.S.A.?

    The rich benefit the most but contribute the most. IMO. As for Mic being King of the U.S.A, let's see him fix Portugal first.
  15. Yoyoma

    Vid 7

    Wow that was really, really good. I've never seen any kind of pking like that... it's a weird tribrid thing where you only switch 2 or 3 pieces but also pray protection prayers and do cheap things like stand under them... is this some sort of Legacy subculture of pking that's popular now? But yeah, that was really impressive the switching and prayer switching and weapon switching and faking and everything you were doing. Nice work. Liked the music too.

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