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  1. BlackSheep

    Whats A Good Pure Name?

    There is no special way to make a name, just pick something you like But here is one tip don't ever give away what type of pure you are in your name (nothing like rangepur5 or strpur45) Be original
  2. BlackSheep


    No one is forcing you to read these topics, they always have titles and if you see a title that you believe will 'lower your IQ" feel free not to click it
  3. BlackSheep

    Range 2h

    as you raise the bow and the arrow is about to leave switch to your 2h and click on the target it's hard to explain may I recomend you watching some pking videos of the range/2h switch ||||HERE||||| watch closely and you'll get it in no time Edit: try to watch the videos that are more recent and that have the inventory screen shown
  4. BlackSheep


    whenever I eat my cereal I pour the milk down the drain I prefer not to drink cereal-tasting milk My question is, do you drink the leftover milk after you eat cereal?
  5. BlackSheep

    They Had Us Choose A Spirit Animal

    Yes indeed. no one else seemed to have read the book or even seen the movie
  6. mine was a penguin he told me to slide with ease so we slid all over the cave floors
  7. BlackSheep

    Leaving Sals

    I feel fantastic today *BlackSheep smells a flower I'm so bored *BlackSheep instantly gets hayfever NOW WHO'S LAUGHING, HUH?? *BlackSheep uses a bottle of nasal spray *BlackSheep smells a flower
  8. BlackSheep

    Leaving Sals

    I feel fantastic today *BlackSheep smells a flower I'm so bored
  9. BlackSheep

    Leaving Sals

    Yeah. But I'm already in an excellence group that goes to the highschool to do some highschool stuff anyways. Smartie, eh? =p. Showoff >.> *BlackSheep got lost first day of highschool started a week ago wanna chit-chat ;o
  10. BlackSheep

    Leaving Sals

    Oh too bad, make sure to get a map of your school so you don't get lost Freshman year right?
  11. BlackSheep

    Spoof Movies

    I've been noticing a outbreak of spoof movies lately. Meet the Spartans, Epic movie, Superhero movie, and the older ones Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, 4, have not mentioned Most of them star B-Class celebs such and Drake Bell The Waynes brothers, and an assortment of Mad-TV members making lame jokes about good films which leads me to the poll question, upsy daisy ^^
  12. BlackSheep

    Rune Slot

    I hardly see a point but wouldn't it be a better idea to have the runes equipped in a curret slot such as weapon or shield slot rather than making a brand new slot?
  13. BlackSheep


    A private server?! we don't talk about those here
  14. BlackSheep

    Hammer Of Justice

    pls dunt judge teh hammer of justice because the hammer will judge you back *BlackSheep punches you in the face HAMMER OF JUSTICE
  15. BlackSheep

    Horrible Idea, I Know

    Boooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo Jagex will never bring back the old wilderness or the old trading system EDIT: looking back at this I shouldn't have posted

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