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  1. Queltasi

    Resting Guide

    Nice, very nice guide!
  2. Queltasi


    He is skiller, but won't be and it was a break. He'll be a PKer.
  3. Queltasi

    Java Or C++ Scripting

    Nice try, but you won't make anything, no offence. You'll need pros, equipment etc. if you wanna earn money for that. Again, nice try, but not a good idea which you'll try to accomplish. Anyway, good luck!
  4. Queltasi


    OMG, I was member for 2 years, how long can I tell you that. All I ask is that realy worth the money or not??? P.S. Where/Whose lawn to mow?
  5. Queltasi


    Well, it's a bit different in my country... As you see...
  6. Queltasi

    File Converting Online

    OK, thank you, I'll try the tips.
  7. Queltasi

    File Converting Online

    I changed it to gif, but I doesn't do anything now... No animation...
  8. I don't know if this is the place for that question, but here it goes: Do you know any online file converts that could convert .piv files... Because I looked up and many didn't. Anyway, how can I make a animated avatar without pivot. Need your help, guys!
  9. Queltasi


    Actually, you get driver's licence for motorbikes at 15 and I'm going to use it as transport to school...
  10. Queltasi

    I Need Help, Plz Answer!

    I agree.. Stupid question.
  11. Queltasi


    My parents give me around 30 euros every month. That's how I'm saving up: a) I have to spend the money for eating at school; b) I have to pay for membership; c) I have to save for motorcycle. So is it really worth it? Actually, I really wanna play on members'.
  12. Queltasi


    I'm 14 years old, if you ask...
  13. Queltasi


    I'm saving up for a motorcycle, so it's kind of hard to decide... But what do you think?
  14. Queltasi


    Thank you, but I've been members on another account over 2 years, so I know pretty much everything of it. Had even a quest skillcape. But the thing I'm asking, is it worth the money?
  15. Queltasi


    After a half year break I decided to play RS again. I have an account level 32, he's kind of skiller and I have 3m. The point is, should I become a member or not? By the way, what should I do first etc. What I want you is give me the advice, help me out and your opinion, of course.

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