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    Origami, Piano, Graphics design, Coding, and a bit of RuneScape.

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    Cunning Plan
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    Cunning Plan
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  1. Mystify

    Anyone still here?

    Well hey there. :-)
  2. Mystify

    1 Billion Cooking Exp btw

    Congratulations on your achievement. All the best for your next goal!
  3. Hey, I've been developing a PHP forum for my website, it's been a success so far, apart from themes/templates. I know there's a lot of pre-made classes such as Smarty and YATS, but I wanted to find one that would work with the forum software I'm developing. I'm not asking for links to tutorials here (Unless they're very good, targeted at beginners and not tech-guru's) If someone has a theory on how to do this, I'll be very grateful. The plan is to have a working system where I can have for example 'template1.tpl' and in that, <html> <head> <title> {forum_name} </title> </head> <body> {header} {nav_bar} {loginbar} {breadcrumbs} {forum_categories} <!-- (links to the actual forums inside) --> {board_stats} {footer} Hope you can make sense of that, if you feel discussing solutions with me on MSN would be appropriate, PM me. I will also disclose the link to certain members over PM if required. Thanks, ~Andy
  4. Mystify

    6 Runescape Font Files - 200 Characters Each!

    You are truly awesome! These fonts are brilliant
  5. Mystify

    Oak Plank Running

    I've already got one, and I'm not going to use a JPEG but thanks anyway.
  6. Mystify

    New Members

    I recently came back, re-introduced myself and stayed. Well, I think we should all have a nice, friendly welcoming approach to new members. Especially in their introduction threads, as that is generally where they get their first impressions of the community, and specific members.
  7. Looking good, except your method of safespotting Damis in the upper curve is outdated, as he will disappear in a puff of smoke just as he gets close to the curve, losing your progress on his current form. This method of safespotting has been removed by Jagex. Also, having a friend stand infront of you won't act as a safespot, as the 4 Bosses can move through them.
  8. Mystify

    Oak Plank Running

    Thanks so much for that, Twist of Fate! The rewrite with categories and better layout is brilliant. You've earned a well-deserved place in the "Special Thanks to" section! Shame there's not an extra-special-thanks to section
  9. Mystify

    Rule Revision

    Thanks for the information! I'll go and re-read the rules straight away.
  10. Mystify

    How Did You Die Last?

    I got a headshot on someone, started doing a happy dance then got a grenade thrown at me when I wasn't looking
  11. Mystify

    3 Happy Years Of Loving Sals!

    You've just got to love Sal's! *hugs the forum*
  12. Mystify


    It is a joke trying to claim that most trolls are cannibals
  13. Mystify

    My Machinima Video

    That is definitely the *best* machinima entry that I have seen so far. 5 Stars go to you Thanks for keeping me entertained, good luck with winning the contest!
  14. Mystify

    Quest Guide

    Won't linking to another place that does the same job confuse some people? o.O I've already posted a place to report mistakes in guides anyway.

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