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  1. You have a good reason, pornographic images posted. if you DO NOT want to sicken your members, turn the board OFF!
  2. OMG, why can only sal do it!!!!??? GO to 'Tools & Settings' in the ACP, click Turn board on/off , select off and click save! By the way: Sal was Last Active 50 minutes ago
  3. Admins/mods allowed acess to the ACP: read this, http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...st&p=574616
  4. Admins, imediately go into the ACP, click on the drop-down option box for the trouble making members, delete all of their posts!
  5. it is absolutely vile, what kind of idiot would do it. if you could give me permission to IP ban, i can help you

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