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  1. Hey,

    I've been developing a PHP forum for my website, it's been a success so far, apart from themes/templates.


    I know there's a lot of pre-made classes such as Smarty and YATS, but I wanted to find one that would work with the forum software I'm developing.


    I'm not asking for links to tutorials here (Unless they're very good, targeted at beginners and not tech-guru's)


    If someone has a theory on how to do this, I'll be very grateful.


    The plan is to have a working system where I can have for example 'template1.tpl' and in that,

    <head> <title> {forum_name} </title> </head>
    {forum_categories} <!-- (links to the actual forums inside) -->


    Hope you can make sense of that, if you feel discussing solutions with me on MSN would be appropriate, PM me. I will also disclose the link to certain members over PM if required.




  2. I recently came back, re-introduced myself and stayed. :wizard:


    Well, I think we should all have a nice, friendly welcoming approach to new members. Especially in their introduction threads, as that is generally where they get their first impressions of the community, and specific members.

  3. Looking good, except your method of safespotting Damis in the upper curve is outdated, as he will disappear in a puff of smoke just as he gets close to the curve, losing your progress on his current form. This method of safespotting has been removed by Jagex.


    Also, having a friend stand infront of you won't act as a safespot, as the 4 Bosses can move through them.

  4. Thanks so much for that, Twist of Fate! The rewrite with categories and better layout is brilliant. You've earned a well-deserved place in the "Special Thanks to" section! :box:

    Shame there's not an extra-special-thanks to section :wizard:

  5. So, I'm sure you know all about trolls, they get named after the first thing they kill (or try to kill).


    I have a question, one question... regarding "Mountain Trolls" "Ice Trolls" "Thrower Trolls"... are they cannibals?


    There's a troll called "Pee Hat"... *end random troll talk* *Shoves em under a bridge*

  6. ---### IN PROGRESS ###---

    Update:4th Sept 09 - Sorry, been on a short holiday. I shall resume writing when I get the time! =D


    Written By: -_Andy_-

    Special thanks to: Twist of Fate, Sr H Potter



    Table of Contents


    The method


    Converting the planks



    Have you ever wanted a reliable method to obtain profits of approximately 500k per hour (depending on your speed)? Then oak plank running is for you! All you need to do is to purchase an amount of oak logs from the Grand Exchange that you would like to convert into planks (500-1K at a time is recommended) and let the guide explain the rest.


    The Method

    First, make sure that you have enough money to invest in your first supply of planks. Next, simply go to the Grand Exchange and buy around 500 to 1,000 Oak logs. It is highly recommended that you only purchase what you are willing to convert to planks.


    Remember to also have with you enough money to pay the Sawmill operator. You can carry 27 Oak logs plus the cash, so you will need 6,750gp for each inventory. You should bring enough so that you do not have to keep banking for cash. Just multiply the amount of logs you have times 250 and you will arrive at exactly how much money you will spend.



    Once you've gotten your inventory set up, there are a few things you should know that will make your back and forth trips go much smoother. If you have a Summoning level of 40 or above, it is highly recommended that you bring a familiar that can restore your energy. Spirit Terrorbirds at level 52 Summoning along with Tireless run scrolls, or Bull Any familiars at level 40 summoning with Unburden scrolls are a very good idea. You will have to sacrifice one inventory space, however. Alternatives to summoning familiars are the Explorer's ring from the Lumbridge Achievement Diary, and Resting at the musician along the route to recharge your energy much more quickly. Please note that you may only use the Explorer's ring for only a few trips in a 24-hour period. Here is a map of the most effective route.



    Converting the planks

    Now that you know the basic strategy, and have your inventory set up, you're ready to go!

    *Picture of the sawmill operator here if you want*

    After you've calculated your needed amount of cash corresponding to your amount of oak planks, and also have any type of energy restoring method, you're ready to make your first trip. Go to Varrock's east bank to start. With your inventory set up, withdraw oak planks so that your entire available inventory space is filled. Refer to the map above if you are not familiar with the route. Follow the road north until you've reached the Sawmill. Right click on the Sawmill operator and select "Make planks".

    *Picture of that option box would be helpful*

    Every Oak log in your inventory will have been converted into your item of profit! Run back to the bank, and exchange the planks for more logs. Repeat this, and restore your energy when needed. Finally, enjoy your profit!


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