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  1. hey fellas I'm back in black and curious if we got a clan chat for osrs, I'm keen for a place to spread dank memes and chill out
  2. Yeah, title sums it up
  3. SuperMayMays

    Just Want To Know?

    Definitely just slay for those levels.
  4. SuperMayMays

    What Armour Should I Get For Strength Training?

    why not just get something along the lines of a barrows chestplate. mabye dharok or verac?
  5. SuperMayMays

    Current Melee Set-up?

    get bandos boots.
  6. SuperMayMays

    Money Making

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=326345 kaygo
  7. SuperMayMays

    Botting Problem?

    yeah what diablo said ^ I can go there and get ALOT from turoths, it's quite a nice thing to do
  8. SuperMayMays

    What To Do With Stats For Barrows.

    You don't need that, just 70 mage and 50 ranged for a MSB or just mithril bolts in Zanik's C'bow. It works for me. Although I've got better stats now. OP: get DT done for Ice burst, unless you have 55 slayer in which case I imagine you can use magic dart. If you do that though you'll want a canifis portal in your house which will require completion of DT (or it'll take slgihtly longer to get there, but, whatever). You don't have to do DT, but it's a fun quest and you'll want it done sooner or later, and doing it now would be helpful. while you don't need then, 70 att,def,str,range and mage would help greatly. magic dart is a good one
  9. SuperMayMays

    Anyone Remember Me?

    thank you :(
  10. SuperMayMays

    Botting Problem?

    I see you found my bot army! curses!
  11. SuperMayMays

    Anyone Remember Me?

    used to be chicken, changed name cause it was gay. anyone hope to be playing again if I can remember by dam password. :\
  12. SuperMayMays

    Anyone Remember Me?

    I doubt it :(
  13. SuperMayMays

    Forever....alone On Valentines Day

    very nice, i like it :D
  14. SuperMayMays

    99 Skill Cape

    he could become p2p for 1 month, get the cape and never take it off when he goes back to f2p
  15. SuperMayMays

    Desert Treasure (help!)

    pyramid plunder

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