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  1. SummerSidhe


    HAHAHA that was hilarious!
  2. SummerSidhe

    Old School RuneScape... You Vote!

    I haven't been on runescape or this site in quite a while (had to do forget password to remember my username, lol). I only returned to check this whole old school thing out after an old friend told me about it via IM. I do not have the time for membership so I will not get it just to vote but I personally would love to see '07 RS back. I think I joined around summer '08 and had just missed the truly old rs without grand exchange. I can't fathom why anyone would not want this; it doesn't effect EOC users negatively; in fact, some or most of the money from the 2007 membership will probably go to the development of the EOC server. Oh, and there are already 50k+ votes so its coming back nonetheless, so why not make it more developed and cheaper with 250k?
  3. SummerSidhe

    New RS member - what to do

    Hi. :) So my cousin joined RS yesterday and I'm not much of a help with this. What is the best way for a completely new member (level 3, etc) to earn money and level combat as fast as possible? She is p2p. General tips would also be nice. :P
  4. SummerSidhe

    Possible in 5 Hours?

    Pretty sure you can do all of them individually within five hours, but together, no. Especially with the runecrafting.
  5. SummerSidhe

    99 Constitution

    Hi :( I'm trying to get 99 Constitution (currently at 90), what would be the fastest way? Soul Wars, Pest Control, or another? & on average how long would 90-99 take? Thanks
  6. SummerSidhe

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    Hi! :( Runescape Name: SummerSidhe Forum Name: Summer Queen Combat Level: 114 GWD Experience: Aviansies multiple times, did Zamorak once with friends.
  7. Varrock, it has everything I'll need. The only turnoff is probably that the wilderness is too close.
  8. SummerSidhe

    Member Loyalty Titles

    Hi Say I bought one of the titles with member loyalty points, when I become f2p, will my title still show up next to my name on f2p words? Thanks :(
  9. SummerSidhe

    Holly And Hawthorn (easter 2011)

    That was pretty fun, although it must be a pain when the big crowd goes away. Pictures
  10. SummerSidhe

    My Awsome Bank!

    Is it me or is the screenie or link not showing up?
  11. SummerSidhe

    Hide And Seek Event

    I managed to find all of them, one of them literally at the last minute. xD That was fun, thanks for the good game!
  12. SummerSidhe

    Hide And Seek Event

    Sounds good, I'll probably be there! :D
  13. I feel sorry for him, but it really is all his fault. 1. DON'T REAL WORLD TRADE. 2. If you're so advanced and experienced with runescape, you should know not to log in on any other site that isn't runescape.com.
  14. SummerSidhe

    How To Avoid Getting Scammed.

    I don't understand the flower scam. And if someone is doing a group teleport, it's up to the player to accept or decline; so just decline.
  15. SummerSidhe

    Favorite Quest Moments?

    THIS. It was my first ever "boss" fight. I was so anxious.

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